Erasing JIM from the Picture

Anyone who reads alternative media on a regular basis knows that the mainstream media routinely airbrush Islam out of any news story where Muslims do bad things. It’s a given. And if a violent perpetrator has an obviously Muslim name, news outlets will withhold it for as long as possible (or never release it at all, which is generally what happens in Scandinavia).

But who is responsible for this sanitizing of the news? In many cases it’s the media outlets themselves, who understand the new rules implicitly and apply them voluntarily, without being told. They know very well you don’t mess around with JIM.

However, the following story about an attempted “honor killing” in Newfoundland was originally broadcast by NTV with the Islamic angle front and center, totally uncensored. Then, within two days, all mention of JIM was systematically scrubbed from text versions of the story, and the original news video disappeared down the memory hole.

Vlad Tepes was alert and noticed the changes. The CTV report that came out later had dropped all references to religious belief, but Vlad had screen shots of the original, plus the original video from NTV (an affiliate of CTV). He made this before-and-after video to demonstrate the sudden and dramatic change in the account of Khalaf Alshaek’s attempt to kill his daughter for marrying a non-Muslim:

Who ordered the changes in the story, and why?

Vlad had this to say when he first discovered the bowdlerized account:

Saudi man ordered to leave Canada after choking, threatening daughter

(This is very important. The video in this story is, as the expression goes, ‘The damnedest of lies’, meaning of course a lie with just enough truth in it to be effective, and hence pernicious. The original story we posted here some days ago, had the father stating clearly that his daughter was involved with a non-muslim and therefore he needed to attack her and possibly kill her for it. Now they have massaged the islamic angle totally out of the story, slipping in some details of the truth while interjecting aspects of it that anyone might think is motive for anger. “cultural differences, honour changes to husband” and other total bits of informational sleight of hand to take the islam, the real motive for all of this, out of the story. Both the video and the article here have been sanitized. Here is the link to the article from Monday this week. It appears that link has been sanitized as well)

He expanded on it further earlier today:

On March 24 (give or take 24 hours) A Canadian TV station broadcast a very specific story about how a Saudi man attempted to choke his daughter for marrying a non-muslim man in an honour crime, as they call it.

On March 26, CTV broadcast the results of a brief trial in which the father was expelled from Canada for his actions but the story was very fundamentally changed. Also the first video, which I had downloaded, had been deleted from YT leaving the usual message of:

“This video was removed by the user”

Now often YT will remove a video and leave that message as I recall, but either way, the original story had been sanitized from the net and there is pretty much no history of it that can be found on the original channel’s webpage either, although it does say something about religion.

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10 thoughts on “Erasing JIM from the Picture

  1. Kind of like the noah movie where the baddies are not er, baddies, they’re against the environment. Eh?

  2. Very good question. Who enforces the code?

    Just found this today, that makes a very good point:

    “Every age has its officious moralizers, people who try to assert their superiority by embracing the prevailing orthodoxy—whatever it happens to be—with exaggerated zeal. They want to feel righteous. So they hunt for transgressors at whom they can point an accusatory finger.”

    There is a small percentage of the population – people who take upon themselves to enforce the code. This is human nature – there will always be individuals like this.

    This fact of human nature is also why muslim immigration must be deported from the West: there is a small percentage of the population of muslims that will take their religious commandments seriously – and it is those people that can inflict severe damage on our societies.

  3. Coming to think of it, it is also common practice, in U.S. media particularly, not to publish the names of violent offenders when they are black. Which makes it easy to identify the race of the offender for the cynical: if the name is mentioned, it’s a white. If the name is omitted, it’s a black.

    The recent rampage of 200 black youths in St-Louis is a case in point: the very alarming nature of the story, which calls for severe reexamination on how the police or citizens are supposed to prevent of protect themselves in cases like this, was contained to local media, and never made it nationally.

    A similar practice exists in cases of crimes / arrests of politicians: if the offender is a democrat, the party affiliation is never mentioned. If he/she is republican, it is trumpeted triumphantly everywhere and becomes the object of mockery by late night “comics”.

    So what may be at play here is simply the manichean view of the world of our main opponents, the liberals and their press. White = republican = bad = denounced, black = democrat = good = protected.

  4. I do feel really stupid, what exactly is JIM? I agree with the article and want to forward it to someone in this area, how do I? I must know exactly what JIM means. Thanks, I’ll no doubt feel like a fool, but can’t send it on until I know.

    • Thank you. How do I forward this to my friend, yes I know I seem stupid, never having grown up with this, but now having to talk to my kids and grandkids. This is a new world for me. And one I don’t like, but how can I get this article to my Canadian friends, cause I am pretty sure they have never heard of it. By the by, just read a very good book about this area, gift, called Anna from Away, wherin a California woman finds herself in NFLD. Newfoundland we call it. Fab book. But how can I send this to my friends and kids?

      • We used to have an “email it” button at the bottom of posts. It may be that it had to be disabled, if it was something that could be exploited by DoS attackers.

        I’ll ask Henrik. He’s the expert.

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