Fjordman: NATO’s Next Secretary General: Jens Stoltenberg?

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at FrontPage Mag. Some excerpts are below:

The Norwegian press has been buzzing with rumors lately that Jens Stoltenberg — who until the autumn of 2013 was the Prime Minister of Norway — is a serious candidate for becoming the new Secretary General of the Western defense alliance NATO. The former Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen is stepping down from this position later in 2014.

Apparently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed Stoltenberg for the job. Merkel made her proposal directly to US President Barack Obama, who agreed that he was a good choice for the role. Stoltenberg allegedly spent months discussing the role with the US Secretary of State John Kerry and his security advisor Susan E. Rice while he was in New York, ostensibly in his role as UN Special Envoy for Climate Change.

This is not a done deal yet, however. One of Mr. Stoltenberg’s presumed rivals for the job as head of NATO is José Barroso, Portugal’s former Prime Minister and also a former Communist. In 2014 Barroso will be stepping down as President of the European Commission, the unelected and unaccountable government for half a billion people in the EU. Barroso has held this job for ten years. Other possible NATO candidates who have been mentioned are Franco Frattini, Italy’s former Foreign Minister, and Radoslaw Sikorski, Poland’s current Foreign Minister.

The decision on who will become the next formal head of NATO has thus not been made yet. However, Jens Stoltenberg himself is taking this possibility so seriously that there are already rumors that he might soon be leaving his current position as the leader of the Norwegian Labour Party.

My opinion as a Norwegian is that Mr. Stoltenberg is personally unsuited for the task of being the Secretary General of NATO. Assigning him the job will further weaken the organization. Yes, this is mainly a symbolic position with limited power. However, the world is full of symbols because we realize that symbols can be important in real life. Elevating Jens Stoltenberg to such a position would send out the wrong signals.

For instance, it is a documented fact that Jens Stoltenberg was one of quite a few left-wing politicians in Western Europe who had a file with the KGB because they considered him to be a friendly contact. There are no indications that he did anything that was outright illegal with these friendly talks, but they were certainly unwise and reflect poorly on his character. The KGB was the secret police of the totalitarian entity known as the Soviet Union. Back then it was NATO’s primary enemy and a very real military threat. It would look strange if a man who was classified as a friendly contact by NATO’s primary enemy a generation ago were to become head of NATO today.

Moreover, as Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg has in recent years been very weak in dealing with Islamic aggression.

Norway shares a border with Russia, as it previously did with the Soviet Union. I am not one of those who compare the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Hitler. This is hysterical hyperbole. However, Putin is certainly a ruthless Machiavellian character. While in power, Stoltenberg was not convincing when dealing with Putin or the Russians. He has a track record of being weak against almost any potential aggressor.

Mullah Krekar is perhaps the most notorious militant Muslim in Norway, where he is currently serving a prison sentence for death threats. He has previously praised the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and stated that Muslims will conquer Europe. Krekar in 2013 advised Muslims in Norway to vote for Stoltenberg’s Labour Party, as this would be the best option for the continued Islamization of the country. PM Jens Stoltenberg responded by chastising the opposition Progress Party for having used the term “stealth-Islamization.”

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10 thoughts on “Fjordman: NATO’s Next Secretary General: Jens Stoltenberg?

  1. Why are you suddenly concerned about KGB connections when you attacking those Ukranians who fought against Stalin and communism years ago and Ukranians fighting against Putin today?

    • Because what happened in Ukraine was created by the same people who are giving us Islamization and if Ukraine “goes West” they will be crushed under the boot of “diversity” too. Putin…we would wish we were governed by people like him, the anti-Putin crap makes me laugh.

      BTW…apparently the (stupid)nationalist “useful idiots” who played right into the Globalists game are being pushed aside and are protesting against the new puppet government, one of their leaders was even killed a few days ago. How stupid they must feel now, they will feel even more when Ukraine will start to get flooded by “diversity”.

  2. Don’t forget:

    Catherine Ashton

    Francois Hollande

    Beppe Grillo?

    All kinds of wacko Eurofascisti available.

  3. The new nato lord is suitable. Of course one unwritten condition is that he must be pro-islamization of Europe and America, that’s why he is approved by Hussein Obama.
    Putin is just trying to protect Russia from NATO building another Military base in Ukraine so near to Russia.
    Will he become the Lord of NATO? The final decision lies with Ankara. He has to pay the Ottoman master a visit grovel at their feet, as did the previous one. He will be approved if Turkey agrees.

    “…… that Muslims will conquer Europe. ” He is right. Europe is being conquered by a system called democracy, where only zombies, naive, spineless, unconscionable, self-haters rule.

  4. Either Stoltenberg or Barroso is more suited for the Moscow position previously occupied by Lev Trotsky (though they lack his brains) than he is to lead the counter-USSR alliance. However, Russia is now on the right, so the NATO alliance representing the socialist contries is still on the opposite side from its old adversary. It’s just the polarity that has switched.

  5. I vote for Sikorski, Poland’s current Foreign Minister. In light of the Ukraine situation, he would be a great choice.

  6. NATO has a terminal case of mission creep in its Eastward expansion that commenced with the bombing of Belgrade.

    The most dangerous nations in the World according to the NATO political cadres are those that assert there right to exist and find that expression in nationhood, Russia and Israel appear to be top of the NATO political cadres hit list.

    Will an independent Scotland be added to that hit list given its strategic importance and tepid attitude towards NATO.

  7. Another puppet

    The Western so called leaders of today are nothing but puppets for the imperialistic warlords continuously working for a “peaceful” world, where no one is opposing..well..Peace(TM).

    The Western peoples, however, seem to disagree strongly with their so called leaders, as one land after the other, once they get a chance to do so, votes against Peace(TM).

    Right to the point, Murad!

  8. Barry Obama was also groomed by Communist-leaning family and mentors as he was growing up, and he leads the country that will do the military heavy hitting if NATO needs to be invoked and deployed. As I see it, Stoltenberg fits right in–even though Fjordman is right when he says that Stoltenberg is unsuited for the job. NATO is fundamentally finished–and while I admit that I approve of its initial mission, I still think it needed to be seriously re-thought after the Soviet collapse.

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