Living the Outcome of Obama’s Policies

Raymond Ibrahim is a well-known American scholar of Coptic background who specializes in Islam in the Middle East. In the following clip from CBN, he talks about recent events in Egypt, and the Obama administrations catastrophic decision to throw in its lot with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Atheists and secular people who have a less than positive opinion about Christian media should note the quality of the information conveyed in this conversation on CBN. The Christian outlets do a far better job of presenting news about Islam than the regular MSM. They are generally thorough, accurate, and straightforward in their reporting:

Hat tip: Kitman.

6 thoughts on “Living the Outcome of Obama’s Policies

  1. I think that many Christians here in England are not blind to the possibility of their being persecuted also one day. They possibily see it more as a result of the cultural Marxism which has affected all European political parties and the establishment and the chattering classes. As Mr Ibrahim says, whereas once we were proud of our Christian heritage, now it has become their job to parade all the ills of Christianity. However, the reformation, the situation in Northern Ireland are less to do with religion than politics, the independent mindedness of North Europeans against the corporate mentality of the South; Celtic Ireland against Anglo-Saxon England.

    Thus far nobody, bar my methodist minister, has voiced concern about the time when islam is the major religion in this country. Does that mean that we will no longer be officially Christain but be islamic? This is only ten years away and as the muslim population here is doubling every ten years it will only be a few decades before Christians are a dwindling minority ripe for being rendered defenceless and powerless. The interesting thing will be whether the indigenous nominally Christian population will soon rediscover their Christianity and stand behind it as muslims will regard them as being Christian, as drummer Lee Rigby, no matter whether they have ever attended church on a regular basis or not. The same applies for the sudden increase in the indigenous birthrate that is now occurring as the English realise that unless they keep up they will rapidly be outbred. This is, of course, sheer insanity in a country that is now, thanks to mass immigration, one of the most densely populated in the world. And these baby wars are something that would never have happened without mass third world immigration. Indeed we had the chance of getting our population down to its optimum figure of 30m or even the 40m of the turn of the last century. This is just another indication that the mass immigration of racially and culturally unassimilable peoples is a recipe for disaster.

    • There is absolutely no evidence that the English birth-rate has increased. The people having babies in greater numbers are immigrants i.e. Muslims and Eastern Europeans. Please provide me with some evidence if I am not reading the data correctly.

      • Sorry, perhaps I have been fed the lie or obfustication namely that we – the present inhabitants of the country that was once England – are having more children than ever, to include the ethnic English and the New British. You may be right that the ethnic English are not; I think our birth-rate is meant to be below replacement level; which is exactly what would have been needed if we had not had mass immigration, i.e. it would have meant a start to getting the population of Britain down to the optimum of 30m or even the 40m of a hundred years ago rather than 62m and rocketing towards 70m. I know that the muslims are having twice replacement level at least and perhaps it is the same for East Europeans, after all more babies more benefits.

        • I’ve heard that the English birthrate for Muslims is 5.6 per couple and that of non-Muslims is 1.3. The replacement rate being 2.1. Spain, Italy & Greece all around 1.1 – 1.3 also. Europe is in trouble.

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