Bill Bags Begg in Brum

Moazzam Begg is a culturally enriched “British” man who spent a few years in detention at Guantanamo Bay after being picked up by the authorities in Pakistan. When Mr. Begg was released he eventually returned to Britain. He was arrested in Birmingham last Tuesday on suspicion of committing terrorism offenses related to the jihad in Syria.

Between his release from Guantanamo and his arrest in Britain, Mr. Begg was celebrated as an innocent victim by human rights groups, despite his unrepentant jihadist ideology. Our British correspondent JP sends the following report on the case of Moazzam Begg.

Moazzam Begg and the Sharia-Corrupted “Human Rights” Industry

by JP

The news yesterday that Moazzam Begg was arrested along with three others in the West Midlands on alleged Syria-related terrorism offences would have been welcomed by many who remember the difficulties experienced by Amnesty International (AI) when its support for the jihadist led to the suspension of Gita Sahgal, head of its gender unit, for voicing criticisms in public in 2010. She later resigned.

When Peter Benenson founded AI the remit was to defend people imprisoned for non-violent expression of their views. To its credit the organisation held to this brief, and when Nelson Mandela advocated violence, he was not assigned ‘Prisoner of Conscience’ status and dropped by the organisation in 1964.

However, this policy did not prevail, and post-9/11 AI adopted an increasingly Sharia-compliant position culminating with the elevation of Begg as a poster boy for defensive jihad. Well-grounded fears that the differentiation between defensive and offensive jihad was as meaningless when applied to Begg and his associates as it is in general were dismissed. The jihadist was too useful a stick for AI and the Left in general with which to beat an embattled West lacking either belief in its own civilisation or the resolve to defend it.

Moazzam Begg and his organisation Cage Prisoners have received support in the past from the following organisations and campaign groups:

A roll call of infamy.

These Sharia-corrupted organisations should collectively be seen as one of the many weapons Islam deploys against the West in its centuries-long war with the kuffar and infidel. A recent study of Wellington has shown that the British were slow to understand the nature of the threat from Napoleon’s France, but eventually the necessary steps, including improved military logistics as well as banking procedures to secure war loans, were taken to ensure victory. The question remains whether those who govern us will recognise the present threat before it is too late: not only from Islam, but also its many enablers lodged in our societies who pursue an agenda at odds with preserving our way of life.

Shunning and shaming the enemy within through robust official censure is a step long overdue, but one that has to be made at some point if Islam is to be repulsed. Otherwise Western civilisation will be reduced to the status of wraith haunting what follows in the centuries to come, until this too is memory.


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7 thoughts on “Bill Bags Begg in Brum

  1. I used to subscribe to Amnesty International until it became such a biased leftist cheer leader that I was forced to cancel my subscription. They preferred to attack the US for perceived rights infringement while ignoring completely any calls to censure Pakistan for its relentless persecution of Christians. I retain my subscription to the Barnabus Fund and would urge others to do likewise.

  2. “A recent study of Wellington has shown that the British were slow to understand the nature of the threat …”

    The nature of the threat is the corruption of charity, most UK charitable organisations are self indulgent cash cows or political fronts that thrive on base emotional blackmail and socio-political ignorance.

    The UK Charity Commission should be deployed to seize the assets of all such charitable organisations and invite them to declare as agenda based business enterprises or up-front socio-political associations – stripped of charitable status.

    Charitable organisations have corrupted, distorted and subverted political discourse in the UK.

    • What has happened to charities in the UK (and to a lesser extent the USA) is the result of money being funneled to them by their respective governments. Once a charity no longer exists primarily to carry out the wishes of people who donate to it, it will take up whatever fashionable political causes will guarantee a continuing flow of funding from the State. Its overarching purpose becomes the sucking up of larger and larger quantities of money from its primary benefactor (plus large equally corrupt foundations that direct money to it) so that its officers and top employees may live as lavishly and unaccountably as civil servants do.

      The underlying cause of all this is fiat money. Without the State’s ability to generate limitless amounts of cash, simple prudence would limit the distribution of “charity” by state functionaries.

  3. To Baron:
    ” Once a charity no longer exists primarily to carry out the wishes of people who donate to it, it will take up whatever fashionable political causes will guarantee a continuing flow of funding from the State. ”
    Dear Baron: You stole my words. How do we know that Baron, Spencer, Fjorman, … etc. are excellent writers… because they express your thoughts and sentiments concise, clear sentences.
    “Don’t kill the messenger.” Because he has nothing to do with the threat delivered, though hi is conveying it. THis saying exists in English, Aramaic, German, Arabic. A proof that all human beings think the same.
    When Mongols attacked shiite Iran, the Sunni Muslims in Baghdad rejoiced because they thought that God was punishing shiite for being perverted. Abu Righal (a quisling) even went to Iran and showed the Mongols that safest path to invade Baghdad.
    Today whenever I or Fjorman (messenger) warn the west of the Islamist grave, lethal, deadly, danger we get hatred and rebuke as if we are creating something horrible to kill their basking joy under this perfect unexisting “democracy” elsewhere. Only the west and especially the Scandinavian people who have unusually big brains are blessed of having “democracy”.
    The measure of democracy in the west is how much money you give to Palestinians, how much you indulge Muslims in the UN, how much you hate your own and your laws, in favour of sharia and implementation and meeting every whim coming from Muslims.

  4. I was a volunteer for Liberty in the 1970s, when it was still the National Council for Civil Liberties, but they’ve lost my support.

    Re the recent allegations of their support for the Paedophile Information Exchange in that period, it’s not something we unhired help were aware of.

    • Liberty is now just a front for the Labour Party and a conduit for the peddling of cultural marxism. Do NOT give them your money.

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