The Only Good German…

It’s not so much that This Turkish writer wants Germans dead, it’s that he wants them no longer to be born. Blu-News has a few choice (and very politically incorrect) words to say in response. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

The Only Good German is a Dead German

Alp Mar
April 13, 2014

Good luck to the Germans in their auto-dematerialization

A Turkish journalist recommends extinction for Germans. Even good education does not protect form extremism. And how racism works against itself.

It has always been crystal clear to me — and anyone who is equipped with more than just a cerebellum — that Leftists are plain or garden-variety racists, just too cowardly to admit it. In addition, the base Left has succumbed to an incurable mental illness, which it paradoxically wears as proudly as a crown and displays on every occasion, as if it were the patent for the ultimate cure for cancer: racism against itself.

The preferred T-shirt for empty-headed, white, European Leftists, with the super creative motto “Good Night, White Pride,” has for a long time been the bestseller among the marginal idiocies, next to the faces of Che, Mao, Marx and the later adolescent sayings of the [punk rock group] Die Toten Hosen, naturally.

Leftover Khmer Rouge Mentality

Racism writ large in full blown Communist magazines is a reflection of the truth, but only when directed against whites, Europeans, white Americans, Israelis and above all naturally, Germans. And of course, this means real Germans and not those who — during the darkest time of our republic’s history, volume 2, the red-green regime phase — more or less had citizenship handed to them, regardless of how criminal, stupid or unemployed they were. In the most disgusting of all the garishly red pulp magazines, the favored piece-of-crap publications of all the leftover Khmer Rouge — or those who would have liked to be — all the talk is about “taz” (Tageszeitung, the-news-of-the-day). They never get tired of the same old thing — you could almost imagine they are buoyed up by “consciousness-expanding substances.” Those evil Germans, who, to be sure, make the best cars in the world, but then on vacation on the Côte d’Azur, reserve their beach chairs with a handkerchief — “damn Nazis”!

Deniz Yücel — journalist and editor at the publication mentioned above — is a little outside the legal and customary variety of racism, for he is not taking the measure of his own people, the Turks, but another — the Germans, in a commonly racist manner. He is just happy as hell that our folk is being destroyed by its infertility, and in his opinion, it serves us right, because a people that has created words like [each of the following is one word in German] “quitting time, congeniality, gummy bears, custodian, homesick, kindergarten, kitsch, culture war, cohabitant, sustainability, whistle-blower, regulatory agency, maverick, realpolitik, hit song, joker, profundity, last minute panic, coming to terms with the past, ethnic community, worldview, economic miracle, zwieback” should definitely disappear from the face of the earth.

One explanation could be an Inferiority Complex

Mr. Yücel doesn’t like Ossis either [former residents of the German Democratic Republic — East Germans] because they are not so quick as the Wessis [West Germans] to adapt to the idea that Murat, Mohammed and Bilal also want to be the uninhibited kings of disco-kickbox-I’ma-frick-your-family in the East. Mr. Yücel has trouble processing the fact that little oriental princes in Magdeburg, Leipzig and Rostock are more likely to get a well-deserved poke in the nose for unseemly behavior, and he is happy about the even lower birthrate among the potato-heads of Middle Germany.

Not that you have to take the blather of a type like this all too seriously — let him have his fun. Anyone who has to write for a crap news organization like taz [generally considered to be a left-leaning Internet “daily news outlet”] has also earned his pittance. I just have to keep wondering why someone who has spent two semesters at school feels called upon to expound — of all the corners of the world — on us Germans and our beautiful land, even though his own life is being spent unmistakably on a pile of rocks that would be even further back in the stone age than it is, absent German innovation.

Could it be because these people privately know — but would never admit — that Germans in the last 200 years have invented, developed, conceived, composed, created and achieved more for the good of all mankind than the entire Islamic world in the whole of its history? If we take the 20th century, then any single decade would suffice for this who-has-the-bigger-penis comparison — if you morally and ideologically exclude the twelve years which, for the Left, is the only time Germany existed and, in spite of the best (antisemitic) cooperation with the Islamic world, the only phase worth considering and remembering. The rest of the century can just as well be forgotten, as far as they are concerned.

Are they envious that whole peoples obliviously resting their fat behinds on fabulous treasures would not even have known it, let alone dreamt of accessing these treasures, if some “crap-Germans” had not hastened to help out — often for nothing?

To hell with that!

And to hell with Phillip Reis (inventor of the telephone), and Freiherr von Draiss (inventor of the hamster wheel), Konrad Zuse (inventor of the computer), Manfred von Ardenne (who patented the multiple system electronic tube, and whose genius would burst the bounds of this article — google him; it’s worth it).

What do they mean — names like Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Klopstock… I would run out of bytes if I tried to finish a list of German genius. Besides, I’ve been invited to my sister’s for Christmas! What does it mean that this planet would be lot more backward and certainly much more joyless. Well, the hell with us too!

Well-Educated Extremists

That is also the opinion of “Generation Future,” an organization that recruits among ethnic Turkish “Germans.” The description of the association is by Cengiz Dursun, founder of the Turkish Press Website, which was designated in 2012 as youth-endangering, with unacceptable race-baiting content, by the consolidated portal of the Youth Ministries for Federal Territories, “”, which itself has been controversial. “Generation Future” characterizes itself as follows:

“We are Turkish, ethnic Turkish students, workers employers and academics who live and work in Germany. As other citizens feel connected to their homeland, so do ethnic Turkish citizens of this country feel bound to their homeland. Within the context of the laws of this land, we are proud to proclaim: ‘How fortunate the one who calls himself a Turk.’ We are conscious of being responsible not only to ourselves, but to Turkey.”

Further: “Why Generation Future? That name was chosen because we are now the second, third, fourth generation here… and from a demographic perspective will be the ones who are a substantial proportion of the new generation of Germany… seen this way we are the future of Germany.”

Then it really gets interesting: Appeal to all Turks in Germany in the organization of young, Muslim intellectuals, “Generation Future”; “You engaged us as your guest-workers, we paved your streets, built your buildings, repaired your houses. We worked day and night for German prosperity, risked our health, served you. And today you are making out our bill for that, saying that it would have been less costly if we had never immigrated to Germany… It is drummed into us that we kids can’t speak Turkish with our brothers and sisters. We are forbidden to live in the Turkish spirit, to practice our centuries-old culture. You take our identity and force us to eat this repulsive pork. The German children always get the better toys and have more freedoms than ethnic Turkish children. A torture without equal, a machinery of oppression and a policy of assimilation planned and directed by the obnoxious German authorities over the years and decades to grind up the Turks and break their will and individuality. We are your slaves and prisoners, your prey. We want autonomy for Turks in Germany with the aim of independent government. Information in the supermarkets must be in Turkish script… We want North Rhine-Westphalia to be the first federal state made into an autonomous Turkish republic. In another step, Berlin should become Turkish-autonomous and the government should move to Bonn. May the Turks be ‘the ones who are a substantial proportion of the new generation of Germany… seen this way we are the future of Germany’… The German government should begin to be aware and consider who it is they have allowed to sit on their lap…”

And from a document of the Coordinating Council of the Turkish Organizations in North Rhine-Westphalia to the party “Christian Middle”: “Do not forget: When Germany lay in ruins, the foreigners came and built it up again. The foreigners (Turks) brought the Germans prosperity. Without the foreigners, the Germans would still be standing in their own ruins. Thus the following logical conclusion: The land belongs to the ones who built it up. Foreigners are residents. What we want is: to vote here, to work here, to be consulted. Therefore: the next chancellor and ministers must be Turkish!! Crosses must disappear! Islam is the strongest force; Islam will triumph.”

The honest and dependable Red Vicki

The leader of the extreme left Amadeu Antonio Foundation, Anetta Kahane, of whom the authorities could choose to say much, recently released the following racist onslaught: “… in the east of this country, there still live less than 1% visible minorities, so it could be said that this part of the country has remained white. Not just foreigner-free, but white. Thus far it has been exhausting, difficult, tedious up to impossible to convince the local authorities that this situation is a problem they should actively work against.”

From 1974 to 1982, Anetta Kahane worked as an unofficial staff member of the Ministry for State Security (MfS), with the cover name “Victoria.” Even the left-leaning Wikipedia confides that Kahane was described by her former control officer in the Stasi as “honest and dependable,” and he testified that, from the beginning of her time at MfS, she had incriminated people. In 1982, Kahane stopped working with MfS and was removed from the list of interpreters allowed to travel. In 1986, she filed a request to emigrate. Later, in 1991, she initiated a variety of intercultural projects in the re-united Germany. The same year, she received the Theodor Heuss Medal for this government-financed nonsense. Then in 2002, the Moses Mendelson Prize of €10,000 for action against “Xenophobia and Right-Extremism.” Too bad for the professional medal awarders, that the medal was pinned on Red Vicki’s scrawny chest before her Stasi activities became public. Once these had become known, the Red Crow was no longer the foreigner delegate in the Berlin senate. Kahane was no longer available for that post. Meanwhile, she was still passionately and deeply loved at the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

Marjan Parvand, too, a tax-money-fattened functionary, member of the “new German movers and shakers in the media” and active editor at “ARD-Now,” is playing the same, tired tune and telling us potato-heads where the problems are in the German media, particularly the state media. The problem, to be specific, is not that racists and communists are exchanging compliments there, but that there are too many “bio-Germans”, that is, “white men, married, brought up Christian, with one or two children.”

It is, of course, a fatal flaw that there are actually areas in Germany where there is no imam to announce at high volume, five times a day the superiority of Islam and Germans are insolently “still” in the majority. But with the bomb-like skills of people like Mr. Yücel, Ms. Kahane and other intellectual giants, the chances are excellent that this will soon change.

And then, I wish my compatriots the best of success in their auto de-materialization, but with a little Yalla* if possible.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

*   Arabic word. Present usage seems to emphasize meanings related to “salsa” when used to identify Latin American music.

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  1. Germany is in some ways the saddest case in Europe: thanks to fifty years of brain-washing, they all still hate themselves, wish they had been born Irish, and as a people would not dare to do anything that upsets the EU project to destroy homogenous nations in Europe. They will be their own willing executioners. The good news, though, is that this is going to take a long time. Germany is indeed still overwhelmingly German outside the big cities, and immigrants have real difficulty (unlike in Britain and France) in breaking through the language barrier to establish their bridgeheads. Many Poles, for example, skip Germany, their neighbour, and head instead for Britain, where they know they will find a population of lazy mugs too fearful to vote nationalist, whose jobs they can take over easily.

  2. Interesting article but there are a couple of factual inconsistencies. I have never heard of Philip Reis or Konrad Zuse nor are they connected to any inventions I have heard of. The telephone was invented by a Scot, Alexander Graham Bell, although there are claims that an Italian American named Marconi perfected the invention but failed to patant it before Bell.An Englishman named Charles Babbage is considered to be the father of the computer industry while another Englishman Alan Turing first formulated the principle of the modern programmable computer. Much work on computers was carried out during World War 2 at Bletchly Park where they were used to break German and Japanese codes.

    • Peter, Marconi is believed the inventor of wireless telegraphy; Meuci claimed to have invented the telephone.
      Zuse invented the Z3, the world’s first programmable electronic computer. Von Ardenne invented more than the radio tube at the heart of the early broadband amplifiers: he went on to participate in the Soviet effort to build the bomb. His specialty in Moscow was isotopic separation. Do I need to draw you a picture to explain how important that was? After Moscow, he returned to Berlin and greatly advanced the fields of electron microscopy and small-scale electron beam welding. He left behind a company that specialized in thin-film deposition.

      • Ludwig, Thank you for your kind response. This started me digging with the following results;-
        Meucci set up a form of voice-communication link that connected the second-floor bedroom in his home in New York to his laboratory. He submitted a patent caveat for this device to the US Patent office in 1871, but there was no mention of electromagnetic transmission of vocal sound in his caveat. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for the electromagnetic transmission of vocal sound by undulatory electric current. (a telephone) – sounds like it was written by a social worker!
        In 1822, Charles Babbage proposed and began developing the Difference Engine, considered to be the first automatic computing engine that was capable of computing several sets of numbers and making hard copies of the results. Unfortunately, because of a lack of funding he was never able to complete the project. In 1837 Babbage proposed the first general mechanical computer, the Analytical Engine. This contained an Arithmetic Logic Unit and integrated memory and is the first general-purpose computer concept. This, too, fell by the wayside because of lack of funds.
        The first programmable computer was indeed the Z1, created by Zuse between 1936 and 1938 and is considered to be the first electro-mechanical binary programmable (modern) computer and as such the first functional computer.
        However, the first concepts of what we now consider to be the modern computer, The Turing Machine, was first proposed by Alan Turing in 1936 and became the foundation for theories about computing and computers. The machine was a device that printed symbols on paper tape in a manner that emulated a person following a series of logical instructions. Without these fundamentals, we wouldn’t have the computers we use today.
        I found a whole lot more information too but a lot of it got even more boring than this. On reflection, I’m not sure whether this makes me right or you wrong or what difference it all makes. Good luck to you Ludwig and I look forward to reading many more posts from you.

  3. The Only Good German…

    Maybe unwittingly UKIP is driving the self-hatred seed of the anti-white and anti-white European message deep into the British political psyche.

    In the UK it can be uncomfortable for white Continental Europeans, the Brits feel less threatened by Pakistani pizza makers.

    • Pakistani pizzas taste like they have already been eaten and regurgitated. Yuck!

  4. Quote:
    “Do not forget: When Germany lay in ruins, the foreigners came and built it up again. The foreigners (Turks) brought the Germans prosperity.

    This is not necessarily true.
    It would have taken longer for Germany to recover, but it would still have recovered.
    I’m sure of it.
    The tone of these pronouncements is arrogant.
    It is also like that of a parent to children.
    Is Germany the child of Turkey?
    I think Germans, even where they are visibly “the majority” should ask themselves this question.
    Altruism is nice.
    But if you cannot preserve yourself, or hold no value of self preservation, it’s nothing but veiled self-destruction.
    I’m not a German.
    But I want to say that I hope and pray that Germany and Germans prevail over the destructive forces in their culture.
    Make the crosses yet more visible.
    If you are a Christian, make it your symbol, along with your signature.
    Be very sure that everyone knows that Germany is a Western country.

  5. @goethechosemercy: Yes, in fact Necla Kelek–practicing Muslim scholar and writer and critic of Islamism–among others, has pointed out that the deal to accept Turkish workers was in fact a boon for the struggling economy of Turkey, providing an opportunity for much-needed cash to be sent home. The “economic miracle” was the product of German industriousness and entrepreneurship, not of the guest-workers who performed the manual labor. They could (and many did) come from many places, and Turkey had a separate “sweetheart” deal.

    @Peter: I confess I did not know of them either, but translated it as it stood. Your comment drove me to look them up in Wikipeda which yielded the following:

    “Zuse–German inventor and computer pioneer. His greatest achievement was the world’s first programmable computer; the functional program-controlled Turing-complete Z3 became operational in May 1941. Thanks to this machine and its predecessors, Zuse has often been regarded as the inventor of the modern computer.”

    And from Thomas Edison:
    “The first inventor of a telephone was Phillip Reis of Germany only musical not articulating. The first person to publicly exhibit a telephone for transmission of articulate speech was A. G. Bell. The first practical commercial telephone for transmission of articulate speech was invented by myself. Telephones used throughout the world are mine and Bell’s. Mine is used for transmitting. Bell’s is used for receiving.”

    I had also thought Bell and Marconi, and I never stopped to consider there was such a thing as a “musical telephone.”

  6. goethechosemercy:
    this is a brandnew theory published by a turkish born minister in the state of Bade-Würtemberg. And it is plain nonsense. What foreigner in his right mind would emigrate to a country in ruins, say Syria,or Afghanistan?In 1961, there were 75.000 turks in Germany, they should have rebuilt the country? Rubbish!And I do not blame them for not coming.My family had it’ s first small car by 1968, and we were not ” working class”.
    Born in 1945, I have lived this period and did not see any foreign worker until the 60ies, when all the ruins had been rebuilt. And all of them were totally unskilled, up to illitracy.
    This whole propaganda serves as a decoy to the fact that today, 40% of the Turks here live on welfare. How come they claim having been called to do the jobs Germans did not want to work in when a major part does not work at all?
    Does the word ” work” exist in their language?

  7. @goethechosemercy reminded me of the ‘sixties and ‘seventies in Germany. Almost every factory I passed in the southwest (Baden Württemberg) had a sign by the gate saying: “Wir stellen an:” (“We are hiring:”) followed by tags bearing the job titles needed, for example, “Maschinenschlosser/in” or “Feinmechaniker/in” (“machine fitter[/feminine ending] or “precision mechanic[/feminine ending]).

    The unemployment rate in Germany had dropped to 0.7% early in the ‘seventies! To the best of my recollection, the assembly line at the Daimler plant in Sindelfingen had safety signs printed in German, Spanish, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, and Turkish. (Serbo-Croatian is basically the same language, but the Orthodox Serbs write in Cyrillic characters and the Catholic Croatians write in Roman characters.)

    As for the risible assertion that Germany still lay in ruins when the Gastarbeiter arrived, I recall two things about 1965: my mother and I had to look very hard to find any bomb damage in Stuttgart, even though most of the central city had been destroyed, mostly in the air raids of ’44. We only succeeded in finding one small lot that had not been rebuilt, in a bad neighborhood. By contrast, London still showed a few vacant lots, with visible rubble, and in relatively posh neighborhoods, yet. On the other hand, later on in the ‘sixties, one looked for used Beetles manufactured no later than ’65—that was the year significant numbers of Gastarbeiter started to work the Fließbände of Wolfsburg (and Niehl and Rüßelsheim, for that matter.) Gastarbeiter-assembled VW’s simply were not as well-made as the earlier Beetles put together entirely by German hands.

    Nowadays, the industrious Turks in Germany are shopkeepers and restauranteurs. The less industrious are welfare clients, with growing families on German soil, rather than back in Turkey. (The first Gastarbeiter, like the first Irish in the US, remitted as much as they could to their families back home.) I could go on and on, but I will part with one observation: German guilt lives on, and is perceived as weakness. The perception of weakness encourages some to aggressiveness, and the existence of a generous welfare state encourages a contempt for society that only fans the flames. The best qualities Germans of the past generation showed have created an increasingly antisocial underclass that resists integration into a society it despises and becomes increasing unqualified to join. Perhaps the EU should pay more attention to the poetry of Robert Frost, even though he was one of those dreadful Americas that bon chic, bon genre Europeans so look down on: “Good fences make good neighbors.”

    • German guilt lives on . . .
      It’s wonderful to have a sensitive conscience.
      But such a thing is useless without a meaningful life, life of the nation and community.
      How is Germany to learn from the past if she chooses to be destroyed?
      Knowledge and conscience are nothing without life, the life that does not submit.

  8. Ludwig Vogel: “I recall two things about 1965: my mother and I had to look very hard to find any bomb damage in Stuttgart, even though most of the central city had been destroyed, mostly in the air raids of ’44.”

    One of the remarkable sights in newsreels after the war were the “Trümmerfrauen”– women of the ruins–who appeared in great numbers, unsummoned, unpaid, to manually clear away whatever they could of the ruins and rubble and begin the process which eventually catapulted West Germany into a leading position among world economies. And please note, believers in the misogyny of Middle Eastern Islam, this was an instinctive, completely voluntary, not to say herculean, effort by WOMEN. Brunhilde never felt it necessary to wear a hijab.

    • She did have a winged horse, though!

      Seriously, one should acknowledge the characteristic American generosity of the Marshall Plan, and not only in Germany, even if there were some political motives behind it.

  9. Germans have the intelligence to take the Turks in a pincer movement. Learn both Turkish to remove their taqiyya-ability and develop constructed languages that are only taught to Germans(that you trust).

    If we take Germany to be a Christian country declare: “Turks? Kurds? Father, Son and Holy Ghost!”

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