The latest guest-essay by our Israeli correspondent MC concerns the metaphysics of political and religious hatred.

by MC

It is very difficult for those of us whose emotions are in control to understand the passion behind religious and political hatred — until, that is, the knock comes on the door at three o’clock in the morning.

Passion that can mobilize a people to genocide, passion that can move grown men to slaughter women and children as if they were just animals. A passion that can grip us all, given the right stimulus.

Passion that shrouds rational thought and hides the conscience that should be a guide to rational behaviour.

What is this murderous passion that we must, as individuals, now confront in our daily lives? Why do my fellow men , by virtue (or otherwise) of their inward emotion, seek to control me, and bend me towards their passionate beliefs or maybe just physically bend me until I break?

Religious and political passion is like a disease that invades the body and changes the basic fundamental instincts of humanity. It appears to animalise its victims to the point where they become like leashed attack dogs, just waiting for the order from above to unbridle their fury on those perceived to be ‘guilty’ and those who just happen to get in their way.

Some of these creatures are born hating, others have hatred thrust upon them. They have been enslaved by hatred because of various forms of nurture, usually malign. Today we are assailed by two malevolent sources of malignant nurture working in concert with each other, with maybe a third, even more malignant force pulling the strings. I am not a physicalist, so I am going to name this third force ‘the Spirit of Janus’.

Janus is the two-faced god of opposites, and symbolises a force of moral relativity in all things. He represents the liquidation of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ into a cup of good cheer. In essence, as long as the motive is good, then the means used to get there must also be ‘good’, and the cost is of little consideration; people are like pennies, there to be spent for the relief of the ‘great’ and the ‘good’.

Hitler thought he was doing the world a favour by ridding it of untermenschen. Muslims are doing us a good turn by introducing Allah into our consciousness. Communists are teaching us to live and sing together in perfect harmony, little understanding that their form of cola does not suit all tastes.

“Oh dear”, they twitter, “how can people prefer the other brand? Are they insane?”

Then comes the struggle for herd immunity. If everybody has the vaccination — the fear of the 3 am knock on the door — then the disease is eventually wiped out. Isn’t it is obvious to all sane people? After all, the science is settled, blah, blah, blah…

Nazism is about world conquest, Communism does not work well until everyone is transformed, and the perfect ‘peace’ of Islam (submission) requires the entire world to bend the knee to allah and his bandit prophet.

So loose the dogs of war, and let the lord of chaos rule!

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

And wrestle we must. We are the resistance movement in an occupied world, Yes, the enemy came in through the Ardennes and took us in the rear. We were looking for tanks and bayonets on the Maginot line, but the enemy snuck around the back, and infiltrated our supply train, our lifeline to civilization. Fear not, however, for all this is already mapped out for us in those dreadful Judeo-Christian scriptures — yes, those, the ones Janus doesn’t want you to read, the ones with the happy ending.

But isolated we are. We grumble and grouch and write articles on Counterjihad sites. We are starved of resources. There are no Gateses or Soroi in our neck of the woods. Like Van Gogh, we paint our words in poverty hoping for a starry night, but in essence wilting like an ageing sunflower.

For us, the ends do not justify the means. We hold fast to truth and put on our spiritual armour. If we take up our sword, then it is the sword of the words of our faith.

It is difficult to wrestle when your opponent is covered in slime. It is hard to get a grip, and worse, the slime rubs off and one must stop and take a shower to avoid contagion.

The nations of the civilised world have one thing in common: the Judeo-Christian ethic. Moreover, those nations that developed advanced cultures did so under the influence of Protestant Christianity. Is this a possible light in the darkness of our lives?

Unfortunately it is a taboo subject. Indeed, some of the slime has rubbed off. The dissenters in our midst must not be offended either.

What I really need to do is to take a page out of the enemy’s book, to get the dogs of Islam fighting the thugs of cultural Marxism. The best form of defence is to divide and rule (if I may be permitted a mixed metaphor or two).

It is obvious that at some stage there is going to be a conflict between the forces of socialism and the forces of Islam, there is not enough room on the planet for either, let alone both. It should therefore be fairly easy to breed suspicion between them simply by showing them the truth; that they are really in competition, not accord. The fundamental fact is that they are both agents of chaos and conflict and are diametrically opposed.

Whilst Islam does not compromise, it does make temporary accommodations — in this case with the paganity of socialism. Socialism has always been riven by corruption and self-interest, and thus is very vulnerable to Middle Eastern wealth.

The best antidote to the poison of propaganda is truth. The truth is that Islam is a ‘religion’ of hate, and socialism is a politics of hate. The two are united in a common hatred of Judeo-Christianity and its beneficial influence on all societies with which it has come in contact. Socialism always fails because it is not so much a positive expression of caring and sharing, but is more a negative expression of resentment against all things emanating from Judea two millennia ago. Islam is also in direct competition with the same ancient events.

The holocaust of Jews is ongoing; the seconds are out for round 2. The holocaust of Christians is in second gear and accelerating, with the established churches as willing passengers: for them, the glowing radiance of socialism and revolutionary theology blinds them to the plight of Christians in those ‘small’ nations far away.

Hate: a mouth full of fangs, drooling with venomous saliva, fronting a malevolence beyond the restraint of reason, but directed from above against a successful and benign society, bent on its total eradication. Thus Janus betrays his glee with a two-faced satanic grin. A grin labelled ‘hope’ and a grin labelled ‘change’. Thus rules the Lord of Chaos.

Love: When that which is perfect is come, that which is in part will pass away, for now we see as through a glass darkly, then all things will be clear. Hope, faith and love, these three remain, so seek the love.

41 thoughts on “Passion

  1. Is not the science of vaccination in fact settled, as much as anything in science or any realm of human endeavor can be settled?

    Are we going to go back to the dark days before Pasteur?

    Vaccinations do carry risks. A child may die as a result of a bad reaction to a vaccination. A child may die in an auto accident on the way home from the vaccination. (This is the greater of the two risks.) But we force all sorts of barely risky things on children because in the long run it is for their own good. (They may get shot at school, for instance. But we rightly judge the risk of that to be so low that we proceed anyhow. Where, really, is zero risk to be found? One must make choices and weigh risks.)

    The greater risk to children is that they may contract a fatal case of a disease that they were not vaccinated against. And the risk to society is that other children may also die.

    It is the duty of those of us who are in a position to get our kids vaccinated to see to it that they are. For their own good and for the common good. This is Golden Rule 101 stuff.

    • Just make sure you know the downside of ALL the vaccinations being pushed on you. Know which Big Pharma co your health provider uses and what their record is. All fine and well to dismiss the stats as “risk” until it’s your kid.

      This reminds me of the dismissive attitude I used to have toward those John Bircher extremists who wanted fluoride out of our water systems and the UN out of our country. Given the havoc fluoride and bromide (brominated flour) did to my endocrine system, I wish I could dig them up and apologize.

      It is the duty of those of us who are in a position to get our kids vaccinated to see to it that the vaccines we’re permitting to be put in their bodies are safe.

      Timing is another factor. For the sake of convenience we often shoot the kids up with multiple vaccines at once. That is NOT best practices. A doctor friend of mine staged his children’s vaccines over many, many months. Some he simply refused…lucky man was in a position to push back.

      • When I was a child in grade school I remember getting nothing but the basic vaccinations – Tetanus, Measles, Mumps etc. All over the course of the first 3 grades.

        Reading how it’s done today is downright scary, the babies are barely out of the womb and getting a truck load of vaccinations. Up to 24 shots in the first two years.

        I personally do not believe the schedule and combinations are in the best interests of the children. What I have not come across though is the rationale for mainlining a veritable alphabet of vaccines into infants.

        However I do believe in the value of vaccinations, especially in light of importing tens of millions of third worlders who bring with them a litany of diseases.

    • Before referring to Pasteur, one should do a little research on Bechamp the early microbiologist whose work Pasteur plagiarized for profit and influence.

      Bechamp studied polymorphism of bacteria at a time when the tools of the trade were very basic. His conclusions differed radically from those of Pasteur, but Pasteur had influence among the elites.

      Modern medicine is built upon theories of Pasteur which were discarded in the light of Bechamp’s research, only to be resurrected by big Pharma in more modern times. Read the link, look at Bechamp’s researches and reputation and decide for yourself who was right and who got rich.

      Whilst the profits are settled, the science is certainly not….

  2. Where are you getting this definition of Janus?

    Janus is a Roman god personifying the Doorway or Begining of an event.

    When Rome went up war the temple door way opened and when the war concluded it was closed.

    The double face is about looking forward and back in time.

  3. Just so our readers know: MC wrote this weeks ago. He is always patient about the Baron’s schedule. Had the umm…incident, yeah, that’s it – the “incident” in Little Somalia not happened, his post would have been up long ago…

    IOW, the factional issues and pain in our comments of late weren’t responsible for this post. Just synchronicity from a fellow living w/disaster up close and personal in Sderot.

  4. ‘Another irony is that even in the definition of Janus there are two very different versions as to whom this mythological character really was.’ David Icke…..

  5. “Socialism has always been riven by corruption and self-interest…”

    Name me a political or religious system that hasn’t.

    • Heh. There’s not one. That’s why Bastiat said the smaller the institution, the better. The bigger they are, the harder it is to hold people accountable.

      Socialism is more riven than most systems because it believes in large bureaucracies as the solution to human problems.

      • I would also add that the worldwide influence of socialism makes its core corruption extremely dangerous to all mankind over and above all other sources. Socialism’s penchant for emotionally motivated social engineering, and thus utterly destroying those things which are pure, lovely and of good report means that nothing but corruption may flourish and abound in its midst.

        • In “Through the Looking Glass”, Alice prefers the Carpenter because the Walrus has eaten the most oysters, until Tweedledum says the Carpenter ate as many as he could get, which puzzles her. This is because she is faced with the moral dilemma of whether to judge a person for their actions or their intentions. (I am indebted to the late, and I believe much beloved, American scholar Martin Gardner for this insight, and recommend his “The Annotated Alice” and “The Annotated Snark” to all lovers of Lewis Carroll).

          Socialists start out (mostly) with the best of intentions, but the results are not always beneficial; capitalists (mostly) have more selfish ambitions, but sometimes do good in the process. How should we judge them?

          • What kind of judgment do you mean? Moral or practical – i.e., in the latter case what are the consequences, including the unintended ones? The great entitlement giveaway in this country caused a huge ballooning of the underclass to the point that they are bankrupting municipalities. The destruction of wealth has been immense but because it is invisible, politicians can pretend it didn’t happen.

            Check Bastiat.

  6. Passion has made the world ugly.
    Reason is the only thing that can create beauty.

    • Passion informed by Reason makes the world liveable. Reason on its own is a cold, dead thing.

      Reason and Discernment allow one to follow one’s Passion to its ultimate conclusion: the creation of Beauty which in turn adds to the bounty of Goodness in the world…

    • There is a difference between passion and fanaticism. A man can have passion in his work, but what you see in these nutty Moslem states is fanaticism. Look at Iraq, now turned into a mega version of Northern Ireland. I expect they will top 1000 fatalities per month in 2014. For what, two versions of a death cult. They are stuck in fifth gear and now think it is normal.

  7. I don’t understand why everyone has fallen for the strategy employed by those who are overcome by their passions.

    These people lose the plot and roar and scream and commit acts of violence because they FEEL “offended”. Then they turn round and blame someone else for their misdeeds. And the West has fallen for it, hook line and sinker.

    The bottom line is that THEY are responsible for their own actions. But we’re told to take the fact that they experience a transient emotion seriously, and whatever has been said that THEY could not cope with hearing in a rational manner is declared oh so bad, and the person who SPOKE SOME WORDS to them is found guilty of “inciting hatred” – it’s completely irrational.

    I couldn’t care less if someone else experiences a transient emotion because of something that they read in a book somewhere. What’s that to me – or to the person who wrote the book? If a Muslim decides to allow his emotions to overcome him and decides to behave in a criminal manner – then HE is the only one responsible for electing to follow an irrational and criminal course of action. And that’s the bottom line here. We need to get back to that basic truth.

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