Rapes in Sweden, Redux

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Rapes in Sweden, Redux
by Fjordman

In early 2014, journalist Simen Sætre in the weekly Morgenbladet in Norway published an essay about rapes in Sweden. Curiously, he seemed to be more concerned about the fact that “xenophobic” and “Islam-hating” people like me write about this subject than he was about the actual problem. Sætre has previously claimed, with absolutely zero facts to back up his case, that my essays were never meant seriously. Ironically, the same man who makes claims without any basis in facts has suggested that my texts and views are not fact-based.

Let us look into this matter more closely.

In 2013, 5900 rapes were officially reported to the police in Sweden, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet — Brå). This figure was slightly lower than in 2012, but the reported number has been close to or above 6000 for several years. We’ll stick to a medium number of 6000 reported annual rapes for the last couple of years.

We know with certainty that there are numerous victims who don’t report rape to the police. Many criminologists assume that the official numbers only reveal a minority of such cases. This assumption is backed up by a number of studies.

[Header] Residence permits granted during the year — The number of reported rapes in the years 1980-2008 (Source Migration Board, BRÅ)

[Footer] (grey) Granted residence during the year — (red) Number of reported rapes during the year

The crucial question is: How much higher is the real number of rapes? Twice as large as the official numbers? Four times as big? Ten times?

In late 2013, I published an essay about this very subject in which I suggested two different estimates for how many rapes there truly are in Sweden. The lowest estimate was that one in four rapes committed are actually reported to the police and listed in official statistics. On average for the last couple of years, more than 6000 rapes have been reported in the country annually. If this merely represents one in four rapes actually committed, the real number is 24,000 rapes annually.

That was the lower estimate I proposed. The higher estimate was that merely one in ten rapes is reported. This would imply that the actual number of rapes in Sweden per year is not 6000, but rather 60,000. Suggesting that the actual number of rapes is ten times higher than the reported may sound exaggerated. I wasn’t convinced of this myself, which is why I made the calculations with both a lower and a higher estimate.

Nevertheless, a number of researchers have suggested that it is realistic to assume that only 10% of this type of crimes is reported. A Norwegian study published in early 2014 indicated that just 11% of the women who have been raped actually reported this to the police. This number is very close to the higher of the two estimates I suggested for Sweden.

Of course, one should always be careful with using data from one country to compare with those of a different country. That being said, Norway and Sweden are very closely-related nations. It is not unreasonable to assume that such numbers are comparable to some extent.

If the roughly 6000 reported annual rapes in Sweden make up 11% of the actually committed rapes, as this recent Norwegian study could indicate, then the true number of rapes in Sweden is 54,000-55,000. At that annual rate, the number of rapes committed in Sweden in roughly 20 years would approach 1.1 million. It is thus not totally unrealistic to assume that one million rapes or more are committed in Sweden a single generation. That’s a staggeringly high number for a small Scandinavian nation. Even half of this would still be very high.

By mid-2014 Sweden was estimated to house around 9.7 million people. Due to mass immigration in recent decades, about 15% of these were born in another country, in addition to second-generation immigrants. Half of the population is female, fewer than 5 million people. Of these, some are very old or very young.

Rapes of babies or women in their 80s do occur, but in relatively small numbers. Most rapes target young women of a fertile age, from their early teens into their 20s, 30s and partway into their 40s. If we assume one million rapes per generation, the risk of rape for young Swedish women today is shockingly high. This is an international scandal, and should be treated as such. Instead, Sweden continues to be portrayed internationally as some sort of Feminist Utopia.

One might argue that even if there are one million rapes, this does not automatically imply one million victims. Sometimes the same person is raped more than once. Technically speaking this is true, although that hardly makes the situation much better. Gang rapes used to be very rare in Scandinavia not so many years ago. They have now become disturbingly common in Sweden.

Rape of men, too, used to be uncommon in this part of the world. Not anymore. A 17-year-old boy reported being gang raped by several men in the town of Växjö in southern Sweden. In 2012, 132 men in Sweden reported being raped. Once more, we know that a significant number of such people don’t file a police report at all. The humiliation, shame and stigma attached to being a male rape victim are presumably at least as strong as for female victims.

If we again assume, as the study of women victims from Norway suggested, that only 11% or rapes are reported to the police, then 1200 rapes are committed against men in Sweden annually. That’s about one every seven hours.

All of the numbers I have mentioned here are based on official statistics. I extrapolate beyond them, but the numbers I suggest are not implausible.

The greatest taboo in Sweden is to suggest that any of these problems might have anything to due with the mass immigration that has literally changed the face of the country in the last two generations.

I do not suggest that immigration is the sole reason for these trends. However, it is well-documented in other Western European countries, from Norway to Britain, that a link exists. Immigrants from certain cultures, especially Muslims and Africans, are strongly overrepresented in cases of rape and violent crime.

The simple fact is that the Sweden of forty years ago, before the advent of non-European mass immigration, was a relative safe country with low levels of crime. Sweden today is much less safe for average citizens in their everyday lives. This goes both for street crime and for political violence, which is rising.

Sweden does have a few neo-Nazis, but much of the political violence comes from the extreme Left, sometimes quietly backed by the political Establishment and the mass media. Some of those targeted in political attacks are simply concerned citizens who peacefully voice their opposition to immigration policies that will render them a minority in their own country in a few decades.

Multiculturalism and mass immigration have made our society less safe. It is very hard to deny this — unless you are a journalist working in the mainstream media.


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8 thoughts on “Rapes in Sweden, Redux

  1. Until recently, the only thing that popped up in my mind after hearing about “criminality in Scandinavia” was Egon Olsen. Shame, it doesn’t anymore :(.

  2. Swedish rape law seems a bit liberal.

    Assange for example. Surely this is a trumped up story?

    OTOH gangrape is almost exclusively conducted by black and browns. In 2008 in the UK rapes with more than three assailants accounted for 92 convictions. 66 of them were blacks. 13 were white boys. The remainder were South Asians (Pakistanis and Afgans) or ME.

    [invective redacted]

    • Source on this

      Google independent + gang rape statistics

      The newspaper The Independent published the article in 2009.

  3. Sorry – but I doubt your figures – and accuse you of creating un-necessary moral panic. Part of the blame IS undoubtedly that your own government will not provide a clear picture due to the interference of Feminist ideology in clear and un-ambiguous definitions and un-politicized statistical reporting. (I know you are probably thinking – oh come now – how can the number lie? Very easily.)

    We have the same kind of Feminist “theorizing” about data here in Canada – except it might be a little more openly reported – and the Feminists re-interpret the data for the ever-compliant, docile and pandering main-stream media.

    I recently attacked the issue of conflating Rape Stats here (you will have to go half-way down page to header “Prevalence of Sexual Assault/Rape in Canada – 2013July.”

    1) Canada’s current population = 35.2 million (2013 July 01)

    2) 2011 Total Reported Sexual Assaults of Adults (m/f, Level 1, 2 & 3) = 21,821

    (These were latest available statistics at that time I wore post last summer in July 2013 – new ones are likely now available – but I will stay with the quoted post to avoid confusion.) Take note these are actual incidents REPORTED to all police services responsible for about 90% of the population (excluding remote areas – even though they everywhere not covered by a municipal or provincial police body are nominally under Federal RCMP jurisdiction).

    It includes all Sexual Assaults Levels 1, 2 & 3 committed against all adult men and women 18yrs+ (mostly women) including: #3 very serious assaults and violent attacks involving weapons, threats etc; #2 less violent incidents of unwanted sexual touching/kissing/fondling etc; and #1 still less violent/non-physical abuse incidents like harassment, verbal taunts and repetitive attention/ stalking behaviours. Clearly this represents a broad range of human interactions – some of which is obviously an attack upon a person but many other (which make up the vast majority of these statistics) MIGHT be incidents of very poor behaviour, misdirected emotions or confused and mis-interpreted intent/consent. My point is that VERY FEW of these almost 23,000 incidents is a violent rape attack.

    3) Out of all these 23,000 reported incidents ONLY 6,200 charges were laid (stretching it to 7,450 if we include Youth 12-18yrs who might have been involved) of which 3,161 (51%) were found GUILTY.

    That is only 3,161 PROVEN SEXUAL ASSAULTS out of a country of 35,158,300 people.

    Based on that figure I think Canada is (still at present) a very safe place.

    3) Yet Feminists will instead point to the GSS (General Social Survey conducted every 5 years based on indepth questionnaire administered to 15,000 randomly selected participants).

    Those figures generated a figure of 690,000 Sexual Assaults in Canada in 2007.

    These PROJECTIONS always predict disturbingly large numbers of Sexual Assaults BECAUSE they are simply predictions and their questions are not as narrow as those used in the previous criminal and police statistical data – for the obvious reason that they are attempt to gain a broad overview of actual and POTENTIAL problems.

    A perfect example of this point is that 81% of these 690,000 “Sexual Assaults” were Level 1 that basically rise not further than “Unwanted Sexual Touching/Caressing” including cat calls whistles on the street.

    Plus they are based on individual personal perceptions, given with assurances of privacy and anonymity and are mostly unverified or unverifiable. Their design and purpose is completely different than the hard police/legal statistics given above and SHOULD therefore not be treated with the same attitude of veracity as the hard stats.

    4) I suggest your flights of fantasy with Swedish statistics are similar BUT you should ask a group with an interest in properly discovering these stats like A Voice For Men – Sweden. http://se.avoiceformen.com/

    • [ad hominem invective redacted] fathers4fairness. I have been raped several times by a muslim while studying. I was 21 and a virgin, not wanting to have sex before I would meet the guy I would marry. The muslim guy got obsessed by me when he heard that, and I went through hell, I felt as a woman I was the subject to the deepest disrespect and dishonor. No Swedish guy would have done that because it is NOT in our culture. I am one of those many women that never reported to the police. I am beautiful and intelligent and still not married by age 44. No children. It took me YEARS to collect the pieces of the person I used to be, but I didn’t get the life I would have had normally. I love the people but I hate the muslim culture. Wherever it goes it brings death and decay.

  4. May I add that – as Swedes usually are – I was TOO TOLERANT and afraid of having racist attitudes – but if I would have been less tolerant and naive I would never have been a victim. I definitively DON’T tolerate the muslim culture anymore because they don’t respect the very country that saved them from the terror in their own country. Then they come to Sweden and spread terror there, not all of them of course but too many among them already.

    Another beautiful girl that worked as a model refused to date a muslim guy – he took out a knife and cut her across her face in the middle of a normal party. Only a sick person would have done that, but in a muslim culture any woman with uncovered hair, or that is not locked up, is considered as a prostitute. Muslims are allowed to cut prostitutes in the face to mark them, without being considered as sick.

    I look down on your statistics and fancy ideas. Imagine the tragedy to only one of these women. ONE RAPE for muslim reasons is ALREADY TOO MUCH. I am not even mentioning the murders of honour that they do on their own women for dating Swedish guys, or having a normal life, for example.

  5. The political correctness and ultra feminism in Sweden is destructive. The feminists have made it clear that to be a male is NOT okay. The men will not defend their women in Sweden because to do so is not politically correct. Add to this the influx of Muslim people with a totally different cultural outlook. Swedish girls are whores according to these Muslims so it is okay to rape them. They rape the Swedish girls, Swedish men have been emasculated and won’t defend their own women, the Swedish press won’t report the nationality of the perpetrators because that would maybe be racist. Truth is dead and reality is not important in Sweden today. My advice to Swedes is to fight back in an organized fashion or leave the country. Your political system has betrayed you all.

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