Speech by Geert Wilders in Turin

Below is the prepared text of a speech given today by Geert Wilders at a Lega Nord conference in Turin.

Bon Giorno Amici,

Thank you for inviting me to Padania.

I am here today at this important conference to pay my respect to your party, the Lega Nord and your leaders Maroni and Salvini.

My friends, 2014 is going to be a crucial year. We are at an historic point in history.

In the European elections next May, we will stop the undemocratic monster in Brussels. Lega Nord is fighting for its independence from Rome and is striving for an independent Padania, we are fighting for our independence from the monster called Brussels. In Europa we are all Lega Nord!

The EU project has failed. The euro has failed. We have paid billions for the South. We are no longer in control over own money, our national borders, our budget, our laws and immigration. But I came to Torino with good news:

Next May we will say, the people will say:

No more. Enough is enough.

We are proud of our identity and culture. Our countries heritage is Judeo-Christian and not Islamic. I say: no more Islam, no more sharia, no more mosques, no more imams, no more immigration from Islamic countries.

Let us work together:

Together with other democratic parties we have to make a stand against the monster in Brussels. Democratic parties all over Europe — parties such as mine, parties such as yours, and as many parties as possible such as the Freedom Party in Austria, the Vlaams Belang in Flanders, the Front National in France and I hope a lot more parties from different Europeans countries, should work together.

Let’s fight for our sovereignty, for Padania, for France, for Flanders, for The Netherlands and for other countries.

We say No to mass immigration and no is Islam. We say Yes to our identity. We say Yes to our country,

Yes to our liberties, Yes to our traditions. Yes to our sovereignty.

And we are no longer afraid. The people are no longer afraid.

We are no extremist, no racist, no xenophobes, we are true patriots.

And that is why I call upon you:

Don’t be afraid, do your duty, help us to turn 2014 in the year of liberation.

Our people love their own country. Not Brussels.

We have to protect out identity, civilization and sovereignty.

We have to stop the Islamization of our continent and the free world

Viva Lega Nord!

Viva Padania!

Viva Olanda!

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  1. Always a pleasure to hear from Geert Wilders. When I read about the Sharia-like attempts to silence Islam critics like Elizabeth S-W, my blood runs cold. Indeed, the parties Geert mentioned are the freedom parties, the ones that give real meaning to a democratic Europe. I know from reading reports about EU involvement in Mideast negotiations that Brussels is a far-left dhimmi entity. And Geert is certainly right about the insane EU monetary union; it’s one of those well-intentioned travesties that pave the road to Hell. I hope people heed his advice at the ballot box!

  2. Here here!!!!

    Great news! I prey that many other national counter jihad parties join this movement. We need to get rid of the marxist nazis barroso, schultz, ashton, et al, these evil monsters who have destroyed our nations and lied to us, put our children in danger, and are responsible for mass violence
    , murder and rape of europes native peoples!!!!!!!

    These criminals have made laws to threaten us with prison if we dare to speak up and tell the truth anout islam and third world immigration.

    Barroso needs to be arrested!!!! Hes a portuguese hard line communist traitor, a che guevera worshipper, a nazi a killer!!!!!

    Barroso ashton schultz your time is over! [intemperate exhortations redacted]

    Ban islam

    Ban and Burn the koran book of death, hste and murder!

    Deport all mulims!

    Bulldoze all mosques now!!!!


  3. The Norwegians were wise when they said No thanks to the EU (1972 and 1994). The Swedes were wise when they said No thanks to the euro in 2003. None of the two countries has been wise at all when it comes to immigration politics.

    • Except Sweden. Sensible controls on immigrants and behavioral protocols on Muslims even when citizens.

      No social security for those who commit crimes. And the building code is very tough ie no mosques in urban areas.

      If anything Swedes have been poster child for Euro repression of immigrants.

      • A few corrections to Hhut’s lies above .. mosques ARE built in Swedish cities (Malmoe has several in urban areas), mostly but not always discreetly located; the Swedish government, without asking its citizens, has just invited all Syrian refugees to come to Sweden, the only government in the world to make such an immigrant-friendly gesture; newspapers are not allowed to report the ethnicity of perps in crimes, so nobody is allowed to even know the immigrant crime rate for sure; Swedish municipalities bend over backwards to welcome nysvenska (new Swedes), with special job centres, support organizations and financial incentives; ‘refugees’ get free housing in a country where waiting lists for council housing are counted in years .. i could go on

      • Not sure if Hhut is being sarcastic or not, but yeah, if he isn’t, that’s complete nonsense. Sweden is in the worst situation in Europe, and the one who started all this crap. Well, as for starting it, maybe it was the US who took the lead in spreading multiculturalism and immigration(I’d definitely say Europe is trying to become more like the US, or think it’s a good model, not to offend any patriotic Americans, but it definitely isn’t), but Sweden is where the cancer started, in Europe. Now the cancer has spread as far as even Singapore.

        • Quite right. A lot of this started actually in South East Asia where a creeping tide via Singapore has led to sweeping Islamisation of countries like Thailand, Burma, Nepal, Laos etc. This has fed directly into Europe and Sweden is the worst. they make Saudi Arabia look like Japan – mosques p[opping up everywhere, enforced Koran classes in schools, kids wearing niquabs everywhere, halal food now compulsory in some areas on restaurant menus etc.

          Anyone who thinks Sweden is ahead of the game is losing the plot.

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  5. I would take Mr Wilders more seriously if he wasn’t so obviously under the spell of the Opus Dei and their league of heretical deniers of the True God.

    All this anguish about a minor sect of middle easterners but no mention of the infiltration of our charities, our convents, our very cultural fabric by Opus Dei and sundry other anti-Papist throwback cults.

    If anything, the EU has aided and abetted their plans for the Church and the overthrow of ecclesiastical order handed down through centuries. Abandon the EU indeed, but only if Catholic structures replace it, even if they have to work hand in hand with Islam.

    • Wilders as an Opus Dei mouthpiece? Catholics working hand in hand with Islam — a “minor sector of middle easterners” — to build “Catholic structures”? Is this satire?

      • It’s no satire. Winders has a track record of appeasing real cultural change on Islamisation to please his heretical backers – mostly ex Spanish Opus Dei initiatives resettled on EU work initiatives eg this is detailed in some detail in Fitna.

        His conversion to Judaism isn’t often cited probably to keep his anti Semitic support base intact (ref: travels to Israel) .

        Surprisingly, most Dutch rightists would consider him far too progressive to appeal to the Gates of Vienna cognoscenti…

      • I don’t think it is satire, dolcenontroppo, and that really depresses me. The thought of any supposedly rational mind working with Islam for any purpose whatsoever other than the latter’s demise is pure Kafka infused with a streak of Hieronymus Bosch.

        • My question was ironic because the comment is so preposterous, but unfortunately it bears the ring of sincerity. It’s disturbing that someone identifying as Catholic would consider Islam to be not only nonthreatening but a potential ally against “heretics.”

    • Cathpath, you are either a Moslem or a [person whose ability to ratiocinate is open to question]. ‘A minor sect ‘ is one thing Islam, much as I dislike it,
      cannot be called, with one and a half billion followers.

      • Based on Cathpath’s comment in another thread, Cathpath seems to be a Muslim because:

        1. Cathpath insinuated that Islam pre-dated Christianity.

        2. Cathpath argued that Christianity and Islam are the same religion.

        3. Cathpath contended that Jesus is an ‘authenticated’ Muslim prophet – which is textbook Islam.

        It is interesting to note that Cathpath was attempting to hide his Islamic criticisms of Christianity under a cloak of ‘fake’ atheism.

        • I read his views differently. He seems more likely to be either Easter or Greek Orthodox, probably as far from Atheism as you can get.

          He seems to view Islam as the natural extension of a Christian heritage, which may or may not be true in the long run. He may be exaggerating Jesus’ importance to Islamic theology but it is worth thinking about.

          I find it passing strange he undervalued the size and importance of Islam in the world today. It certainly dominates world culture now and is destined to a head to head with Atheism in China over the next century.

        • Well, what a forensic theological examination. Are you actually suitably accredited to be making such judgements? Did you sit an exam or is it just a hobby for the keyboard warrior?

          And as for “hiding under a false cloak of Atheism” – even thats too convoluted for me to digest. I have never claimed to be an atheist, and just because you dont agree with my views on christianity doesn’t mean I am automatically a Muslim.

          If you had removed your Islamaphobe filter before reading you may have actually engaged with the issues and not felt the need to insult me.

          And of course, Islam IS an ally against the sort of heretics that Wilders represents. He stands to subvert centuries of catholic doctrine and autonomy with what can only be a flagrant race-card playing gambit on behalf of Spanish apostates. You may wish to use him because your own hatred of Islam blinds you to the irony, but I would rather point it out whilst we still have the chance.

          Next they’ll be burning witches again and you will be complaining about the Mullahs behind it!


  7. I’m afraid it’s too late for Italy – and too late also for Europe – because mass media, leftist politicians are the best friends of these fanatics, the leftists keep loosing their citizens support, so now all over Europe, France, Italy, etc you see muslims even in our parliaments.

  8. “We have paid billions for the South.”

    How far South!

    Clumsily Geert opens up the old European North – South divisions, fortunately for Geert the Lega Nord delicates maybe were not enough paying attention, knowing that some in the North draw the line at Alps.

    Corrupt financial institutions cost ALL the peoples of Europe billions, Forza Geert Wilders!

  9. Speaking against Death Cult of Islam is always revitalizing to the spirit of the West.

    Kudos to Geert Wilders.

    A voice for Freedom against retrograde militant theocratic tyranny of ‘Submission’.

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  12. Our U.S.A. has admittedly made its monumental double error for this century, and our foolishly emotional voters are beginning to feel the consequences of their collective bad decision at the ballot-box. The Obama Administration has made a series of major mistakes… and now the majority of our voters see their pathetic mistakes. Europe will see our return to logic & reason in the very next election… The Message: Never Give Up Fighting For Freedom – Back Geert Wilders – Trust The U.S.A., ‘Trust Our Faith In Liberty & Justice For All’, With
    Freedom of Speech, Press, and Peaceful Assembly, Our Freedom of Religious Choice, Plus Freedom To Keep Our Guns, and our Precious Freedom To Think, And The Ability To Correct Our Mistakes! – God Bless Our Exceptional Military Forces – and May God Bless America.
    >> http://lazyonebenn.blogspot.com – reb
    ___ ___

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