“How Could This Be Any Simpler?”

Dr. David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics has a few choice words to say in response to Prime Minister David Cameron’s assertion that the sharia-compliant execution of Lee Rigby on a London street was a “betrayal of Islam”.

This informative video includes crucial footage of Michael Adebolajo that was omitted by most media outlets in their reports on last Wednesday’s atrocity. In the uncut clip, the killer cites an explicit Koranic requirement for his actions. In the video below, Dr. Wood fills out the scriptural references that commanded Mr. Adebolajo to commit his bestial attack:

17 thoughts on ““How Could This Be Any Simpler?”

  1. This should be required viewing by all politicians at all levels,all civil servants in the west,all military, all police forces, all talking heads in the media who are apparently too lazy to read the Koran so that they can become easily informed on the subject.

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  3. It’s not only simple to comprehend but downright evil!!!

    Anjem (Andy) Choudary is responsible for radicalizing killer Michael Adebowale; a second generation, young Nigerian immigrant.

    Radical cleric Choudary should be deported or imprisoned! He has blood on his hands! He is a lying [despicable being], former lawyer who knows how to commit taqiyya (telling of lies) effectively.

    Every time I see his smug, lying face in the media, I want to set his beard on fire! He looks old & decrepit for a 45 year old man! He is Satan himself, incarnate.

    How vile for the British government to pay welfare benefits (1700 pounds per month) to a radical cleric, Pakistani immigrant who hates everything Western. Choudary receives more in welfare benefits than earned by slain British soldier Lee Rigby! The injustice and evil of it all. It makes me angry and sick to my stomach!


    • He should be deported without question, however I think he’s truthful about islam and his intentions.
      This video is important because it proves the Cameron & Bo-Jo are lying or ignorant

      • Chowder certainly is a depraved, despicable, disgusting, malignant and immoral coward moslem; but he was born in the UK so can’t be deported. Who do you think, in their right mind, would take the mutt, even if he could be deported?

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  5. Anjem (Andy) Choudary is a blessing. He is doing us a favour!

    He has woken up a lot more infidels to the threat of Islam than anyone else. We need more like him!

  6. What boggles my mind is that in the age of internet, with various sources on the Kuran (and the far more murderous Hadith), fully explained by Islamic scholars, there are still left-liberals who refuse to see the truth that is in plain sight. The cult of Islam commands its faithful to wage relentless, barbaric war upon Kafirs. It promises heaven (with its uniquely Islamic rewards such as 72 virgins etc.) to those muslims who wage this war.

    The Hadith is not for the faint hearted. There are entire chapters on war with Kafirs (including lessons on how to rape captured Kafir women ).

    The dirty sick bastard cult leader Mohammed left a whole stack of sick literature for his zombie followers. The day must come when those stacks are burnt throughout the civilized world. Islam is the opposite of civilization.

  7. Anjem Chaudhury is a perfect follower of his mad prophet Mohammed (the child rapist and mass murderer). WHen younger, he busied himself bedding women (just like his mad prophet Mohammed, who was a sex maniac: the hadith records that he would have sex with 10 wives in one night. Rasputin would have suffered a serious inferiority complex had he read the Hadith with all its sickness). Now, he exhorts the faithful to kill in the name of the mad prophet.

    Islam is a disease. It is not a religion. It is a disease. It must be eradicated.

  8. Notable how aware and comfortable the jihadists were, they were dominating the territory, as if sovereignty had been ceded to them.

    • Put very simply, reject the sick cult of the child rapist Mohammed, or we will not allow you to live among us. Simple as that.

  9. Note Johnson’s smirk as he absolved Islam of any responsibility for this murder.

  10. Excellent work David. You really did some good with this video, I think. The response was timely and commentary was high quality. Nice close, too.

  11. “We will not fight them on the beaches, we will not fight in the streets, we will not fight them at the welfare office, we will not fight them at the ports of entry, we have surrendered”- Prime Minister Cameron

    • Britain today badly needs another Prime Minister like Winnie or like the only Prime Minister since with a set of balls, as the Economist Magazine proclaimed with an unmistakable caricature of her in bulging shorts and a Union Jack blouse on a Front page Cover; the one and only Maggie Thatcher! Nothing but wimps since! Long time no longer rules the wave and have become worse than slaves on the world scene.

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