A Call to Collective Resistance

Back in February, Rembrandt Clancy translated a batch of textual material and subtitled a video about the judicial persecution of Conny Axel Meier in Germany. Mr. Meier has been charged with “insult” for what he said about the judge in the case of Michael Mannheimer — who had himself been previously tried and convicted for “insult” by a German court.

As a part of his report, Rembrandt Clancy included among his translations the last four paragraphs of Michael Mannheimer’s manifesto reminding his fellow Islam-critics that “the German people have the right and duty to rise up against ALL forces, which are poised to abolish the German Constitution”. Now the translator has made the entire text available in English.

Michael Mannheimer’s Introduction to his “Call to Resistance of the German People pursuant to Article 20, Section 4 of the German Constitution”

Original Source: Michael Mannheimer Blog

The call for the implementation of Article 20, Section 4 of the German Constitution first appeared on 8 April 2011 as a reader’s comment on PI [Politically Incorrect], and shortly thereafter as an editorial contribution for Kybeline.com and now can be found on numerous other national and international websites as well. It is from my own hand. There are no organisations behind this call, neither is there a political party or a particular Islam-critical website behind it. Its origin lies in my own heart alone and in my knowledge about the tremendous danger to which our country is exposed through an increasingly accelerating Islamisation.

Article 20, Section 4 of the Constitution reads as follows:

All Germans shall have the right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available. [Official English translation of the German Bundestag]

I am fully conscious of the consequences of my Call. There is now sufficient knowledge of Islam to allow everyone an informed assessment.

If we in Germany do not take immediate action, then after just a few years we will be incapable of it for demographic reasons. I have initiated this Call out of deep concern for our country, our splendid occidental civilisation and the future of our children and grandchildren. The political elites, in their blind pro-Islamic policy, supported massively by most of the media, ignore the legitimate anxiety of their people concerning Islamisation and they continue unabated with this policy, which is against the will of the people as well as against the content and spirit of the Constitution.

The German people must therefore take their fate into their own hands. It remains to be seen whether they are in the position to do that.

— Michael Mannheimer, 9 April 2011

“This unwritten but higher right, which constitutes a right to resistance whenever the installed, codified law turns into injustice, is the basis of what, in more than 2000 years of European history and culture, has been contemplated and conceived as natural law. That right is the ultimate fundamental principle for the culture and politics of Europe; for it is by this conception of a higher law over and beyond the entire codified, installed and abstractly conceived law, that in the end we have the right and duty to measure whether that which is held as valid is in reality also just.”

— Prof. Dr. Günter Rohrmoser, German social philosopher

Call to General Resistance of the German People Pursuant to Article 20, Section 4 of the German Constitution

Original Source: Michael Mannheimer Blog

A public appeal to all freedom-loving citizens of Germany and to all people in our country who wish our children and children’s children to live their lives in freedom and human dignity.

Now that even the Church is embracing Islam, the worst imaginable enemy of freedom, equality and brotherhood of all men, the last bastion of resistance against misanthropic Fascism has fallen to Islam.

Against the will of the German people, millions of people have been brought into the country who despise our cultural and civilisational achievements and who wish to abolish our European culture (which is in no way Islamic, but Graeco-Roman and Judeo-Christian in character) in favour of the barbaric system of Islam. In Germany and in the rest of Europe, Muslims have been working tenaciously for decades and with ever greater success for the takeover of our continent.

Contrary to the claims of the political establishment, Islam has no intention whatever of integrating peacefully into Western society like other religions. That is one of the lies which has been instilled in us for decades by our politicians, by ignorant journalists, by Islam scholars who have converted to Islam, and by leftist social scientists with the aid of public television broadcasters, state radio and an overwhelmingly left-conformed press. These lies, thanks to the Internet, have been unmasked in our times, and the truth about Islam made accessible to a public of millions.

For the central goal of Islam is world domination. The ENTIRE “religious” life of Islam is subsidiary to this goal, the contents of which the Koran and the Sunnah profess in detail. Jihad is the final means set down for the achievement of this goal. This Islamic jihad is the longest, bloodiest, and most victim-rich imperialistic campaign in human history and has claimed more dead than the Christian crusades, Fascism, National Socialism and Communism combined. Jihad is nothing other than the eternal war of Islam against ALL “unbelievers” through to their complete annihilation; and accordingly, it is the oldest and most destructive crime against humanity on our planet.

In consideration of the fact that the entire German establishment: politicians, scientists, media, the courts and now even the churches sympathise and collaborate with Islam; and whereas, in the spirit of Islam, they have made a massive transition to working on the gradual abolition of the German Constitution; and in consideration likewise of the unconstitutional de-ethnicising of the German population, which is contrary to previously enacted Supreme Court decisions, contrary to the expressed intention of our Constitution and contrary to the will of the absolute majority of the population, I consider that the time has therefore arrived to call for the implementation and rigorous bringing to bear of the right to resistance (and the duty to resist) of all Germans pursuant to Article 20, Section 4 of the Basic Law!

Under the provisions of this right to resistance, the German people have the right and duty to rise up against ALL forces, which are poised to abolish the German Constitution — the which forces include political parties, local and state governments and the federal government — but also the media and other important disseminators of public opinion, which support all of the aforementioned. The right to resistance expressly permits this fight by all means available, even armed and under conditions of a civil war, when other measures have failed.

German citizens! German police! Soldiers and officers of Germany! Rise up! Defend your liberty and the liberty of us all! Defend the continued existence of our liberal Constitution against its enemies, which come from the ranks of ALL political parties and the editorial offices of most German media! And defend it likewise against the enemies who come from the ranks of those Islamic immigrants, who wish to make our country an Islamic country and introduce here the barbaric, pre-Stone Age Sharia.

Drive the ruling establishment from their offices and writing rooms and put those responsible on trial. As in 1933, so too has this establishment failed! Organise yourselves! Get off your sofas! Take to the streets! Take up arms when there are no remaining alternatives: for us, for our children, for our history! Long live freedom!

Michael Mannheimer
Germany, 8 April 2011

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17 thoughts on “A Call to Collective Resistance

  1. On this side of the pond, the word is: “Lock and load, boys and girls”–it is getting ‘interesting’. (And getting there FAST!)

    • The spot fires are starting to be seen, the people are stirring, but where is Germany’s uniting voice as yet unheard?

        • In recent poll by Maurice De Hond, who is often consulted by Dutch media, 43% of Dutch citizens wants less Morrocons in the Netherlands. The media and the left(same thing) were outraged and condemned him this past week for even asking this question. This changes little however. The people of the Netherlands almost have their eyes open to the miserable failure of multiculturalism. The remaining 8% will wake up in the coming two years.

          • Is it true that 57% of Dutch citizens do not feel there are too many Moroccans?

  2. This is going nowhere! Like the French Army of WW2, Marxism killed its spirit of resistance.

    • Your Grace, Marxism may have played a part in the failure of the French political/military hierarchy to instil Esprit de Corps within the ranks, but it was also the lack of modern equipment and tactics compared to what Germany put into the field, and had been building upon for nearly fifteen years that caused France to capitulate.

      The only European nation at that time with some kind of comparable weaponry to Germany was Britain.

  3. I just hope that all pro-Western Europeans understand that the last time Islam dominated a European country, the fight to oust the Ummah’s domination lasted more than 700 years.
    Does Europe have that kind of staying power?
    It will require educating generation after generation about the nature of Islam, conquest and what is at stake.
    Militarily and culturally, the preservation of the West is the tallest order Westerners have ever faced.

  4. Quote:
    All Germans shall have the right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available.

    If only the Ummah were one person.

  5. Since the church has degraded to a fanclub of islam, should the church and the clergy also be considered enemies from now on?

    • Define “church” please before you name it your enemy. I do not belong to a church made by man nor do I recognize any supposed authoritative “clergy”, though I agree most do and that they present a danger. There is only one church today as defined by the King James Bible and that is the church – the body of Christ (study Paul’s epistles, the Apostle to the Gentiles) which has precious few actual members. Belief in the historical accuracy of Christ does not make one a member; following in the footsteps Peter or Jesus Himself (both of the Jewish religion, neither, contrary to popular opinion, Christian) does not make one a member; but trust in the faithful work Christ did on the cross as a propitiation for mankind’s natural sin nature (as Paul instructs) does. The church I define is no supporter of Islam (I see many supposed “christian” churches doing so in the name of tolerance – they will tolerate people straight to hell) but sees it as only one of a myriad satanic lies (much like the watered down “christian” doctrine I observe everywhere) designed to lead people away from the truth and simplicity in/of Christ wherein all things were made. The church I define simply believes what God says in the book He wrote which provides clear understand of Himself, the KJB.

  6. The Left’s actions have virtually guaranteed a rolling broad-based uprising in most Western countries against policies that are utterly rejected by a majority of the population. It’s amazing to think how the legal systems in Western countries now enforce laws that are not supported by a majority of people. The law seems alien to the values of most of us. And these laws are put in place by leftist ideologues in legislatures, and not critiqued in any meaningful way by their collaborators in the media. Such laws often turn on the issue free speech, which the Left has decided is no longer human right, and immigration, the rules for which must be revised and bow to the whims of imperialist Islam. This is what the rich, government-fed socialist elite in all Western countries want: less free speech (through Sharia), and unhindered, continuing immigration to swamp and destroy the middle class that acts as a check on the power of the leftist elite. The EU is 100% in favor of and presses forward on all fronts for this cultural suicide. The Left that dominates government and bureaucracies in every Western country, and hyper-intolerant Islam, have become the real and true enemies of the people.

  7. I have placed this item on my weekly distribution list. It hits expats all over Asia, US,Australia, Canada and Europe. Every little helps.

  8. Will a hot resistance change anyone’s thinking or only their “public” behavior?
    If they continue working behind the public record they will be even harder to
    identify and block.

  9. We try again: Civil war, really? Do you understand that this makes you domestic terrorists per definition?

    • Lord, though our battle is not with flesh and blood specifically, empower us with knowledge, wisdom, understanding and ability to be effective terror to governmental injustice in every realm, through your Word and Son, Jesus Christ.

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