Sticks & Stones: Another MSM Monstrosity

Well! If Time magazine has finally noticed, then the increasing worldwide slaughter of Christians must be true.

Oops. Wrong. The author of this piece uses Pope Francis’ up-coming visit to Israel as the backdrop for his own agenda. This piece is so slanted it falls over, but then again the fellow who wrote it “helped lead national Catholic outreach for President Obama’s re-election campaign” so we know his blatant bias already.

This mercifully brief essay is a travesty; it tramples on the real suffering of persecuted Christians in order to do some JOOO-bashing. After noting the “increasing violence against the dwindling Christian population in the region” (i.e., the Middle East) — but never saying who might be responsible for that dwindle — this fellow quickly offers the Jews as a scapegoat. Jewish extremists are to blame… one supposes that it’s either Bush or the Jews when the need to point a finger arises. In this case, Jewish extremists are to blame. Who else could it be??

There are even growing concerns for the pope’s safety himself after news emerged earlier this month that Jewish extremists graffitied Vatican-owned property with vitriolic taunts, including “Death to Arabs and Christians and all those who hate Israel!”

Graffitied?? Obviously Time is still leading the lexicon charge for change, just like the old days.

So what is this fellow’s first link in his bent fairy tale about the slaughter of Christians? It’s a 2012 essay from an extremist leftist rag, The National Catholic Reporter about the violence against Christians by — wait for it — more rabid JOOOS. In that one, there was an attack against the door of a Trappist monastery, with Hebrew writing claiming “Jesus is a monkey”… the use of Hebrew proving this is the work of Zionists for sure.

That 2012 story uses the word “Muslim” once; “Islam” never appears as a possible suspect. Nothing to do with JIM! Again, the whole focus is on Jewish persecution of Christians. The attacks against Catholics are chilling to read:

The assaults on Christian holy sites also reflect a nasty, if little-discussed, streak of broader anti-Christian animus in some Israeli circles. Local priests have reported that sometimes Yeshiva students chant insulting slogans at them, or even throw stones and spit in their direction.

“Nasty”? “Little-discussed”?? How about this dude’s blanket of silence on Islamic rape, torture and slaughter? Where are his reports on the hundreds of torched churches, many of them ancient houses of worship that will never be rebuilt?

Reading both these jornolists’ renderings one would think Pope Francis is coming to Israel to discuss what the Jews are doing to Catholics.

Toward the close of that 2012 piece of propaganda-posed-as-journalism, the NCR essay almost comes clean:

To be clear, so far these outrages haven’t resulted in any deaths — as opposed to, say, the thousands of Christians killed in Nigeria by the radical Islamist “Boko Haram” movement, or the hundreds who died in the Indian state of Orissa during anti-Christian pogroms in 2008. Israel remains a fundamentally safe environment for Christians, certainly as compared to most places in its immediate neighborhood.

Got that? so far these outrages haven’t resulted in any deaths. Never can tell, though. Those spitters and stone-throwers could have a sudden jihad moment. Jews are famous for that, right?

It’s hard to believe that anyone spouting this stuff would be taken seriously, much less that they’re paid for their efforts. An impartial observer would wonder about the grossly anti-Semitic slant evident in both reports, a slant which scandalously ignores the daily stories of Islamic barbarity. Is the MSM returning to Third Reich standards of reportage?? If we were to follow the money in both magazines, where do you suppose it would lead??

Continuing on with the essay from Time (and ignoring any further links) here’s a choice bit of prose. If anyone understands what he’s trying to say, please do let me know:

It seems that popular culture in the West is only nominally aware of this global epidemic. According to the Vatican, over 100,000 Christians are murdered by some relation to their faith every year.

Just to be sure I’m not taking it out of context here’s the sentence following that one:

And just last week, a Sudanese woman was sentenced to death for marrying a Christian.

Ignore that sleight of hand about the Sudanese Christian woman to tell me what this means: over 100,000 Christians are murdered by some relation to their faith every year. So they’re slaughtered for some obscure relative’s Christian beliefs? That’s what it appears to say. Perhaps the better question(s) might be, what’s he trying to avoid saying and what are the reasons for this garble of circumlocution?

Here’s one last attempt at reporting from this jornolist at Time:

To be fair, Western media does cover these individual events, particularly if a large number of people are killed. But they have yet to cover in depth the generalized mayhem and violence against the Christian people globally. The violence goes beyond the Middle East. Christian persecution is just as prominent in India, Indonesia and Kenya among other nations. It’s hard to imagine how we can be so silent and indifferent in the face of such global violence against vulnerable populations.

Got that? “It’s hard to imagine how we can be so silent…” Sorry, boy-o. It’s not difficult at all to ‘imagine” the MSM’s silence and indifference” given your own pluperfect example of exactly that failure.

This whole farce is reminiscent of Attorney General Holder’s infamous tongue-twisting in 2010, when he simply could not utter the words “radical Islam” :

These two jornolists remind me of Holder’s verbal pretzels. Like his, their moral compass is skewed to perdition.

6 thoughts on “Sticks & Stones: Another MSM Monstrosity

  1. How was Holder appointed? Why does the senate let him continue if he lies and can’t name things accurately. If an ordinary person lies, woe to him. When gov officials lie we have no authority to oust them as ousting Saddam or Qaddaffi. Gov by the people is a myth. Just look around and observe.

    • Eric Holder was appointed by our President. He is part of the President’s cabinet by virtue of this appointment.

      These appointments (Justice Dept, Treasury, Homeland Security, etc) are made by the president and approved by the Senate.

      Holder is a racist and a racialist. A former Dept of Justice lawyer who’d worked there for many years quit in disgust at Holder’s corrupt gangster tactics. He wrote a book about this travesty:

      Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department

      Well worth your time just to peruse the reader reviews. Someone gave us the book; difficult to read about the open racism and incompetence of this partisan hack, Holder.

  2. No mention of Pakistan, the most anti-Christian state on the planet? Just looked at the authos name to see whether it was an anagram for Josef Goebels (hope I spelt that right but it doesn’t look right)

    • Well, you’re almost there: it is Goebbels, with two “b’s”


    • No mention of Pakistan? I doubt this fellow could find it on a map. His job was to get out the Catholic vote for Obama. This ‘essay’ is so flimsy it falls apart.

  3. What a Useful Idiot!
    Thanks for drawing attention to this monstrosity. I’ll forward to some Catholic friends what want nothing of this kind of hooey.

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