Wilders Delenda Est!

The following article by our Dutch correspondent H. Numan provides some a useful follow-up (and palate-cleanser) to last night’s post about the “Dutch” rapper who targeted Geert Wilders for mock assassination in his latest video.

The political climate in the Netherlands surrounding Mr. Wilders now resembles the demonization of Pym Fortuyn in the months leading up to his assassination almost twelve years ago. In order to facilitate the permanent elimination of a popular politician, any shame concerning his murder must first be removed from popular culture.

It’s not as if the major Dutch political parties custom-ordered that video from a Muslim thug-rapper. “Kill Geert” is simply part of the ubiquitous political atmosphere in the Netherlands at the moment. Everyone — liberal or conservative, native or immigrant — is breathing it. Hozny just inhaled it more deeply than most.

Wilders Delenda Est!
by H. Numan

On Wednesday 19 March municipal elections were held in The Netherlands. What follows is a lengthy article what happened afterwards and why.

As expected, the labor-conservative coalition got a drubbing. The PvdA (labor party) lost massively. So did the VVD (conservative party). Just slightly less.

The winner was, as expected, D66. This is a center-left wing party. Left-wing enough for disillusioned labor voters to vote for, and at the same time conservative enough for conservatives to vote for. As we often say here: conservative D66 voters are VVD voters with a conscience. This party has no other principles than ‘how do we get elected today?’

There is only one real issue D66 stands for: get rid of Geert Wilders! This party mainly focuses on people with a better than average income and is the party most in favor of the EU. Something which the PVV (Wilders’ party) firmly opposes. Both D66 and the PVV are offspring of the VVD party. But you couldn’t find any two parties more opposite to each other.

Not that long ago Dutch politics used to be dominated by four parties: VVD (conservatives) on the center right, CDA (Christian Democrats) somewhere in the middle, together with D66 a bit more to the left, and PvdA (labor) on the left.

Then a new party came along, with a very different agenda. The PVV, whose main issues are: (1) does The Netherlands need so many Muslims, in so many important positions, with so much attention (social welfare)? And (2) do we really need to remain in the EU?

The PVV electorate are the common folk ignored by main stream parties. Something very Dutch, actually. We call this group ‘de kleine luyden’, that’s old fashioned Dutch for ‘the little people. It’s not the first time those people have been ignored.

The conservative VVD is an abbreviation of ‘People’s Party for Democracy’ in Dutch, but can also be translated as ‘Society for Managing Directors’ (Vereniging Van Directeuren) which would be a much better description of that party. The ‘little people’ in that party are the ones serving drinks or cleaning up after a meeting.

The CDA (Christian Democrat) Party used to be the voice of those little people. A long time ago. The CDA is a merger of the Roman Catholic Party together with two Protestant parties. The ‘kleine luyden’ were in the past staunchly conservative Catholic and/or Protestant.

The CDA party was formed as a response to their individual member parties’ losing out to secularization. By merging they were still able to dominate the political landscape, which they couldn’t do alone anymore. This worked for about twenty years. However, secularization is an ongoing process. Since 1980 they have gradually lost so much support that the ‘C’ nowadays is an empty meaningless letter.

The Christian Democrat Party warmly welcomes any religion, especially the one worshiping a black stone in the desert. Representing ‘the little people’ is just about the last item on their agenda. Having lost the national and previous municipal elections they have only one thing on their minds: how do we get back in?

Lastly the PvdA or Labor Party. The last in this list claiming to represent ‘the little people’, notably the workers. Since the late sixties they have focused on migration rather than on laborers. Anyone is welcome, but some are much more welcome than others. The PvdA today is the number one party focusing on ethnic minorities, especially the Islamic ones.

The PVV electorate are the lower social classes, up to and including average-income workers and a bit above. Hence the often voiced complaint that the PVV is actually an extreme left-wing party in disguise.

Nope, they aren’t. They are staunchly conservative. Not extreme right-wing nor even slightly to the left. They run the real risk of having to use the social welfare system a lot more than financially better-off people, and they see that the available funds are being squandered on lots of things, but none of them essential. Usually on something multicultural.

All they want is to spend that welfare (= tax) money on people who really need it. Not on — for example — young people who never held a job. (Called “wajong” in Dutch, “Wet werk en arbeidsondersteuning jonggehandicapten”, a welfare law for young handicapped people who have never worked a day in their lives and most often intend to keep it that way.)

The “handicapped” is added to disarm anyone who questions this law. Surely you don’t want to make their life more difficult than it is already, do you? Unless you are a capitalist/egoist/fascist, of course!

A nice example of this: a Muslim juvenile was on wajong benefits. He wasn’t fit for any kind of work due to his physical condition. However, this chap went to Syria where he fought for one of the Islamic terror gangs. Recently he returned to Holland. Now he is fighting to get his 100% handicapped status back. In my book a man who is fit enough to fight is fit enough to earn his living.

At this moment a coalition of labor and conservatives rule the country. That government was elected on false promises: the PvdA warned their electorate not to vote for the Socialist (formerly Maoist) Party, while the conservatives together with all other parties warned their electorate about the PVV. Everybody had to vote ‘strategically’, and most did.

This government represents both ends of the political spectrum, which obviously does not work. Hence the massive drubbing both parties got in this municipal election.

Municipal elections are held nationwide in every municipality, and those municipalities have a lot to say about local politics and taxation. Far more than in the US. Hence the importance of this election.

There is another election on the way in a couple of months, this time for the EU. Here the PVV does participate and they are very vocal in getting out of the EU. A contra-EU group will most likely be formed in the EU parliament.

All polls showed a sincere lack of interest in this election. About 53% showed up, a record low. The polls showed that both labor and the conservatives were going to bleed severely for their governance so far. The polls were spot on.

The big winners were local parties and D66. The losers were the PvdA (labor), VVD (conservatives) and CDA (Christian Democrats) in that order. The Christian Democrats also claim victory because they didn’t lose as much as last time. (Which seems to me a bit masochistic.)

Personally I expected D66 to win, because it would collect most disillusioned voters both left and right. Conservative voters aren’t yet going to vote for the PVV. If only because the PVV party was running in only two cities: The Hague and Almere. Had the PVV run in every city, results would have been a massive victory for that party.

And now comes the catch:

Wilders made a very public statement in The Hague televised nationwide. On the eve of the elections he asked his party members: do you want a city with somewhat less Moroccans? The party members (celebrating their local victory; the PVV came in second place) shouted: LESS!! LESS!! LESS!! On which Wilders replied: Okay folks, we’re going to work on that one!

This statement created a nationwide outcry amongst anyone multiculturally correct, and then some more. Just about anyone claiming to be a VIP has denounced Wilders. As publicly as possible of course; one has to work on that VIP status. Read any Dutch newspaper you like or watch any Dutch new channel. They barely report anything else.

What I find very disturbing is that a lot of those progressive (=left wing) celebrities are very openly comparing Wilders with Hitler. Also asking “Where is Volkert van der Graaf (murderer of Pim Fortuyn; will be released from prison in a couple of months) when you need him?”

Almost the same thing happened when Pim Fortuyn became troublesome. A climate of hatred and vilification was created, so a person with a grudge could do the deed. That person couldn’t be a Muslim, otherwise we’d experience a new Kristallnacht. Nor a known socialist; that would kill not only Fortuyn but also socialism in general. And of course such a person arose to solve this nasty little problem. An unknown tree-hugger named Volkert van der Graaf. The rest is history…

Very likely another Wilders trial will be initiated. With about as much chance of a conviction, in my opinion. Wilders doesn’t make a statement like that without consulting his legal team first. Not after his first trial. The same people are running amok the same way they did before.

A much better question is: Why did Wilders made that statement?

Simple. In The Hague the PVV came second. D66 won the local election. D66 always exclude the PVV wherever they can — that is the only principle they steadfastly adhere to. What Wilders did was to shut the door firmly on any possible coalition including his party. Just to make sure. Otherwise the PVV would inevitably be blamed for any possible problem, supposing that they would be included in the city council. (On a bright note: the main issue troubling The Hague has already been settled by this PVV victory. The proposed theater-palace will be canceled. But that’s outside the scope of this article.)

The Christian Democrats took the bait. Hook, line, and sinker: Mr. Buma announced they joined the a cordon sanitaire around the PVV. That makes three of the four major parties: D66, PvdA and now CDA.

For those of you who haven’t been to The Hague: at this moment about 50% of the population is of ethnic origin. Not exactly 50%, but pretty damn close. Not all of them are Muslim. However, you’d have far more difficulty finding your way to a church than to a mosque. Or to a Winti or Hindu temple, for that matter.

In fact, it is rather surprising to see the PVV come in second place there, given the very high number of people who almost by definition will never vote for the PVV. And, if you happen to be multicultural: that is extremely disturbing. Something has to be done about that!

What better than to blame your broken promises and misgovernment on the ideal sacrificial lamb? That’s exactly what the parties who lost the election are doing right now.

The PvdA leader in Amsterdam (nowadays often nicknamed Islamsterdam by the Dutch), Pieter Hilhorst, already resigned. Diederik Samson (PvdA leader in parliament) is almost certain to follow him. Kicking and screaming no doubt, but resign he must. Amsterdam was the Jewel in the Labor crown. They have ruled this city non stop since 1949. Very often with an absolute majority. This election they not only lost their majority, but they have to work hard simply to be included in the council!

Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s position is a bit more secure. Rumors about his possible replacement aren’t circulating as yet. The question is: for how long? Both Rutte and Diederik Samson have announced that the election results will not influence government policy. (So nice to see a real democracy at work!) That may come back to haunt them pretty soon.

A lot of people found it rather cynical that the parties winning the election all support this government. I do not. The electorate simply didn’t have anything else available to vote for. They voted for either a local party or the least worst of possible options. Hence the big D66 victory. That makes it a rather hollow victory, what?

Latest news:

As I type this, the prime minister just announced (as leader of the conservative party) that the VVD party will join the cordon sanitaire around the PVV. That means all major parties (D66, PvdA, CDA and now also VVD) will not negotiate any coalition including the PVV party.

Currently the PVV is polled as the largest party nationwide. Roughly 30% of the electorate supports the PVV. One third of the population is now excluded. Again, it’s really nice to see democracy at work!

— H. Numan

28 thoughts on “Wilders Delenda Est!

  1. European politics can be hard for us Americans to understand (my favorite opening question from back in the LGF wars: “hey, is Europe a country?” Well…if Brussels has its way…). I slowly learned some of the ugliness in fractional parties as it exists in Belgium -e.g., the cordon sanitaire around the “anti-semitic” Vlaams Belang, even though they are the only party to welcome Israeli officials on visits in Belgium. The other parties hate VB – and newer iterations – for the Flemish desire to secede from this cobbled-together ‘nation’ that was supposed to prevent war. VB members have been tried on trumped up charges and jailed or put on house arrest with huge, crippling fines.

    We could badly use your fractional party make-up since that’s what we have in reality despite our corrupted two-party system. Actually, it’s three parties if you include the massive lobbyists who massage money out of the House and Senate.

    Many here feel politically homeless as they look at Dumb & Dumber and shrug in despair. I am a twice-removed former Democrat, now a former Republican, and me and my ilk make up the majority of voters.

    I *think* I understand the Dutch system. You and one of our Dutch (once English) commenters have done much to educate us about what’s under the veneer. For one thing, a lot of guilt about WWII – that’s fading but it’s there. Another is a love of tolerance – to a fault perhaps, but with the Dutch it is not a pose but a lived experience which leads to some strange logical extensions. Like the marriage of three partners, one of them being non-human.

    America owes far more to the Dutch than we realize. So does England for that matter. Honest trade and commerce was originally exemplified by the Netherlands (and maybe parts of Italy). New York City will always have a Dutch heart, no matter how long it’s been. And that heart beats in order to sustain a robust commercial enterprise. Not even all the burdens of tax & regulation can change that.

    Dutch art is superb and at its height was transformative. Just to pick one family with many generations of painters: you can learn a lot about yourself just looking at the Brueghels through the years. They never grow stale.

    And what other country could ever have conceived of a long-lived industry devoted to one flower? I wonder how many billions of Dutch tulips bloom wherever there is a Spring lasting long enough to let them flower??

    But the dark side is rillyrilly dark. Ever since I read Arthur Eggers on how the Dutch treat their ‘meddlesome’ folks, my enthusiasm is more realistic. Even after six years this is still on point:

    Why Spinoza Was Not Murdered

    Marts 2008 – Arthur Legger

    If you like to think of Holland as the cradle of free speech and the Enlightenment, don’t read this

    ‘Nobody needs permission beforehand to publish by print
    thoughts or feelings – while taking into consideration
    every person’s responsibility according to the law.’
    (Article 7, Dutch Constitution)

    Again the ruthless reflex sets in. Because that lies at the core of our Dutch character: the social annihilation of the deviating individual –including a neat political murder, every now and then (we never go after a group, that is not done after our very active partaking in the Holocaust).

    The latest news on the chronicle of the death foretold of right wing parliamentarian Geert Wilders, infamous for his bleached haircut from outer space, is that the CEOs of Dutch multinationals fear loss of profit because of Fitna.

    And Wilders is exquisitely aware of his country’s history.

    As is our mordant reporter, H. Numan. Reading the work of people like HN and Eggers helps rein in my tendency toward “why can’t we all just get along” – the great American flaw that leads us to endless stupidities like making an Indonesian Muslim our President while telling ourselves he represents American blacks. In a pig’s eye he does.

  2. I wonder about the Dutch – they beat the sea and the Spaniards – hopefully they can beat Islam too.

    • Most Dutch you run into are reflexively PC MC about Muslims, and as such, consider any criticism of Muslims that goes beyond a bare minimum to be “bigoted” and “racist”.

      (In this respect, Dutch conform to the general Western disease.)

  3. Well Mr Numan explained the current Dutch situation quite accurate.

    I no longer have any confidence in this so called democracy we run in the Netherlands.

    It basically comes down to this. Whenever we start winning ground in the political arena the left is inciting their voters and supporters to threaten and kill our politicians. Either by legal warfare (hatespeech laws) or with plane murder.

    I now feel threatened by these [obscene intensifier] communists in my country. I want political asylum in the US.

    Or maybe we can get some help from our friends in the Us? The Netherlands is no longer a safe place if you love your freedom of speech. Its not even a democracy. It’s a communist run fake democracy without free elections. Only the “right” party vote allowed.

    The country of the Netherlands is filled with 90% cowards. That was the case when the Nazi ideology threatened its borders. And now these same cowards hand over the country to the islamic fascists. Demonize your opponent 66 upfront.

    This will not end good.

    • Early forms of Cultural relativism and anti nationalistic feelings in the Netherlands where present throughout the community of Dutch intelligentsia in those days. The same goes for France. Its not that the Dutch, or the French lacked courage, they convinced themselves they had nothing to be coureagous about.

    • That’s a sad story, but you would find yourself at risk here, too. Our political parties – all two of them – are corrupt rent seekers. We have an elite to match yours and our govt sets people up so it can use them for scapegoats. I don’t know how Hillary Clinton lives with herself…

      …that “film producer” they found to be the fall guy for their massive intel and policy failure in Benghazi was a naive dupe. I believe he was a Copt, not sure. At any rate, they accused him of inflaming the terrorists on 9/11 in 2012 when in reality his film was old and not being seen by anyone except people who wandered across it on You Tube. How they managed to scramble to find him and set him up against the wall has never been adequately explained but they sure don’t use him anymore.

      He recently got out of federal prison and last I heard he was in a half-way house. Our Congress has dragged its feet toward an investigation into the murders of 4 Americans that this administration not only let happen but helped orchestrate, either deliberately or by ineptitude. With them it’s hard to tell the difference.

      Democracy is dead here, too. In fact, in the US the dead have voting rights in some of the Democrat polling places…

    • What mr. Numan failed to explain is that just about EVERYONE on the political stage is a graduate of one of 2 university departments, one from the far left Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the other the far left Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.
      And that includes everyone in the supposedly right wing parties like the CDA and VVD.

      Exceptions to the rule are actively pushed out. Fortuyn was one, Hirsi Ali was one, Verdonk was one, Wilders is one.
      Fortuyn was murdered, Hirsi Ali had her citizenship canceled and had to flee the country, Verdonk was marginalised, Wilders is being prepared to be murdered or driven out of the country…

  4. In 1992 a Pakistan-born and naturalized* Dutchman, a cabaret artist known as”Zoka F” published a long pamphlet/booklet (wisely under the pseudonym Mohammed Rasoel – for he feared the same treatment meted out to Salman Rushdie or worse) entitled:

    “The Downfall of the Netherlands – Land of Naive Fools”

    The author was an immigrant who had wended his way westwards overland as a young man and could not believe how generous, honest, peaceable and self-effacing the Dutch were/are. He loved them for it and was proud of his Dutch citizenship. He saw clearly however that the Dutch did not comprehend in the least that whilst Muslims immigrants from Pakistan, Morocco, etc were of obviously of completely different cultures to the Dutch this came with a profoundly different world view and personal modus operandi. He feared greatly for the future of the Dutch; hence the title. His warnings of 22 years ago have proven prescient.

    The author was not a great prose stylist (in Dutch), but his text – available in English translation at freerepublic.com – was a powerful one because he knew the mindset of the people he identified as problematic for the Netherlands because he had grown up with and shared that mindset. Through the contrast he witnessed living in Netherlands he came to understand perfectly well that the reason Pakistan and other Islamic countries are poor, corrupt, backward, etc not because of colonialism or some other external cause but because of their culture.

    The response of the Dutch was to prosecute the author for “inciting hatred” fine him 2,000 guilders and all bookshops – in a spontaneous demonstration of Dutch goodwill and virtuousness – voluntarily removed his publication from their shelves. For his brave attempt to alert the Dutch of the errors of their blinkered kindness, Zoka F was also obliged to retire into fearful obscurity. His whereabouts today is unknown, but he must be chuckling darkly to himself: “I told you so.”

    *Appropos the notion that acquiring Dutch/British/German, etc, citizenship makes one Dutch/British/German, Mohammed Rasoel relates the late 80’s response of a man of Turkish to being told in a bar by a group of Dutchman that having Dutch citizenship didn’t make you Dutch: the Turkish man knived six of them to death. Thus demonstrating, Rasoel wryly points out, the truth of the proposition put by one of the six Dutchmen.

    • It was neither Islamic religion nor culture that knifed those men to death.

      It was a Turkish Muslim.

      • The Turk is doing what he always has done.
        They sold Europeans as slaves early on.
        Dutch multiculturalism is nothing more than collective amnesia.

    • This book is one of my favourites, I have only read the Dutch version and did enjoy his writing style. During interviews he used to wear masks, in one interview the interviewers tried to rip his passport out of his hand. As soon as they found out his name, they released it to the public, even though the recent Rushdie affair had shown how dangerous this was for him, they did not care about his faith. The nineties were the dark ages for the sovereign people of the Netherlands, no one was holding the left accountable and they enjoyed sparking riots and feeding dissidents to the radical left. The swedes still live in the dark ages in a country where the home addresses of dissidents are publicised and rappers inspiring violence against dissident politicians are given awards, fortune and fame.

  5. ‘The Downfall of the Netherlands: Land of the Naive Fools’ by Mohammed Rasoel as translated by Faust is an exceptionally worthwhile read – an easy to read descriptive stream of conscience eulogy for the Netherlands (and by extension, for all of Western civilization.)

    Here Mohammed Rasoel alludes to the free will of Muslims:

    “Claiming that the Koran is innocent to the behavior of Muslims, or that Muslims abuse the Koran, both abusively justifies the other party. In reality the two strengthen each other.”

    “But the word abuse is incorrect, because both Koran and Muslims manage to use each other very well, and belong to each other. It’s the soft New Testament the Muslims wouldn’t like, and the Koran would reject the Dutch at first sight. The reciprocal relationship between Muslims and Koran doesn’t mean the Muslims would be helpless or harmless without the Koran. Who milks a snake’s poison doesn’t milk the aggression after all. And when the Americans showed their concern about the visit of Rafsanjani to Russia, a visit on top of Gorbatsjov’s already growing concern about fifteen million Muslims in his country, everyone spoke, including Europe, about the fundamentalism of Islam. No word about the fundamentalism of the Muslims. As if the Muslims are all without a will obeying to the comments of a thundering voice from the heavens. Take a gun away from an enraged man, and instead he’ll grab a stick or stone.”

    “Islam is not just a firearm; the enraged man is the fundamentalist Muslim himself.”


    • I wonder if Mohamed Rasoel (either a pseudonym or an unfortunately extremely common name like “John Smith” in English) is still alive? It would be nice to hear from him these days. That book he’s so famous for came out many years before 911, I believe.

  6. Here Mohammed Rasoel explains the tendency of Muslims to flare to violence:

    “Another way to look at thresholds and limitations could be an answer to the argument that not all Muslims constantly shoot people in bars and that not every Turk goes as far as pumping lead into his sister because she doesn’t marry the man who her parents promised her to. If we consider sensibility and insanity as a measuring cup with a scale of one to ten, and we assume that position nine is the point where someone has lose hands and position ten is the point where someone becomes insane enough to kill, than it’s logical that someone who’s normal behavior is closer to ten, lets say eight, reaches ten a lot easier than someone who’s normal behavior lies at two. If both of them move two degrees, one would be at the ceiling (crazy enough to murder), while the other would rise from two to four. Warm water is a lot easier to get to the boiling point than cold water. This same insanity scale can be applied to the average behavior of a nation. The average of the Dutch people is probably 2, that of Scandinavians 1, and the Iranian average is a fat 9 and that in most Muslim nations probably 8. This doesn’t mean that there are no easy going decent Muslims. Of course there are, maybe they’re even more decent than the Dutch, but a people existing of a handful of sensible people among fanatics is for that reason not the same as a people that only has a handful of fanatics.”


  7. I am also disturbed by all the people coming out to approve of Geert’s death, but I confess that I am also in some way disturbed by what Geert’s rhetoric is becoming. I’m referring to Geert saying to a crowd that he’ll reduce the number of Moroccans in the Netherlands. I can’t stomach the idea of a government officially discriminating against a minority of citizens. It’s one thing to deport criminal foreigners, cease further immigration from Islamic countries and monitor mosques and Islamic communities for terror threats, but deporting Moroccans as Geert appears to imply he wants to do… well, this hews close to Nazism and Stalinism.

    I’m not in any way trying to justify the death threats. Those are without question unacceptable. I know that Geert has good intentions and wants what is best for the Netherlands, but I do not feel this is a good step for him.

    • Perhaps not a good step for him, but a necessary step for the Netherlands. He also made it clear on several occasions that he refers to criminals, which I find a shame. Politics isn’t about what feels good, in this case its about the survival of the Dutch.

    • Well sir. That is the PVV program. Less immigration. Less immigration also means less Maroccans.

      These Dutch hate speech laws are meant for the State. A privat person always has the right to discriminate. We all discriminate. When we pick a spouse, when we hire an employee. Under Dutch law any greencard holder can be “deported” to his native country when he or she violates the law. Even a Dutch citizen with two passport can lose the Dutch Nationality and be expelled to the homeland for violating the law.

      Mr Wilders is master of his own questions ( he did not say anything, he asked a question) and own political agenda. He never expressed the wish to use violence against any group in society.

      If he can not make a plee for less immigrants- of any nationality- the political proces is dead. If that is “hate” speech we have lost our freedom of speech and therefor our so called “democracy”.

      We now enter a new phase in the Netherlands. A phase that i have seen before when mr Fortyun got killed by the left. If they- in some way- kill Geert. They will be in a lot of trouble.. We wont sit idle if that happens.

    • No1 exemplifies precisely the main problem the West faces: sincere people who think in their starry-eyed [insulting substantive redacted] that they are on the side of the angels, meanwhile helping to enable the worst evil of our century, and of all centuries in the past.

      • Hesperado, if I wanted to live in a totalitarian society, I’d move to North Korea, where I’ll be assured that I’ll never encounter a single Muslim. You don’t respect the fact that our foe is not just Islam but also the State itself. There’s no point surviving Islam if we’re next cast into the second coming of Stalin. Classical liberal ideas mesh quite well with the counter-jihad, and are far preferable to fascism.

    • If you’d considered the context of the statement, you’d have seen that it’s far less inflamatory than the rethoric the press and other politicians have (very predictably) turned it into.

      The statement was made in the context of the high rate of criminal conduct among the Moroccan population of the Hague, in a speech that was in part about the problem facing the city (and the sky high crime rate in the city in general is a major problem, the rate among its extremely high Moroccan population is even higher).
      As Mr. Wilders stands for laws that have criminals with foreign nationality kicked out of the country, this would have the effect of greatly reducing the number of Moroccan nationals in the city.

      Just about the only thing that is problematical is that many of those Moroccans, thanks to the overly open immigration laws of the Netherlands, have dual citizenship.
      The PVV would like to introduce laws that would strip such people of their Dutch nationality so they can be kicked out of the country, which of course doesn’t sit well with the establishment parties as they get a lot of votes from those people who know where they have to mark their ballots to get free money…

  8. If Geert Wilders ever becomes the Dutch PM ?I believe that he might be responsible for a serious change in attitude to the absurd privileges accorded to Islamic morons in all EU countries.
    Wilders because of his established Islamonausea will have his sociological logic much better publicised!

  9. To be quite honest I have been having a good chuckle over this storm in a Political correct teacup. All this huffing and puffing and posing. Femke Halsema of the green left party has been particularly voluble in expressing her indignation, she seems to have forgotten when she was verbally abused by a group of Moroccans while taking her kids to school a couple of years ago.
    There have been a couple of defections from the PVV but I put that down too damaged egos.
    Geert knows what he is doing and I doubt very much that he will end up in court. The judiciary do not want to end up with egg on their face as they did last time. apart from the fact that we have this so called rapper not explicitly saying it that he wants Geert murdered but inciting it. All Geert has done is to ask is if it would not be a good idea to have less Moroccans and I can assure you that a lot of Dutch people would heartily agree. Here in Limbourg which is basically conservative catholic farming country with a few large towns he picks up at least 30% of the vote but then he is a local lad so I would expect that. The elections are municipal elections and there are a lot of local parties so it is not really a reflection on how the country would vote. From what I have seen or read is that there has been very little change. The PVV have remained fairly solid although they have only fielded candidates in two municipalities apart from that it has been your usually for the Nederland the game of political musical chair where the parties go up and down only this time it has been mainly on the left, where certain parties on the left have been losing votes to other parties on the left D66 doing particularly well. This has been good publicity for the PVV. It is only about 6 weeks from the EU elections stirring up a little dust is not only good for your ego but put keep immigration at the for front of the debate.

  10. Not end up in court? The minister of justice from the VVD-66 party- the boss of all prosecutors- allready said: Mr Wilders is guilty of hate speech 🙂

    In fact the justice department themselves made thousands of criminal complaint pamflets against mr Wilders. All the political correct citizens have to do is put their autograph under it 🙂

    This country is an open nutthouse…

    • Really so the boss of all the prosecutors has already said Mr Wilders is guilty of Hate speech. His job is to decide if they have a case for prosecution not to determine guilt. That wont fly in a court of law. They didn’t want to prosecute the last time but they were forced into it. The whole thing dragged on for a couple of years until the pressure got so hot that they had to have a tribunal to see if there was a case then it went too court. Then look what happened they didn’t get egg on there face they got a bloody great custard pie in it. Trying top suborn a witness that looked really good on their CV. Geert said a hell of a lot worse things that got him into trouble didn’t he liken the Koran to Mein Kampe . They aren’t stupid, also remember Geert is a hell of a lot more popular than he was 4 years ago

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