The Goal: More Cultural Enrichment at NRK

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends his translation of this short article from Utrop, an immigrant newspaper in Norway. The translator includes this article:

The article concerns the state broadcaster NRK and its declared goal of hiring at least ten new token ethnics each year so that the TV channel can brag about how inclusive and non-discriminatory it is.

This story actually reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George decides to find himself a black friend.

I wonder what would happen in the future if a Muslim news anchor happened to roll out a prayer rug and start praying during a live broadcast. Or what about if a Muslima has to conduct an interview with an imam, and he tells her that she is disrespectful and orders her to shut up?

The translated article:

NRK welcomes hijab debate

News presenters in the Swedish state television channel SVT are not allowed to wear hijab or other religious symbols. NRK, however, has not as yet reached a decision on the matter.

“It’s okay for television news reporters to wear hijab, and I see no reasons why TV presenters in general shouldn’t be allowed to wear one. However, TV presenters are specifically required to wear neutral clothing, so we’ll have to take a closer look at the question when and if the day comes,” says Per Arne Kalbakk, the director of programming, to Kampanje [Norwegian newspaper] .

He says that the state broadcaster hasn’t decided yet whether it would be acceptable for news anchors to wear the hijab.

“Wants to hire at least ten employees with multicultural backgrounds”

He can reveal that NRK’s declared goal is to recruit at least ten new staff members with multicultural backgrounds each year, and he hopes that “a good handful” of these will sign on for an 18-month trainee program specifically tailored for persons with multicultural backgrounds.

Kampanje asked the director of programming whether he personally hopes that the hijab/news anchors scenario soon will become a reality that the TV channel has to deal with.

“Well, that would mean that we have succeeded in recruiting people with multicultural backgrounds to present the TV news, which is certainly a goal.

“I would welcome that scenario,” says Kalbakk.

The original story on which Utrop based their article is here.

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4 thoughts on “The Goal: More Cultural Enrichment at NRK

  1. Easy. Hire a Swede, a Dane, a Norwegian, a Finn, a German and a Latvian.

    Multiculti achieved with little threat of a head-bag.

    Oh, I forgot, Multiculti means “non white”. Sheesh, who’d ever think we’d have segregation again!

    • The muslims racialize the conflict by considering men with Middle-Eastern looks to be automatic muslims. Is it wise to alienate yourself from non-Middle-Eastern people?

    • Well…you can get “multicultural” without leaving Norway, without any anti-white racism, without being “politically correct”, without betraying any of your Judaeo-Christian values.

      Here ya go!

  2. No veiling of muslim women was required by the Profit of 20% until near the end of his 10 years of genocidal plundering & savagery. Thus, any muslim demanding that muslim women wear any such head-dress is a muslim who says they are endorsing and promoting genocidal islam. The early islam (the islam which had so few takers, the islam of “there is no compulsion in religion), was an islam in which women were not veiled.

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