The Power of Projection, Coupled with the Power of Fear

Over the past few decades the European Left has perfected the art of intimidating its political opponents.

To force one’s ideological adversaries to surrender and slink away, it is necessary to field a credible deterrent force to accompany any verbal exhortations. For that reason, respectable far-Left socialist organizations and parties can count on rag-tag gangs of bully boys to do the dirty work of intimidation. In Britain, Hope not Hate and the Labour Party rely on the street thugs of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) to make life difficult for anyone who dares to question the Multicultural agenda. In Sweden, EXPO and the Socialists have Antifa (“anti-fascists”) conveniently to hand to rough up “fascists” and burn their property.

The Antifas are in fact widespread across northern Europe, and reliably appear whenever any group even slightly right-of-center gathers in large numbers. They rain missiles down upon the crowd, vandalize property, and harass the police. All leftist NGOs and Socialist parties depend on them, yet all can plausibly deny any connection with the storm troopers and their violent shenanigans.

Property owners are well aware of what they face if they host a conservative event on their premises. “Islamophobes” draw the most vicious opposition; any large crowd of Islam-critics is almost certain to face a violent response from the 21st century’s legions of brown-shirts.

All venue owners are familiar with the “anti-fascist” modus operandi: large crowds of “students” will rain fireworks down upon their “fascist” targets, attack the police, set fire to waste bins, overturn cars, break windows, and otherwise cause chaos and mayhem. In addition to the loss of income and the cost of repairs, a business may find its liability insurance policy canceled, or renewed only after a stiff premium increase. To add insult to injury, in some jurisdictions the police may present the venue and the event’s organizers with a bill for police overtime and other costs incurred by the municipality in suppressing the thugs.

So it’s no wonder that venue owners cancel events at the first hint of Islam-critical involvement. The Antifas make sure the event’s hosts are aware of what is coming by very publicly announcing their intentions and rallying the storm-troops. The “anti-fascists” project upon their intended targets their own characteristics of violent intolerance, and property owners react out of well-placed fear of what they are likely to face.

This is exactly what happened in anticipation of the visit by Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll to Denmark and Sweden. The venue in Malmö canceled a few days ago, and the venue in Copenhagen, upon being notified about what happens to anyone who dares to give the EDL a platform, has just followed suit.

The following article with the latest on these events was originally published yesterday in Dispatch International:

Dispatch International denied freedom of assembly after hate campaign

by Maria Celander

Self-styled “anti-fascists” are doing all they can to prevent English Defence League leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll from speaking in Sweden and Denmark. First Folkets Hus in Malmö canceled the organizers’ booking, now the Odd Fellow Hall in Copenhagen has backed down.

“I know what you want, the same as all the other damned journalists that have called and wasted my time. I had my whole evening ruined because of this. I was to host a dinner for 200 guests and had to spend the whole night on this,” says an exhausted Göran Kryhl, CEO of Folkets Hus in Malmö, when Dispatch International calls.

DI: I see, but couldn’t you tell me what you said to the other journalists?

“That we don’t have the same ideology as they have and don’t stand for what they stand for.”

DI: But we have freedom of assembly in Sweden?

“They can have whatever meetings they want, but not when they hide behind something else as they did here.”

DI: What do you mean by hide? In what way did they hide?

“You know what, I’m tired of this. I don’t want to talk any more. Have a good one.”

Freedom of assembly and of speech is inscribed in both the Danish and Swedish constitutions. But that is of no consequence for certain groups known as “antiracist”. They have taken it upon themselves to meet people with other opinions by throwing eggs, stones and pieces of firework, heckling and as in this case by pure sabotage.

Under the slogan “No platform for racism!” the Danish Antifa (Anti-Fascist Action) — the equivalent of AFA in Sweden — urged to its followers to call and mail the Odd Fellow Hall in Copenhagen to force it to cancel the meeting which Dispatch International and the Swedish Free Press society has announced with EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll on September 29.

“Do you also think that it is a damned filthy business that the Odd Fellow lodge has rented its hall to racists? Call them at 33 11 27 78 or send them a mail at The two racists were originally to speak in Malmö the day before but now anti-fascists have managed to get them thrown out. Let’s do the same in Copenhagen!” writes Antifa on its website.

And sure enough, the next day the Danish Free Press Society — which by the way had nothing to do with the arrangement — received a mail from Jimmy Lora Perez, who is in charge of bookings at the Odd Fellow Hall:

“Over the past few days we have received mails and calls regarding your arrangement on September 29, where it is reported that there will be guest speakers from the English Defence League. This has elicited a number of negative comments which we have to relate to. For this reason it has been decided after consultation with management of the Odd Fellow Hall that we cannot host this arrangement as we believe it will give rise to much negative publicity regarding our activities. We hope can find another venue for your arrangement and your deposit will of course be refunded in full. I’m very sorry and hope you understand.”

Ingrid Carlqvist, President of the Swedish Free Press Society, is saddened by this development but has by no means given up.

“It is indeed appalling that an openly violent and menacing organization like Antifa/AFA can frighten people by claiming that the English Defence League operates by means of threats and violence, which is not at all the case. It is also a sad realization that enemies of free assembly and speech that have long operated in Sweden now appear to be active in Denmark. But we will not give up. We are in the process of finding new venues. However, we will keep them secret until the day the meeting is to take place,” says Carlqvist.

Hat tip: Steen.

19 thoughts on “The Power of Projection, Coupled with the Power of Fear

  1. You have to get some tenured academics on board. Also, make life unpleasant for the venue admin somehow.

    Interesting email exchange.

  2. “All leftist NGOs and Socialist parties depend on them, yet all can plausibly deny any connection with the storm troopers and their violent shenanigans.”

    What can be done to strip away this veil of plausible deniability? Here’s a start: Is Fascism Lurking? by Danny Schechter at the Prog site

    Read it and then notice that he ends his litany of awful projections almost crowing the words of the Great Depresssion era demagogue Huey Long.

    That was early 2011. But there are other sites who did this too, and earlier. Make note of them all.

    What you have cataloged here today adds to the evidence that those words provide the pattern for all those “respectable far-Left socialist organizations and parties.”

    “Fascism will come to [fill in the name of the nation] in the name of anti-fascism.”

    Make the case with the preponderance of evidence.

  3. Take a leaf out of the book of LibertyGB ( they arranged a rendezvous at the local train station and conducted guests to the ‘secret’ venue.

    It is a lot of extra work, but guests can then be vetted in advance, and potential problem people conducted to an alternative destination.

  4. Its sickening!!!

    Yes, the self named anti facists are in fact the new nazis!

    I would say we have to meet these liars head on!!

    If they had enough fear put into them they wouldnt be showing up and performing there brownshirt activitys.

    Who are the leaders?

    Where do they live? Or hide???

    Freedom fighters shoould be picketing the homes of these imposters day and night, and exposing their treason and hate.

    We got to start hunting these evil murderers of freedom down, they are the new nazis.

    Hope not hate



    We must smash these nazi propaganda outfits asap!!!


    • I agree

      Surely there must be individuals or groups that can infiltrate those fascist gangs, gather intelligence on behalf of Pro-Freedom groups while proving one’s “fascist” credentials to move further up the ladder within the gang hierarchy.

      Thought it is worth mentioning that one interested in going down such a path will pretty much to have to engage in some very regrettable and potentially reprehensible actions to prove their loyalty that will go against any sane persons conscience on behalf of the Leftist “anti-fascist/racist” agenda, yet it is temporary measure that can be balanced out (softening the damage the Pro-Freedom side receives) over time as our guys become established.

      To prevent themselves from being corrupted by their “anti-fascist/racist” and “multiculti” non-values, they should apply some “intellectual / ideological makeup” as it were to maintain their outer façade / mask, which like just like regular makeup / mask can be easily discarded as soon as their mission is complete.

      Then once established our guys could begin secretly having the most competent members of those fascist gangs sent into traps, put into jail or kicked out by other means, whilst promoting the least capable and most incompetent members in their group (with short-fuses / etc) that could potentially serve our purposes of ultimately damaging the “anti-fascist/racist” movement beyond repair.

      During that time as our guys move up the hierarchy, they could gradually engage in further entryist tactics, which would serve the purpose of eventually co-opting their movement to serve the Pro-Freedom agenda in the same way the left has infiltrated the media / universities / education (general) / judiciary / political establishment / etc for the past few decades.

      While the above would be too mid/long-term for many, it is surprising that our side has not utilised such countermeasures let alone engaged in those tactics.

      • Larry Grathwohl’s “Bringing Down America” shows how someone managed to be accepted into the Weather Underground — a group that purged people they thought insufficiently dedicated to the cause — and still thwart or stall some of their nefarious plans. It required him to be just as dedicated to stopping them as they were to bringing it all down man. And he had to be savvy and quick on his feet.

    • I recall a few years ago taking the kind of action you suggest – tired of leftie threats, a number of us arrived at the door of one of the local loud-mouthed leftie leaders, an anti-fascists (no less!). It was about 7am, we arrived armed with megaphone, and proceeded to list the behaviours of the leftie. He poked his sleepy head from behind his bedroom curtains (drapes), and just as quickly ducked back behind them. He clearly was not in a mood for confrontation. The big tough guy called the police for help! We heard very little from him after that.

  5. Instead of visiting Sweden (The new DDR) and Denmark, just let Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll be interviewed on a video and upload it to YouTube. Much more effective and it will reach many more people.

  6. Start fighting back today, for tomorrow will be much too late. Lots of very good suggestions above, but unfortunately half measures and niceties and pleasantries have come and gone. Identify the leaders, which if you pay attention to their social media, it isn’t hard to find out who is making the calls, [recommendations redacted]. I am reminded that those who take the high moral ground are always buried in it, history has proved this time and time again, but good reasonable folks think that they can reason with unreasonable folks who hold them in complete contempt.

  7. The former head of UAF was one Wayman Bennett. He is now Chair of the Socialist Workers Party. Not sure where he lives. shouldn’t be too hard to find. Hitting the registered address of the SWP wouldn’t be a bad start.

  8. The head of UAF was one Wayman Bennett. He is now Chair of the Socialist Workers Party. Both are based in London.

    • The former head of UAF is Martin Smith (47), accused by a girl of 18 of raping and abusing her over a long period.

      His pals closed ranks and turned on her and it 2 years for him to resign his commision.

  9. Its deeply troubling that we don’t even know who they are and that they manage to keep their identities hidden in spite of the criminal acts they commit. I suspect that they are in fact agent provocateurs and state sponsored terrorists who act to intimidate, threaten and bully anyone who proactively opposes Islamisation.

  10. I receive texts urging me to “stop the nazis” ie the EDL who have promised to demonstrate again in Tower Hamlets.

    Yet one leader of The East London Mosque is Choudhry Mueen Uddin, a Bangladeshi well documented for organising murder and rape gangs against more secular Bangladeshi’s in the war for independence against Pakistan.

    The man is a foul Islamic Facsist – organiser of demonstrations against The Satanic Verses (birthing crucible of modern Islamic reaction). Bangladesh wants to extradite him to face charges, but he’s a rich western citizen now (head of the NHS Muslim department set up to ensure they get the lions share of health care).

    He complains that he wouldn’t get a fair trial in Bangladesh as they are incapable of instituting an ethical and honest legal system (oh the racist irony).

    And now Tower Hamlets Council has a 100% Bengali right wing cabinet (political leadership) passing out £millions including almost £400,000 recently to tart up Mosques (repairing the dome and polishing a plaque was worth £10,000).

    Here is a man who actually organised the murder of dozens of Bengalis, says the Government with very convincing documentary evidence, and here are the anti-racists sharing a platform with him to oppose so called Islamophobia.

    That’s what the left has created in Britain. The beginning of a reactionary theocracy looking forward to butcher thousands.

    (Not to mention the long attempt including scholarly articles in their scum journals denying mass rape by Pakistani gangs on 100’s of white girls for decades).

    Rise like lions from your slumber England. The left must be destroyed before it destroys us all.

    • Please understand that for those we are fighting ‘the ends justify the means’ and they cannot see the intrinsic evil in this.

      The NWO want street violence, they can then declare martial law and that is the end of democracy as we know it.

      We can challenge the left by relenlessly exposing their lies, exposing the twisted propaganda and exposing their greed.

      Everyone needs to join their freedom party and do the footwork, the leafleting and the boring footwork that is the lot of an effective campaign.

      Join LibertyGB, join PVV, join Liberty (Virginia) and if Liberty (Texas) does not exist then create it!

      LibertyGB has handbills ready for downloading from their website, use these (suitbly modified/translated) as a starter. Indeed local starter packs will be available soon! (

  11. Would I be correct in assuming that the Swedish and Danish state broadcaster censors mention of this news & that the rest of the media follow their lead in the way the BBC & British media do?

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