To My Danish Brothers: Build the Islamic State!

From a “Dane” serving with the mujahideen in Syria comes this important message to his brothers in Denmark about establishing the Universal Caliphate.

Many thanks to Nicolai Sennels for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   Dear brother in Denmark. We have been in Syria for a long time.
00:05   We have experienced many things together in Syria
00:09   We have seen our brothers pass away…
00:13   [Arabic]… may Allah accept them.
00:18   Innocent women and children have been slaughtered
00:22   by these Kuffar. We have seen…
00:26   [Arabic]
00:30   We had everything in Denmark. We got a free education.
00:34   Our parents paid everything for us. We got free bread and milk. Everything was free.
00:38   Everything [Arabic] was so easy for us,
00:42   but the Kuffar could not deceive us.
00:47   Therefore my brothers, we thank Allah day and night.
00:51   Dear brothers and sisters in Denmark, you should come here.
00:55   Take this step [Arabic]
00:59   [Arabic]
01:03   This is the best thing to do, to strengthen the Muslims and
01:07   build the Islamic state. That is the best thing to do.
01:11   [Arabic] built the Islamic state. [Arabic] We should build the Islamic state.

12 thoughts on “To My Danish Brothers: Build the Islamic State!

  1. Why Europeans could not tolerate each other. Irish, Scots and the English could not tolerate each other. But all of them can tolerate Muslims. Americans could not tolerate members of their own communist party, who never brought down any high rise towers. Tolerating Muslims started immediately after the destruction of the Twin Towers. The western “democratic” countries have fallen under Islamic spell. They (the western countries) are in a trance: thinking and behaving in a strange way. No Churchills, no Voltaires, no Toynbees, can wake them up from their stupor. All western wars in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya . . . were waged for the benefit of Islam. While Muslims don’t see it that way, and Western countries never tire of declaring that.

  2. We have to wake up, to what the usa uk are leading us to!

    Obama, must be removed, along with the clinton woman traitor collaborator! And the rest of the pc marxists.

    The west must awake and overthrow these evil traitors!

    The war has already begun, the gates of islamic hell have been opened, and we the western native peoples are exposed to the evil violence and madness of the new nazis islam and the cultutral enabelers who are supporting them in wiping us out, exterminating us.

    Wake peoples, its time to start thinking about ur own self defence.


    • “Obama, must be removed, along with the clinton woman traitor collaborator!”

      Obama and Clinton aren’t the problem. The PC marxists aren’t the problem. The current descendants of Europeans are the problem. They bow before others in an attempt to atone. They refuse to stand up for themselves. There’s no political cure for that.

      • That young man took his life in his hands going to Syria. Contrast his conviction and bravery with the brainwashed cowardice of most European electorates, who too supine and too stupid to even VOTE for their own interests, never mind fight for them. I sometimes cannot helping thinking militant Muslims are justified in looking down on us. The current generation of west Europeans is the most contemptible in all our history. They might as well be cattle.

  3. The little dude was struggling to stay awake. He looked very young. It will be interesting to know how many ‘visitors’ to Syria win their 72 virgins.

  4. The Danish Brother is preaching to the converted concerning David Cameron and John McCain with their support for the Syria jihad, the politics of that conservative jihad strain really needs to be put under the microscope and unravelled.

  5. I mean it is remarkable how poor his danish language is. As a second generation immigrant, it should be perfect. You could problaby make the same observation in the rest of Europe – in Sweden for sure!

    I don’t know if it’s been done before, but measuring the linguistic level of muslim school children could indicate the level of islamic impact on their lives. Poor language could be a first warning signal of a future radicalization.

    In the late 80-ies in Sweden, I had one neighbour family from Slovenia and another one from Croatia. Wonderful people, and their children were totally assimilated. And I didn’t say no thanks to a glass of Slivovitz!

    First, I was a little surprised when they expressed concerns about the increasing number of immigrants living on social welfare. But then I understood – it affected them too in their daily lives.

    I know they would appreciate if we’d stop saying “immigrants” when we mean “muslim immigrants”. And I think that young people would appreciate if we’d stop saying “youth” when we mean “muslim, male teenagers”. It’s no crime being young – most of us have tried it.

    • But Marten, they’re not immigrants, they’re colonists and conquerors. Your position is no different than than of the American Indians. Note that the misnomer sticks.
      Muslims have given you the name kuffar, and believe me, in history as well as in social structure, it will stick if they win.
      Personally, I think Westerners should start to clandestinely learn Latin and speak it to each other.
      It will link Westerners and alienate Muslims quite thoroughly.

  6. Just a note that he didnt speak any arabic other than phrases like allah sabhana wa taala. Where the translater indicated that he was speaking arabic. It must have been some other language

  7. I am perfectly happy to have this young man call all his friends in the west to join the jihad and the making of the great caliphate in Syria. Denounce the “we got it all for free” western countries and roll the dice in Syria for the righteous cause!
    Just one little thing… If you go to Syria you may not re-enter a western country because you are now a security risk.
    A girl can dream…

    • Babs, you are right. Once they go to Syria, from whatever western country, they should not be allowed back. Hopefully, they will all be killed in Syria and find out to their horror that, for them there is no paradise or afterlife. Like all muslims, they will go straight to hell.

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