Case Adjourned Until July

As mentioned here on Wednesday, Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, was summoned to appear in court that day on charges related to his speech at an EDL demo in Tower Hamlets last September. However, Tommy never made it to court — he refused to leave the prison where he is currently held, since it would have meant being returned to a different and more dangerous prison, where he would have been held in solitary confinement.

According to a source in the EDL, Tommy’s case was adjourned in his absence and rescheduled for July 17th. I presume the authorities will drag the process out as much as possible in order to put him through administrative and judicial hell.

But at least we can all be thankful that he didn’t end up in solitary confinement again.

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5 thoughts on “Case Adjourned Until July

    • Easy, they just take on board that people like TR are bad.
      They swallow the Establishment propaganda, hook, line
      and sinker.

  1. Poor, poor Tommy.. How very costly resistance proves to be in the free west..!
    A 21st century western government simply locking a person up because officals hate his guts!

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