So Who Has Really Benefitted From The Holocaust?

Our Israeli correspondent MC reviews the history of the Holocaust, which, as he points out, “was put to the service not of memory but of ideology”.

So who has really benefitted from the Holocaust?
by MC

The belief that the Jewish State of Israel arose out of regret for the Holocaust is to ignore everything that happened in Mandatory Palestine from the Balfour declaration (in 1917) onwards.

Proto-Israel came into being in 1922 with the inclusion of the Balfour Declaration into the Palestine Mandate of the League of Nations (which passed into the UN as ‘International Law’).

Back in Europe, those countries who participated in the Holocaust by assisting the Nazi genocide had to look very carefully at their attitudes to ‘foreigners’ and why such things could have happened on their soil and perpetrated by their people.

This bred an awareness of the idea of ‘racism’ and of a ‘far-right’ culture of racial intolerance intimately linked with Nazi race theory and its resulting contempt for human life.

France willingly rounded up its Jews and sent them to the death camps courtesy of SNCF. Slovakia ‘paid’ the Germans to transport their Jews to annihilation.

All occupied Europe has a history in this sense, but two countries stand out, Denmark and Italy. The Danish King, and subsequently many Danish (non-Jewish) citizens wore the Yellow star armband. The Danes also managed to get almost the entire Jewish population of Denmark to safety.

In Italy, Nazi demands for the exclusion of Jews was quietly resisted until the German coup d’état in 1943. Mussolini, the original Fascist, did not share the anti-Semitism of the Nazis.

The UK was not occupied, and therefore did no soul-searching of its role in the Holocaust. Its violations of international law in refusing entry into Palestine of the Jews of Europe directly contributed to the huge death toll, and when Britain had a chance to save some 800,000 Hungarian Jews, it took active steps to ensure that they went to the crematoria at Birkenau rather than to Jerusalem.

But the industrial murder of possibly up to twelve million Slavs, Jews, Roma and Christians did not take place in isolation. Actions have consequences, and as the truths of the horrors became public, the willing collaboration of many acolytes of Nazism in the occupied countries became known, in places such as Jasenovac manned by priests, monks and nuns. So most countries of Europe looked back in horror.

In this way came the emergence of the ‘race’ industry and a huge exercise in social engineering to ‘exorcise’ the past:

History and morality might justify being specially mindful of Franco-Jewish history, but the country’s constitutional principles made that history a source of mischief, a useful stick with which to beat the French public. In the 1980s and 1990s, political activists — then a leftist vanguard, now a multicultural establishment — found it useful when demanding special privileges for asylum-seekers, immigrants and racial minorities, to cast them as the modern-day incarnation of what Jews had been in the 1930s and ’40s. Among the most egregious offenders was SOS Racisme, an anti-racist group set up by the Mitterrand-era Socialist Party. Any misgivings about high levels of immigration, or high levels of immigrant crime, were analogised to collaboration in the deportation of Jews to Auschwitz in the 1940s. Anti-anti-Semitism became grounds for shutting popular opinion about many issues out of the national conversation altogether, much as anti-racism did in the US or the UK.

A similar process was encouraged in all the countries of the European Union, playing on vulnerabilities born of a history of Nazi collaboration and the abhorrence of what Europe had done with its Jews. So Europe was laid open to a repeat performance, only this time the target would be the Christian majorities.

Make no mistake in this: Jews are an insignificant minority in Europe, and the real target is the Christian majority. The focussed hatred of Islamofascism to Jewish ‘apes and pigs’ is existential, because they can get away with it, and, believe me, the failure of the European authorities to deal with this is going to cause major grief to Christians once the demographics permit it.

But the UK was never occupied, and its indirect contribution to the Holocaust is not generally understood, so the picture is different. In the UK two influences were at work: first the Hollywood influence, the notorious ‘West Coast (leftist) Cabal’, which, according to itself does not exist, and the propensity in the UK to trust and rely on academia.

This academia started by demonstrating that Britain’s colonial past was every bit as bestial as the Holocaust, and that Britain was also a racist concern. The British needed to become ‘tolerant’ and ‘share’ their ill-gotten wealth with those whom they ‘exploited’ and ‘robbed’.

This was strongly reinforced by Hollywood and its portrayal of slavery as an exclusively ‘white’ oppression of the ‘black’ man. In other words, that we are guilty of the deeds of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

But, hey, wait: one of my grandfathers was an illegitimate coalminer; the other was a stoker, son of a chimney sweep. They were part of the exploited, not of the exploiters, and here are the sons (and daughters) of the exploiters telling me that I must bear the burden of the sins of their forefathers.

The net result is that I must move over in order to accommodate this alien invasion of my culture and the wealth of my land.

The history of the Holocaust was put to the service not of memory but of ideology. A bulwark against anti-Semitism became a citadel of multiculturalism. The main beneficiaries of Holocaust memory were France’s 5 million or so Muslims, descendants of a mass immigration from North Africa and elsewhere after the 1960s, but there was an odd twist. Particularly after the blossoming of political Islam in the 1970s, their main geo-strategic grievance was with the Jewish state, and many Arabs in France showed considerably less ability than even de Gaulle to distinguish between the Jewish state and the Jewish people. [Ibid]

If we think the Holocaust ended in January 1945 with the Russian advance into Poland, then think again. Once started, this phenomenon will not stop until we are prepared to tackle the tyrannies behind the beliefs in the political and cultural effectiveness of mass extermination held by the forces of Socialism and of Islam. Someone out there wants civilization destroyed, and has motivated the forces of evil to do it, but at the same time, has rendered the forces of good weak and divided.

The left is well-funded, and in a society that worships money, wealth is power. Judeo-Christianity brought a light into this world, but that light grows dim as its supply of energy is strangled. It is kept alight by volunteers who channel their own meagre funds, talents and energies to the purpose, hoping that the 3am knock on the door will not come, but that, even if it does, that their efforts are worth the expenditure.

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  1. Many in my church are praying actively for help on the day when Christians are persecuted in Britain. The Left already ridicules and marginalises Christianity in the hope that it will just die a death. However, personally, I still find this a bit incredible that it will eventually come to that. But you are right, European Christendom is now the target for extinction. But this time they have thought of an even more insidious way of getting rid of Europeans, Caucasians or Whites if you prefer; and that is to breed them out through the encouragement of intermarriage or outbreed them by bringing in those who are reproducing at four time the rate that we are. This is not so obvious as the cattle trucks and the gas chambers and is all done in the name of international brotherhood and peace and of course the memory of Nazism is the stick that they use to beat us with to get us to go along with their plans.

    As regards, the European empires, former colonials are now on the compensation kick from the British government. It started in Kenya, has spread to Malaysia and I am waiting for the Indian sub-continent to get wind of it soon. It is all down to a compensation lawyer in London called, I think, Martin Bright.

    Yes, I have heard about Denmark’s treatment of the Jews before. You may berate Britain but Britain deed provide a safe haven for Jews fleeing from the Continent. Whether we would have had to have the courage to act as the Danes, had we been invaded, is another matter. Denmark is a plucky little country, different from its neighbours to the north. I am hoping that when the Danish People’s Party takes Denmark out of the EU and rejects multiculturalism their actions will be copied all over Europe. The English share the same dna as the Danes and down the eastern side of the country they seem to have the same rebellious spirit, especially in Yorkshire. So I am hoping that the Danish freedom call will find an echo here in England.

    • Britain took in 10,000 Jewish Children, the ‘Kindertransport’ as a result of the Evian Conference 1938, in 1939 Calais was full of Jews trying to get across the channel, My Parents-in-law, on their honeymoon in 1939 were requested to smuggle Jews into UK by pretending that they were family ‘servants’

      I think You will find that Britain took in very few adult Jewish refugees in the period 1939-1945.

      The irony is that the elder members of the Kindertransport those who were 16 in 1940, were arrested as ‘German’ nationals and shipped to Canada where they were locked up in compounds with German Nazis….

  2. Thank you for drawing the parallel between Nazism and Jewish genocide and Anti-nazism (the next fascism as Churchill predicted) and European genocide. Could somebody please contact Genocide Watch, who, thankfully, have at last turned their attenton to the plight of South Africa’s white farmers. Hopefully they will continue to plug the point when the time comes for the massive Anti-facist anti-white fest that will follow the death of Nelson Mandela. I predict that the BBC will have a whole month of programmes about him and the evils of apartheid and the white race.

    The British are facing genocide as are the citizens of several other European countries and possibly those in North America. Why isn’t Genocide Watch interested?

  3. I find the mention of that notorious Croatian death camp, Jasenovac a very good point.

    Since over 85% of its victims were Serbian Orthodox Christians and other poor victims Jews and Roma. The villains were Croatian Roman Catholic Nazis. There was assistance to them provided by Bosnian Muslim Nazis. Interesting combo of Nazi supporters.

    Croatia just joined the EU and is still refusing to acknowledge their Nazi distant past( WWII) and their more recent Nazi past ( the civil War in Yugoslavia) where all through their land the old Nazi salute and songs and “Heil Hitler” were common happenings. But so what? According to the EU…let bygones be bygones. Forget the evil you did. Move on into the EU. Croatia , you WILL be right at home.

    Croatia even gets kudos from the EU for being so vividly modern and falling right into the rank and fall of the SOCIALIST EU bureaucrat alliance. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Perhaps the Nazis think they won after all.

    Guess the ANTI-NAZIS will have to fight WWII all over again …..after 70 years the BEAST will be unchained….

    The Jews , the Christians, the Roma , Hindus and Buddhists… FIGHT ON!!!

    • The Christians have been killing one another since…well, since Peter and Paul began their war of words, their bickering over Paul’s conversion of Hellenistic Jews–> Christians vs. Peter’s and James’ more orthodox Jerusalem Jewish/ Christians. And then after 70 A.D., not only were the Jews dispersed…but John on Patmos was developing his own mystical version. The proliferation of so many versions of belief in Christ continues on unabated…

      …The Croatian R.C.s vs. the Serbian Orthodox is one particularly ugly fragmentation, the kind that makes one despair for ‘nationalism’. That deep fissure was exacerbated by the brief intrusion of Nazi Germany, followed by the more muscular and historically longer repression of the USSR.

      The wounds of Serb and Croat are so deep they approach the level of immortality. I don’t think their respective anti-Semitisms ever served to unite them, any more than similar hatreds united Western Europe.

      Only hatred of Jews seems exempt from the old adage of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

      Only God could keep Jews sane in the face of such implacable evil.

      • The problem, as always, is people from one culture living amongst people of another culture seeking to keep themselves separate by maintaining their culture.
        The end result: conflict.

  4. A little note here: Slavs were never exterminated by nazis.Its a myth,I dont know who came up with it,honestly.Also Hitler has never explicitly expressed any particular opinions of slavs.
    Some Slavs were in fact fighting along side the nazis (slovakians,ukrainians,croats); some indeed were exposed to a force labour.But in general nazis treated slavs ok.
    The ones who were exterminated were jews and sympathizers to communism (who were few really).

    • Hitler came up with this myth. He called the slavs the Untermenschen.

      Just google a two word string: Slavs Hitler. You’ll get more than 2 million hits. Maybe half of those will be pertinent to your assertion.

      Meanwhile, Wikipedia is a quick one:

      Untermensch (German for under man, sub-man, sub-human; plural: Untermenschen) is a term that became infamous when the Nazi racial ideology used it to describe “inferior people”, especially “the masses from the East,” that is Jews, Gypsies, Armenians, and Slavic peoples including Poles, Serbs, Belarusians, Russians and Rusyns. Jewish people were to be exterminated in Holocaust while according to Generalplan Ost, most of the Slavs from East-Central Europe were destined to be removed from the European continent by the Third Reich through murder and ethnic cleansing.

      Bizzy, bizzy boys they were, with big ideas about cleanliness.

      • Still a victim of allied war propaganda?

        “Untermensch” was, even in your quoted Wikipedia article, only a term for communists. The speeches of Himmler and Goebbels are quoted, just read once more.

        It was all about the Soviet Communists, or the Asian people behind the Ural…

        The first German university ever was founded in the City of Prague.
        The Czechs were never called “Untermenschen”, nor the other eastern Europeen Slavs.

        The misknowledge seems to be endless… I am really shocked about that…

    • You do know that the many of the Yugoslavian Jews and many SERBS were murdered by the Nazis and their bodies thrown into the ice of the Danube.
      You do know that there is monument along that spot of the River where they were murdered … Stars of David and Orthodox crosses monuments are placed as if they are being marched into that river together.

      The Croatians have always hated the Serbs. During WWI they said they would kill a third of them, enslave a third and forcible convert a third. They had a plan and well they went with it. After all, Slavic Serbs were sub-human they believed. Jasenovac death camp is NO imagined horror. IT HAPPENED!

      They were quite annoyed when SERBIA claimed their favorite scientist, Nicolai Tesla as a SERB and named the Belgrade Airport for him. He was born in Krajina in Croatia to a Serbian Orthodox priest and his wife. He was a SERB no doubt about it.

      I guess the fact that all the Jews who fled Kosovo back in 1999 headed to Serbian BELGRAD, means they feared the Serbs more than the Albanian muslims called the KLA. Hardly. AT least they would live long enough to get a flight to Israel.

      After all, during WWII the Albanian muslims in Kosovo were so kind to the Nazis as to help ship the Serbs and Jews off to Dachau in box cars TOGETHER…with the Serbian Patriarch, Priests and monks and a few nuns for “good measure”. The Nazis LOVED Serbian Slavs so much they wanted them to have some Priests along to cheer them up. SARCASM OFF!

      And while on the subject of Slavs… my dear old great uncle, the young Polish( A SLAV) officer of WWII , who was captured at Warsaw could tell you just how much the Nazis liked Slavs with all the experience of his tortured days at Auschwitz until 1943 and then in a German hellhole of a chemical plant till liberated by Americans. He came to the USA to be his brothers who immigrated in 1920’s. He can’t tell you because he died in the 1980s after long painful bouts with illness’ related to his KIND treatment by Nazis because they JUST ADORED SLAVIC people.

      And do not get me started on how much Hitler loved the RUSSIAN SLAVS! OH , please.

      Oh and Croats will you they are a GERMANIC people. NOT SLAVS!

  5. “Hitler has never explicitly expressed any particular opinions of slavs.” In addition to Dymphna’s reply, one has to point out that Hitler’s “Lebensraum” was to be largely at the expense of Slavs’. Also the punishment of any slav’s who did aid the Jews was a lot more draconian than that faced by the Danes. Not only would any family caught hiding Jews be killed, but also ten of their neighbor’s. What about Lidice in Czechoslovakia? Just because some of the townspeople hid the members of the Czech underground that assasinated Reinhold Heydrich, they shot all the men in the town and leveled it. I saw what was left of that place myself when I was a kid.


  6. “Its violations of international law in refusing entry into Palestine of the Jews of Europe directly contributed to the huge death toll, and when Britain had a chance to save some 800,000 Hungarian Jews, it took active steps to ensure that they went to the crematoria at Birkenau rather than to Jerusalem”.

    Need some more info on this Baron…..You seem to be suggesting the British government had full knowledge of the final solution and the role of the death camps.
    I have found this (link below) which suggests Churchill’s government became aware of the true scale of the final solution through intelligence (camp escapees) in 1944.


    If you have evidence to suggest that the government knowingly returned ships carrying refugees to Germany in full knowledge of the “final solution” this would be a war crime.
    If this is your opinion I would be genuinely interested in your source material/reference etc.

    • bains —

      Please note that this essay was written by MC, and not me.

      I have no pretensions to expertise on when the British government became aware of the full scope of the Nazis’ attempt to exterminate the Jews. With luck, MC will make an appearance here at some point. He may have an answer to your question.

      • The essay accuses the British of a Pre-crime. Typical fallacy for the Holocaust mongering. If the net is cast that wide then everyone is to blame and therefore, as the saying goes, no one is to blame.

        The British went to war with Germany over Danzig specifically and Poland more generally.
        Poland was effectively the population center of European Jewry. You can’t get more direct than that. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find that City traders had specific business ties to Danzig
        that used Jewish intermediaries. Under Versailles the commissioner of Danzig was a British general. Policy makers after ww1 appear to have seen Poland as a tripwire for battling the Germans.

        I’d also point out to you that the chattering classes, political class, academia in the UK and the press is heavily Jewish. The directors at the BBC like Alan Yentob or Michael Grade, the leader of Labour Ed Milliband, or Peter Mandelson, on the Tory side you have Saatchi, Lawson, Brittan, Rifkin, Hodge. If the Brits are being slowly bred out or Genocided right now it’s at least party to do with these senior figures. The Trotkiite and Stalinist left in the UK is heavily Jewish too. So where did PC and the multicult come from again? Look up [persons I abhor] like Hobsbawm and Ralph Milliband who were just as hostile to the ordinary Englishman as the Pakistani is today.

        • I am not quite sure what point you are trying to make here, sounds a bit like an anti-Jew diatribe to me but I may be wrong, the essay is not about Jews, it is about the misuse of Holocaust propaganda to promote Islam and the possiblility of a modern Holocaust of Christians.

          The pre-crime of the British Failure to establish a Jewish Homeland as Mandated, and its obvious manipulation of the Mandate showed the contempt of Britain for the League of Nations, this was followed very quickly by Italy, Japan Germany and Russia also showing the same contempt.

          The relative failure of the Evian conference gave Adolf a green light to solve the ‘Jewish Problem’ his own way.

          I assume that lurking somewhere at the back of of your comment is the ‘Khazar Zionist Bankster Conspiracy’ subset of the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ accusation.

          • I’ll bite.

            Clearly I was being facetious.

            However your link claims that the British government had full knowledge of the extermination camps as early as 1940. Pardon me but the Wansee Conference was much later. Transportation of Jewish populations to the death camps only got under way after Wansee and the deliberations there. At this moment the UK is fighting a tonnage war in the Atlantic, a fleet action in the Med, a bombing campaign over Germany and a land battle in Egypt ( near Jerusalem) in addition to fighting in Malaya, Burma, Indonesia and the South Pacific. Well pardon me!

            What could Britain done other than wage war on Germany either way?

          • The Holocaust has been used to drain any benign European nationalism from the very marrow of the heart these nations. I was reacting to a comment made in the actual’s not off topic. Why have Europeans allowed Muslims among them? One get important factor is that Europeans have been forbidden the sort of entnonationalism that, for example,
            Israelis display when they justifiably want Israel to be a Jewish state.

            You can’t say that sort of thing in Europe in defense of your own country. You’ll be howled of the stage and ruined by cynical liberals and devious conservatives.

      • Britain refused to consider admitting more Jews into Palestine, which it administered at the time, and the United States was equally determined not to alter its immigration quotas. The the Bermuda Conference produced no practical plan to aid European Jewry, although the press was informed that “significant progress” had been made.

  7. Some of the (Jews for Trucks) Joel Brand story can be read here:

    This deals briefly with the subject much of which is still very dark and is a huge subject much of which is regarded as conspiracy theory as it involves various groups of Nazis trying to save their own necks.

    Further details came out in the Kastner and Eichmann trials

    As for when the Allies knew about the Holocaust, here is a good article

    For british action against refugee ships:

    “The Polish Army Captain Witold Pilecki was the only known person to volunteer to be imprisoned at Auschwitz concentration camp. He spent a total of 945 days at Auschwitz before his escape. From October 1940, he sent numerous reports about camp and genocide to Polish resistance headquarters in Warsaw through the resistance network he organized in Auschwitz (known as Związek Organizacji Wojskowej),[9] and beginning with March 1941, Pilecki’s reports were being forwarded via the Polish resistance to the British government in London. These reports known as Witold`s reports were a principal source of intelligence on Auschwitz for the Western Allies”

    • Oh aye, it was Churchill wot dun it!

      Cast the wide net repeatedly and you’ll see what it gets you.

      • Notwithstanding the facetiousness of your remark it is worth responding to because Churchill was a philo-semite and Zionist whose cabinet colleagues undermined his efforts to save European Jewry, honour the Balfour Declaration and the terms of the Mandate. So it wasn’t Churchill “wot dun it”, it was Anthony Eden – Foreign Minister – who scuppered the Joel Brand-Eichmann brokered deal in 1944 to save the Hungarian Jews. Eden steadfastly opposed any Jewish immigration to Palestine pre-war, war and post-war. His Principal Private Secretary minuted:
        “AE hates Jews” which says all that needs to be said on motives.

        When Churchill learned of the Birkenau crematoria and the crucial role Auschwitz played as a convergence of rail networks he instructed the Head of Bomber Command Arthur Harris to deploy “everything” the RAF could “spare” to bomb Auschwitz-Birkenau and the railways leading to it. Harris ignored him preferring to blast, incinerate and asphyxiate German civilians (overwhelmingly women, children and old men) in aid raids officially aimed at “dehousing the civilian working population”.

        The or a tragedy was that the Stern Gang assassinated Lord Moyne in response, erroneously believing he was responsible for the decision re Hungarian Jews, Moyne was in fact the member of cabinet in 1944 who was more pro-Zionist than Churchill and had been lobbying to overturn the 1939 “White Paper” restricting Jewish immigration to Mandatory Palestine. The matter had been scheduled to be discussed at the next Cabinet meeting just before Moyne was killed and without Moyne, Churchill didn’t have the numbers and the matter was dropped from the agenda. One of history’s worst “own goals” as Moyne’s assassination turned many in the British establishment who’d been neutral or pro-Zionist against Jewish aspirations for independence.

  8. MC I have nothing left to lose, but everything to fight for. Welcome to Londonistan, wake up to the world as she is spining today. Now I have jewish friends but none of them are so high and mighty that they call me a [bad word]

  9. Then you need to look at side shows like Ireland. They are importing thousands of Arabs and Africans a week. The man who controls immigration is Alan Shatter. He’s Jewish. He berates the Irish on a regular basis for NOT fighting the Germans in ww2. There’s that wide net again. Why on earth would the Irish have decided to fight on the side of the British? after they recently fought a war to free themselves of an Imperial British
    occupation they had the right to neutral status. Shatter is just guilt tripping a small Christian nation of 4 million into Islamic colonization that will eventually wipe out the native population. Perhaps people like Shatter ought to be contacted by their coreligionists and be told to cease the bollocks.

    • Exactly Dan, why should Southern Ireland which has been so badly treated by Britain, go to war against
      Germany automatically when its status as a kind of
      Switzerland of north-west Europe ensured the lives of its
      people. Having said that, nearly 50,000 Irish volunteers
      fought against Germany. There are certainly many Jews
      who never-the-less, hold it against the Irish that the entire country didn’t declare war in 1939. Shatter is yet
      another placeman in the Globalist camp.

    • Thank you, Jolie Rouge, for returning the thread to what was actually posted in the

      That fairy story about Albert Drive at least is willing to talk about the class divide, but brushes it off, even as it fails to engage even one of the upper class members of the elite section of that road.

      Those grown men on scooters – i.e., the Neighborhood Watch group – was ludicrous beyond words. But Seattle would eat that stuff up. There is something to be said for urban communities when you can find them, but this one doesn’t ring true.

      In the end, ‘diversity’ is a hindrance to community. Eventually the social engineers will admit that the inborn fear of strangers is exactly that: inborn. When you don’t know a culture and blithely intrude upon it, you can unwittingly insult and inflame its members…

      In the final analysis places like Albert Drive are exceptions to the rule of the clannish (now there’s a definite Scots’ characteristic) behavior of most places. I’d love to hear what the average Glaswegian thinks of the place.

      • @Dymphna,

        The reference to the Kriss Donald murder in the article, scapegoats that murder as a necessary sacrifice –

        “Pollokshields for a long time became synonymous with racial tensions but in fact the community pulled together and now it’s a much safer and more harmonious place to live.”

        The officially recognized mutaween on scooters ensure that their social cohesion is not subverted by the indigenous presence.

        As far as memory allows there was comments on this article – they have been delated and the comments section closed.

        Hope the article is archived as an example of the surreal horror narrative of the progressive holocaust, for future Scots historians to study.

    • The 2000 or so Finnish Jews were untouched but then Finland was fighting the Russians rather than allied with the Germans, this was more a “my enemy’s enemy is my friend arrangement.

      Bulgaria sent some 11500 Jews to the death canps, mainly from the ‘New Territiories’, You can check this out on the Jewish Virtual Library.

  10. 1940
    A popular legend portrays king Christian X of Denmark wearing the yellow badge on his daily morning horseback ride through the streets of Copenhagen, followed by non-Jewish Danes responding to their king’s example, thus preventing the Germans from identifying Jewish citizens. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has explained that the story was not true.[43][44] No order requiring Jews to wear identifying marks was ever introduced in Denmark.[45]

    Please check roumors before posting…

    • It’s not a rumor at all. The story about Denmark’s king is mythical and widespread. If it were not, the Queen wouldn’t have needed to set the record straight.

      Yes, lots of people believe this myth so it’s good to continue her work, but despite your efforts people will continue with this one; it’s up there with George Washington and the cherry tree.

      Myths grow up in environments where folks need to believe there is some residual goodness in the world. The huge conflagration of evil which spread thru the rotted timbers of western Europe and beyond needed that story the same way they needed stories of Churchill’s grit.

      That is the same need the young country of America had as it started out and Washington’s mythical integrity filled the bill.

      Your scolding admonition to “check rumors” before publishing them is a logical impossibility. Next time you notice a factual error how about you simply post your evidence to the contrary without assuming an a priori, deliberate mistruth?

      A little goodwill – along with some compassion for the ways in which the need to believe will create myths – goes a long way in this sad world.

  11. The story is not widespread in my knowledge of danish history and I was a student of history on University of Copenhagen from 1984- 2003, am exam. art of history 1991.
    Please no offence taken, just trying to correct statements I think are neglective or wrong.

    • you miss my point. Of course truth is paramount. But myth arises in a time of crisis and its spreads.

      You meant no wrong but you chastised someone who meant no wrong because that’s what they were taught, and what they knew was relatively benign. In fact, the Baron, who is fond of Denmark, didn’t know it was myth either.

      Iconoclastic undertakings should be done gently. That’s all I’m saying. Don’t bash people over the head by accusing them of posting rumors.

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  13. Baron …. maybe you did not get it first, but, the title of this thread is anti-Judaistic/anti-Israelitic.

    • I am intrigued, as author of the title and the essay, that you find this so, it was written by me in the living room of my house in Sderot, Israel Just before Shabbat came in last Friday.

      • Since Baron reacted cynical by not reacting, I wrote a follow up text which made it very clear, that the wording of the headline is misleading.

        He abolished that text, quite sure, because it was so clear.

        A very short view is also this: To benefit – means to “take “advantage” …..
        When Headlines making the findings of more Antisemitisms of liefilled tricky politician European indirect Murderers never should swing from the center of that was what done – which are gigantic crimes.

        There was not a single truely loving soul who “benefitted” from those murdering deeds ……..

        You should have written, such as: There are new findings of indirect collaborations with the murder regime of the Nazis.

        This honors the murdered …….

        The word “benefitted” desecrates in this context.

        “Bene” comes from Latin and means “good”.

        Maybe in souls the sort of “advantage thinking” can be so deep, that if they see “to bring such news” “as to their benefit as “news bringer”” that they even loose emotional emphasis on that selfish reason.

        • Archangel

          I know you mean well, but I lost upwards of 50 family members in the Holocaust, and I and my immediate family have effectively been driven out of UK because of a renewal of the same Jew hatred that lies behind much of the Jewish part of the Holocaust.

          The article is attempting to show that there is the potential for another, and even more extreme holocaust in the making.

          The 1940s Holocaust was the extermination of about equal numbers of Jews and Christians, this gets forgotten for various reasons. Jews, however, will not be the focus of the next genocidal assault of the forces of socialism, the one we are now building up to.

          The dead are dead, they don’t care anymore, but the living have a God-given right to life and socialists do NOT have any right to take that away.

          • Notice to Baron at the end….

            mc sderot: Most of the murdered souls are already transformed — and in the range they were allowed according to their wishes. Many Jews and “Christians” and Roma and …. are reborn again …….

            Anti-Judaism and Anti-Christianity and Socialism which is in close bonding to a sort of “Christianity” can be solved and also Islam and Eagle (and close related/Mammonist and Capitalist) Cults and even Biologisms, mostly caused by Darwin, by viewing at the Matthews-Gospel. First sight this seems to be complete nonsense.

            Here are only a few facts, which shall open your mind that there “could be backup” for this:
            In his youth Marx was a fanatic “Jesus” Fan…
            Darwin did study theology (Christian theology) …..
            Historians claim that the Script Mohammed was teached from by Warraq bin Naufal was in the Beginning the Matthewsgospel …..
            The Matthew Gospel is in many “Bibles” in first position and its so far opposite to the Elohim Tradition … that quite sure many Rabbis did not read any page further … in the two other synoptic scripts there are lies, too … only Johanaan – where the Script is translated well – gives true insight in who Jeshua was.
            Also according to a special part of the Matthew-Gospel Jews are seen as the “money-people” and as their “God by Matthew”.given right …… you know that Jews in many regions in Europe were by laws forbidden to work any craftman work, thus pressing many of them into the money business. ….

            If Matthews Script is destroyed and the lies in the other to synoptic Scripts too and Johanaan restituted in its origin the break down in the lie Cults would begin……..

            If you Baron do not publish this please send it mc sderot. If you publish it here, you can delete this infos to you and the notice at the beginning.

          • What is your opinion of the massacres in the Ukraine
            In 1930-33 period? Who was targeted and who carried out the extermination?

            I have to ask. It’s pertinent to the subject for various reasons as I would contend that the same forces are clearly at work today in western Europe as they were in The USSR in the 1930s. In both cases being accused of racism is virtual career ender and possible death sentence.

  14. 800,000 jews in Hungary never existed, so the British also could not blamed for not rescueing them.

    This article is so much filled with mistakes, it makes no sense to correct them.
    It comes from Israel?

    No more questions…

  15. Here are the German figures from the minutes of the Wanasee Conference

    [List] A.
    Eichmann’s list

    Old Reich [Germany proper]: 131,800
    Ostmark [Austria]: 43,700
    Eastern Territories [Polish areas annexed by the Reich]: 420,000
    General Government [occupied Polish lands]: 2,284,000
    Bialystok [district in eastern Poland, under German civil administration]: 400,000
    Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia: 74,200
    Estonia: free of Jews
    Latvia: 3,500
    Lithuania: 34,000
    Belgium: 43,000
    Denmark: 5,600
    France / Occupied territory: 165,000
    Unoccupied territory: 700,000
    Greece: 69,600
    Netherlands: 160,800
    Norway: 1,300

    [List] B.

    Bulgaria: 48,000
    England: 330,000
    Finland: 2,300
    Ireland: 4,000
    Italy including Sardinia: 58,000
    Albania: 200
    Croatia: 40,000
    Portugal: 3,000
    Romania including Bessarabia: 342,000
    Sweden: 8,000
    Switzerland: 18,000
    Serbia: 10,000
    Slovakia: 88,000
    Spain: 6,000
    Turkey (European portion): 55,500
    Hungary: 742,800
    USSR: 5,000,000
    Ukraine: 2,994,684
    Belarus exclusive of Bialystok: 446,484

    Total: over 11,000,000[37]

  16. Id be interested in mcinsderot’s understanding of Barbara Lerner Spectre.

    • I am at the other end of the spectrum from Barbara, firstly I am Sephardi not Ashkenazi, secondly, I do not see why Europe has to ‘start a journey to utopia’. I am quite happy for Europe to stay with a Judeo-Christian culture, I find socialism in all its forms offensive because it has humanism as its basis, this is, as Peter said, the worship of the creation not the creator..

      Judaism and Christianity are the only religions I know of who avoid using the proper names of their God. In the Hebrew, the name of God is ‘Yad hey vav hey’ probably pronounced Yahovah. Yah for short, and He invites us to use His name, but we refuse and call Him Adonai or G-D or God or Hashem (the Name). Same with Yahushua whom the Christians tend to call Jesus. ‘Jesus’ as such has no meaning whereas Yahushua (Joshua) means Yah is Salvation.

      You can view my writings on Judaism and Christianity at

      I do not feel that GoV is the correct forum for these sorts of discussion

      • I appreciate your taking the time to respond, albeit, you sidestepped the issue.

        Im staunchly pro-Israel for a myriad of reasons. I get that you and I are broadly cultural and political allies. I am an admirer of Jewish culture and their economic, technological, professional, academic, scientific, success. I am heavily indebted to the Jewish culture and tradition, as a Christian.

        But unfortunately, the vast majority of American (and European Christian nation states) diaspora Jewry are powerful and influential enemies of European Christendom. They may have good reason to dislike (even hate and despise) me and and mine, but that doesnt make them any less dangerous politically and culturally to me and mine.

        I realize that the Jewish Left in Israel is a threat to you and yours as well.

        What I am getting at here, is that diaspora Jews are one of the minority groups allied on the Left with all “Others,” who are benefiting from the Holocaust guilt, (and post-colonial and racism guilt).

        Am I wrong?

        • Most American Jews are Ashkenazy with roots in Eastern Europe. They are not so much anti-Christian as pro-Socialist which comes to much the same thing. As for influence on US Policy, I suspect if is much smaller than most Americans believe, but that is an outsiders view.

          This website goes into the realities of the US/Israel relationship:

          Jews, as a proportion of total population are insignificant, but are accredited with huge amounts of power and influence, this does not really add up. But they do make a superb ‘fall guy’ for smoke and mirrors type deceptions….

          • Jews definitely punch above their demographic weight. They make up 2% of the population, yet hold 11% of the seats in Congress….to take just one example. Here is another, Jews make up 33% of the US Supreme Court.

            But there are plenty of other hostile groups to European Christendom.

            Orthodox American Jewry by contrast arent hostiles, and I hang with lots of American Jewish Neo-Cons.

            The issue isnt to blame the Jews to the exclusion of others. But to recognize ones enemies. Certainly one must recognize one’s enemies, if you are to be able to counter them.

            The general policy of Affirmative Action has the effect of preferential and expedited promotion of hostile minorities into positions of power within all of our institutions. Not every individual minority is of course a hostile, but the significant majority are. They are also beholden to Leftist ideology. So this accelerates the Leftist march through the institutions. Diversity Czars and Promoters in HR departments in all corporations, businesses, organizations.

            The vast majority of American Jewry are political hostiles to European Christendom. That is just the plain fact of the matter. Just as are American Blacks. In fact Jews are even more hostile, because they are hostile to Christianity, whereas most American Blacks are Christians.

            American Jews are the farthest Left ethno-racial group in the United States and have been for decades.

        • I sidestepped because there are some places where one does not go whilst in small town Israel. But I thank you for the sentiments expressed below.

          Closet anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial can be particularly difficult to handle in the comments section of a blog, I sometime think CJ stands for ‘Counter Jew-had’.

    • Hello mc,

      I did read the text – yet not the link.

      There is density in the development of Jewish tribe(s). There is the secret of deep love – great freedom for some time – true Fatherhood.

      I doubt on the view that HIS name is which you wrote. I know this view. The rumor came up with turning HIS explanation of HIMSELF into a version of a name. Moische did not asked HIM for his name ……

      My sort of reasoning follows inner wisdom given in my heart – its simply not useful for Souls deep in lies to know HIS name.
      Sort of knowing I feel that Je(a)shua knew his name and the inner circle of the Apostles.
      They were selected by HIM…..
      He is the helping one for truth – he ever was.

      Synoptic Gospels are only to minor extents authentic ….Matthews “Gospel” especially only in very short parts in whole contexts of lies……
      Much has been willingly lost, but since true love never is forlorn, truth can be reestablished. Johanaans report delivers much for this … its the core Script which shall help to distinguish in the older Scripts which is from HIM and which is from former “lost” “self`s”.
      Never could HE be so as Souls tried HIM to see HIM so.

      EL SCHADDAI never could be wishing the “too much of stress”, this was Schaitan.
      Though this was made clear in early beginnings many souls turned their shoulders on being probed the smooth way …. many did choose the Hiob way, the more the sins, the more the probes.

      Love is not a playing game….and far less is it made for lies.

      The Matthew Gospel is pressed full with lies …

      It became by envy also the Script from which the starting of Islam was installed….. which was evolved into the establishment of a greed Cult.

      Which so much Westerners of the Eagl Cult prefer to being modest, handsome and riping this ways into truely loving.

      To bind in respect to HIS love will bring souls to the right way.

      Never pray in hypocracy to HIM.
      Never beg HIM not to lead you into temptations — HE never did.

      HE always helped and even rescued, when help could not be understood……. when there was enough will to come to HIS love and his early Son`s love !

      “Christianity” was an invention by evil doers ….. it should be more correctly named “NiceanConstantinisms” ….. The trace to truth can be taken on with Johanaan towards a “Judeo-Jehusuanism” from there directly to HIS Father …. the ever loving God, the only Holy ever was and is….

      • I should have made it clear that HE is not the Father of Jews – Juda – ……
        Sorry for this, especially to readers who do not know enough of the Tanach to have this understood as being surely not Juda whom I ment in the beginning of the next Chapter after having written in general on the Jewish tribe(s).

  17. Dan

    Stalin’s objective in the Ukraine was partial genocide, his objective being to get the population below 3 million and remove a substantial threat to his regime from Ukrainian nationalism, If you like conspiracy theory then you could liken this to the Georgia guide stones objectives of reducing world population to 500 million.

    Stalin also started exterminating Jews just for being Jews, starting by returning ‘runaway’ Jews to Germany and from about 1947, finding room for them in the Gulags.

  18. So what if Israel was created for the remnants of the Holocaust. No other country would have them and those Jews with the means to escape were refused entry into all but a small handful of countries. Besides Jews are the aboriginal people of Israel or Judea as it was once called. To deny the Jewish connection with the land, besides being historically ignorant is simply hate soaked sewage. To give these expressions any credence is pathology.

    • The problem is that, that configuration is used to delegitimize Israel, as a European colonial project. In case you didnt know.

    • As I state in the essay, Proto-Israel was created in 1922, with the object of being self governing by the mid thirties.

      The League of Nations intention was that there should be large scale Jewish immigration into the land, to the point where the Jewish State could be set up.

      But the British had other ideas.

      First they gave some 80% of the land to the Hashemites (now Jordan), they then stopped Jewish immigration and started unlimited Arab immigration.

      So by 1939 and contrary to the intentions of the League, there was nowhere for the Jews of Europe to go.

      • What has this got to do with the original question
        ‘ who has really beneffited from the Holocaust?’
        Whether the H happened or not, clearly Jews are
        the only ones who have beneffited. The Holocaust
        ‘ Industry ‘ has created billions of dollars in
        compensation for whatever is alleged to have

          • I know it’s frustrating mcinsderot. Wish I had some better words of encouragement.

            Anyways, if you havent read Spengler, he discusses some issues in a manner that you might find interesting. Ill see if I can drum up some links if you would like, to articles of his, Im thinking might interest you, given your discussion and articles here.

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