David Cameron Declares War on the EDL

As promised in the comments here a couple of days ago, Paul Weston presents the evidence for a carefully planned takedown of the English Defence League by the “Conservative” British government.

David Cameron Declares War on the EDL
by Paul Weston

David Cameron’s Con/Lib government really doesn’t like the English Defence League. Here is Cameron on the EDL:

“The hon. Gentleman speaks not only for his constituents, but, frankly, for the whole House in deprecating the English Defence League and all it stands for. On its attempt to say that it will somehow help to restore order, I have described some parts of our society as sick, and there is none sicker than the EDL.”

When Cameron talks about Islam, however, he adopts a slightly different approach:

“Many Muslims I’ve talked to about these issues are deeply offended by the use of the word ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islamist’ to describe the terrorist threat we face today… it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.”

So some Muslims feel upset that Islamic terrorists are carrying out terror attacks both in the name of Islam and in accordance with the Koran, which Cameron apparently sympathises with, but when it comes to the EDL he hates everything they stand for?

But what does the EDL stand for? They would rather our vulnerable young girls were not gang-raped; that sharia law should have no place in Britain; that young girls should not suffer female genital mutilation; that imported imams should cease encouraging sedition, terrorism, anti-Semitism, the murder of homosexuals, the inequality of women, etc. etc. etc.

And Mr Cameron is against The EDL And All It Stands For?? The British government, police and media were able to keep the countless Muslim gang-rape abominations away from the mainstream news-headlines for over a decade, so perhaps one can understand Cameron’s hatred of the EDL, without whom the internationally embarrassing Muslim gang-rape news would have been buried for another decade — along with several thousand new victims…

So no one should be surprised that a traitor and a quisling — for that is what David Cameron is — who clearly hates his country, its traditions, and its people, should now be trying to designate the EDL a terrorist organisation with a view to closing them down completely.

In order to do this, he has assembled a varied group of high level people to get the process underway. Cameron, incidentally, does not mix socially with the centre-right. Cameron clan dinner parties hosted by his alleged Marxist wife attract predominantly the great and the good of the leftist world, which perhaps include The Guardian’s Mark Smith, who wrote the following on 13 March 2013:

The EDL is exploiting concerns about sex-grooming gangs to fuel its anti-Islam agenda and help forge networks with far-right groups across Europe, according to a university report… Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens of KCL’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation said: ‘The EDL has successfully exploited concerns about the sex-grooming gangs in the north of England, turning the issue into one of Islam versus the west…there’s a danger that the UK will export this kind of vicious, far-right activism to the rest of the continent.’

The EDL and its partners have worsened community tensions and further promoted ideas that helped inspire the Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik… this ‘rape jihad’, as it has become known, is a significant concern for the EDL, says Meleagrou-Hitchens. ‘Interest has risen since revelations in the British media about the existence of sex-grooming gangs made up of Muslim men of south-Asian origin.’

The far-right group is sharing these tactics with partners in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and other countries, the report found. The EDL has had an online presence for some time but it is making efforts to move to the physical world… the attacks in Norway (Breivik) were the first example of an individual inspired to pursue terrorism in direct response to perceived Islamisation, and they are unlikely to be the last.

Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, the author of the report quoted by the Guardian above, is no lightweight. His organisation, based at King’s College London, is called the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) which is a counter-terrorist organisation taken very seriously by the British government.

The ICSR held a conference recently, which it described as follows:

At this major conference, experts, analysts and policymakers from across Europe will discuss the evolving threat from a new breed of far right extremists, the so-called “Counter-Jihad” movement. The event will also launch ICSR’s latest policy report A Neo-Nationalist Network: the English Defence League and Europe’s counter-jihad movement written by Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens and Hans Brun.

There were some very influential people present at this conference, including: Ian Bradshaw, from the ‘Tackling Extremism & Hate Crime Division’ of the government’s Department for Communities and Local Government. Matthew Collins, Hope not Hate. Jonathan Birdwell, Demos. Maria Margaronis, The Nation. Magnus Ranstorp, Swedish National Defence College. Vidhya Ramalingam, who specialises in countering far-right extremism, from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, and Professor Roger Griffin, Oxford Brookes University.

The conference was moderated by Professor Peter Neumann and Dr. John Bew of ICSR and was hosted in partnership with the Community Security Trust (CST); the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies (CATS) and the Swedish National Defence College which has high level military links.

The keynote speech at this ICSR conference was delivered by the Conservative minister James Brokenshire, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Security who made some of the following observations, as reported by the Evening Standard:

Right-wing extremists could pose an al-Qaeda-style threat in Britain, the security minister warned today. James Brokenshire said the “ugly face” of the far Right was a “real” danger to public safety and had the same aim as Islamist extremists of wanting to reshape society… He warned of the risk of attacks by Right-wing “lone wolves” [a.k.a. Breivik — PW].

He also said the activities of the English Defence League could ‘stoke radicalisation’ and push people towards terrorism. Such groups “can provide ‘gateway ideologies’ through which individuals may migrate to more extreme organisations… where these lines blur, from a counter-terrorism perspective, is where the real risk lies.’

The people at this conference range from the Neo-Communist hard Left, all the way through to genuine military counter-terrorism departments and high level politicians. When they invoke al-Qaeda and Breivik in relation to the EDL, we can see clearly the direction David Cameron is taking. This is a blatant attempt to link the EDL with genuine terrorism in order to close them down.

This is just the first stage. Get genuine counter-terrorist organisations and friendly left-wing media outlets like The Guardian to denounce the EDL, link them to Breivik and al-Qaeda and then get Britain’s government security chief to say the same. Stage two — having set the EDL up for a fall — is to place an MI5 man within the organisation; give him a fake bomb and a handy mosque and arrest him in a huge televised police operation just before he was due to “set it off” then blaze the headlines across the country: “EDL Terrorist Bomber Arrested at East London Mosque” and bob’s your uncle, proscribe the EDL under counter-terrorism laws.

If they succeed in this, which I think they will, then Britain will have taken just another step toward temporary totalitarianism which will replaced well before 2050 by outright Islamic rule. Cameron is now on the list of quislings who must one day be held accountable for treason.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here.

For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

68 thoughts on “David Cameron Declares War on the EDL

  1. Re: ” EDL, without whom the internationally embarrassing Muslim gang-rape news would have been buried for another decade — along with several thousand new victims…”
    I think the BNP were well head of the EDL on this terrible issue, at least going back as far as 2006, if not before. Nick Griffin faced court for raising this hidden subject. Credit where credit due.

    • The BNP were ahead of EDL on this, but then since they existed before EDL that’s basically a tautology. If you want to say who was making this public in chronological order, then I think Labour’s Ann Cryer was making an issue out of it in 2003 before the BNP (maybe she was making local protestions as early as 2002). I’m prepared to be corrected on this, as I don’t know much more about the BNP than what is in Wikipedia and on the BNP website.

      BNP banged on about it for years, but nothing was done. The point of the BNP is that it makes any issue associated with them go nowhere.

      BNP have been hostile to EDL from the beginning. But it was the EDL tactic of making it hurt councils and police forces financially that got this issue on the table at long last. The BNP just served to hide it for longer.

      If the BNP did not exist, MI5 would have to create them. It’s as simple as that.

  2. If it looks like a coward, speaks like a coward, acts like a coward, then it surely is David Cameron.

    Please, “dear” Left, take him – we dont want him.

  3. David Cameron had the brass neck to stand up and give a speech on the King James Bible where he said that Britain was a Christian country and the Bible was part of our heritage and culture – it follows that Britian is not and Islamic country and the Koran (which is both logically and spiritually incompatible with the teachings of the Bible) is not part of our heritage and culture. But it’s all just morally corrupt wordplay; these politicians have no shame, no honour, no integrity.

    Look at Chris Huhne – he was one of the politicians who jumped on the bandwagon and called for Geert Wilders to be prevented from entering the UK. All the time he had lied to cover up a criminal offence, & he kept lying about it right up to the day he was going to end up in court – lied, lied and lied again. Now he’s sewing mailbags.

    And these people think they have the moral standing to tell people how they ought to live their lives – and what they ought to think? They are intellectually and morally corrupt – they ought to be tied to a fence post and horse whipped within an inch of their lives, every one of them.

    • Chris Huhne is no longer sewing mailbags. He is now in a cushy open prison because he kept crying at the way those old lags and the warders were treating him. This is the slimy British establishment. They should have left him there to get the treatment he deserves. In view of his stance on Geert Wilders they should have put him in with a bunch of muslims who would have treated him the same way they treated Tommy Robinson. They should have left him to be terrified in case he dropped the soap whilst in the shower and ended up with a pain in the backside. On the other hand if he is ex-public school he may be used to that sort of thing.

  4. As Hayek, von Mises and Burnham all noted by 1964, the Tories are socialists. Joining the EU was their idea. It doesn’t matter which mouth the 3-headed dog barks with, it’s the same dog.

    Cameron appointed Warsi to be the chairman of his party. She lives with a man who was a recruitment agent for Hizb ut Tahrir, at the very time when Hizb ut Tahrir were openly advocating the extermination of homosexuals and of Israel.

    Has Warsi been penalised for living with this (ex?) islamo-nazi, for bringing someone into Downing St. who advocates the overthrow of democracy and apartheid for non-muslims? Of course not. http://4freedoms.com/forum/topics/baroness-warsi?groupUrl=infiltration

  5. EDL are my heroes! They are Britain’s Street ANGELS! Ruling elites are determined to DESTROY freedom and prevent the EDL from protesting against the UNJUST, rapid Islamization of Christian Britain, but most of all elites are vehemently opposed to compassionate human rights activists, EDL, protesting the many THOUSANDS of savage gang rapes and forced prostitution of Britain’s terrorized, defenseless non-Muslim children by cruel, INHUMAN Muslim monsters-sons of the devil. Ruling elites sole purpose is to protect global Islam and Muslims. NOT Britain’s severely persecuted, suffering children. Elites identify with perpetrators.

    Monday, October 29, 2012
    Jimmy Savile the tip of the iceberg. Jersey Abuse Case Exposes Vast Conspiracy
    Between England and France lies a small British island called Jersey and one called Guernsey.
    The tiny Jersey Island has been the center of an investigation into child abuse, torture and murder which exposes the island’s connection to a global conspiracy of satanic
    ritual abuse and coverup.

    …Despite the fact that police had 1,776 statements from 192 victims, identifying 151
    abusers only the 7 low level staff were charged. Police have long had more than sufficient evidence for more arrests and
    indictments but orders from higher up have prevented prosecutions of any but the lower level perpetrators….

    Some of the officials in Jersey or Britain who tried to obstruct, derail or who opposed the investigation include: …Jack Straw – British MP, home secretary…

    Anyone who doubts the notion that Jersey is an island run by satanists only needs to drive around the island and see the statues in front yards and gardens which are blatantly satanic. One garden has a 12 foot high statue of satan…

    London – Islington Case Pedophile Case
    In the London Borough of Islington, all of Islington’s 12 children’s homes were run by pedophiles from the 70’s up until the early 90’s and protected by the London government and Britain’s national government. Victims vigorously pursued justice and appealed to all levels of government for help but were blocked at every turn…

    The children barbarically murdered by the satanists are safe at last. The silent screams; the tears that never stopped inside are gone. The fear; the terror; the powerlessness and helplessness; the terrible physical pain and emotional agony are no more. The revolting spiritual abuse has stopped. Precious children, you are FREE at last, safe forever with God and the angels. Rest in eternal peace. You are so precious.

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    Who is Cameron really making war on? He is making war on the children.

  6. Funny how the UKIP are making inroads, suddenly Cameron starts talking about limiting benefits to immigrants etc, and targets the EDL (can’t have these pesky lads being proven right all along eh.)

    A political opportunist with absolutely no morality whatsoever.

  7. I keep trying to give the corrected link for the article in my comment and my post won’t go through!!!

    Jimmy Savile the tip of the iceberg. Jersey Abuse Case Exposes Vast Conspiracy

    I’m trying it again with just the article title but I need to give the link!

  8. Lets see, a small ragtag bunch of working class people with no money, who have to take off work to engage in any kind of political demonstration, who hold up cardboard
    signs, whose political attitude is simply the common sense patriotism of their
    fathers and grandfathers, who engage in no violence beyond push and shove, are we are told threat to Great Britain? And David Cameron, with the national treasury at his command, all the major poliltical parties, tens of thousands of police, the internal intelligence of MI-5, NATO, the British military,the billionaires of the British media, the entire leftist education apparatus, the Leftist judiciary, the Eurocrats, the complicit support of the anti white genocidal Obama, the combined funds of the EU…this man, David Cameron has the audacity to pretend that he is in a desperate fight? David Cameron is scum, and a measure of just how spineless he is, he will not rest until all intelligent thought is snuffed out and every corner of his tyrannically ruled island is without a murmur of opposition.

    • Most of them probably have children. To be fanciful, it’s as if a fabled wicked witch or warlock has cast an evil spell on them, disordering their thinking.

      On a more down-to-earth note, I think many of them are under the spell of a secular religion in which the “promised land” or utopia is peace, “justice,” and equality in material goods.

      • p.s. They love their utopian vision as long as they, themselves and their families and friends are rich in material goods.

        And they are also under the spell of the doctrine of PC Multiculturalism which posits that all cultures are of equal worth–except Western cultures which are inherently evil and racist and oppressive.

        A witches brew indeed.

  9. Western countries always interfered in Libya’s, Iraq’s, Egypt’s, Tunisia’s, Yugoslavia’s, affairs under the pretext that they (Cameron, etc) could not sleep a wink because they were worried about those countries and their people. Cameron wanted to stop the rulers of those countries from killing their own people.
    MY QUESTION is : +++++ Who will stop Cameron from killing his own people. Ethnic-cleansing his own people. Raping his own people. Oh when things are subtle people can’t discern the truth…+++++ Do They?

  10. To all the quislings out there: I wish you a long and prosperous life, so you don’t have the indecency to die before standing trial for the genocide that stained your hands and your miserable political careers.

    And then you may be dumped in the bin of History.

  11. David cameron saying what he did , will back fire, hes losing support with creating more job losess and his own backbenchers are stabbing him in the back, politicians are thieves , liars , and terroirst sympathisers,, they house and feed extremists and allow hatred to be spouted in mosques and unis, and also release the lockeribe bomber who killed 272 people,(gordon the muppet brown)……and yet when someone stands up to theses Islamists threats like the EDL , THEY ARE BRANDED SICK…….nothing more sicker CAMERON THAN SOMEONE WHO BRUSHES PAEDOPHILLIA UNDER CARPET LIKE LABOUR PARTY DID, YOU ARE ONLY NOW DEALING WITH CHILD RAPE BECAUSE ITS IN PUBLIC EYE….THIS COUNTRY IS SPLIT APRT WITH RELIGON ISLAM , CHUCKING THEIR HORSEMEAT HALAL ON YOUR KIDS SCHOOL PLATE….., IF CAMERON WANTS TO FIND THE ANSWERS TO 75% OF THE WOLRDS VIOLENCE , HE NEEDS TO LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THE QUARAN AND HADITHS…..

  12. “Stage two — having set the EDL up for a fall — is to place an MI5 man within the organisation; give him a fake bomb and a handy mosque and arrest him in a huge televised police operation just before he was due to “set it off” then blaze the headlines across the country: “EDL Terrorist Bomber Arrested at East London Mosque” and bob’s your uncle, proscribe the EDL under counter-terrorism laws.”

    I know this will probably sound far-fetched – but could Breivik himself not have been such a plant? Or recruited by such a plant, say from the “Norwegian Defence League”? We already know that they were formed by Norwegian intelligence… anything stopping their operatives from seeking out a vulnerable individual like Breivik, feeding him some drugs and persuading him to adopt his delusions? Then after he has committed his murderous act, making sure he understands that he needs to stay silent, if he wants nothing to happen to his nearest and dearest?

  13. As for Quisling Cameron – the good news is that in 2 years, he’ll most likely be gone from Downing Street. The bad news – it will probably be “Red Ed” Milliband taking his place…

    People around me were for many years surprised that a “typical Tory” like me didn’t want to have anything to do with the Tories under Cameron. But as soon as he called UKIP the “BNP in striped suits” all those years ago, it became very clear just what sort of a coward and sell-out we were dealing with. Someone who would likely sell his family if it meant a few more votes. Since the start of Cameron’s leadership I’ve supported UKIP and was even one of the 600 or so voting for Paul Weston in the 2010 election… Sorry Paul, but I still think they’re the best bet for the anti-Cameron vote, no matter how honourable your LibertyGB project is. Britain’s parliamentary system just does not give ANY hope for new start-up parties…

  14. There are two roads to serfdom the left and the right British politics is now at the totalitarian convergence the point of no return. A pseudo-ideological hybrid of totalitarianism that trawls the foaming river tiber for the dead to practice ritual mutilation and prosecute the corpses.

  15. “He also said the activities of the English Defence League could ‘stoke radicalisation’ and push people towards terrorism. Such groups “can provide ‘gateway ideologies’ through which individuals may migrate to more extreme organisations… where these lines blur, from a counter-terrorism perspective, is where the real risk lies.’”

    But the Koran doesn’t provide a “gateway ideology” leading to Islamic terrorism?

    I used to think that these people were insane – but they’re not. They know exactly what they’re about. They are possessed by evil.

  16. Fine if he can sleep at night. Problem is that he will be decimated at the next election and Labour will probably get in and no matter how bad Cameron is, Labor is on steroids as far as badness goes. They caused the bulk of the problem to begin with and have no intention of stopping.

    Liberty GB might make some inroads but it will only split the conservative vote giving Millebrand and Co a red carpet into number 10.

  17. “… it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.”

    Wow. One has to swallow that he actually said that out in the open.

    • Yes at his next press conference he should be asked exactly what it is that the native British have to integrate to: polygamy? child marriage? virulent anti-Semitism? Sharia law? This ugly list could go on for a bit, but you get the point.

      • It is not just Pakistani muslims but Hindu Indians who also murder Christians and carry out honour killings as well as letting the poor starve and thrive on corruption. Is this how David Cameron is suggesting the indigenous British should be? And no they don’t behave any differently here, apart from not killing Christians. When he went to India he was obviously chauffeured around in a limousine with the blinds drawn down and thought that India was like Tonbridge Wells.

  18. The EDL is a terrible threat to the ELITE of the UK, much more so than Al Quiada. The EDL are threatening to pull the curtain to expose the wizard(s).

    Ask yourself why Cameron should be so worried that the NAZIs were a left socialist organisation that he is prepared to dismiss the young lady concerned. It is because these things threaten the nice comfortable political CHARADE which is British politics; remember the referendum on Europe (that never was).

    If you are a member of the elite, an organisation like EDL is a total anathema, let the little girls be raped and tortured, but don’t let those EDL ‘terrorists’ near.

    EDL has exposed the Islamic penchant for exploiting the most vulnerable in society, next they might be asking for disclosure on Dunblaine and the paedo connections officially covered up there, connections linked to cabinet ministers if the rumours are true.

    EDL is detergeant and maybe Cameron is dirty, whatever the truth, I think maybe the lady doth protest too much!

    • ‘ Maybe ‘ ? Cameron is dirty. He is on the payroll of the worst of the
      Globalist Elites, the totally evil criminal Rothschild Cartel. Cameron
      has zero interest in anything British, his only interest is money.

      • C is obviously required to project a particular picture, whether this comes from a Rothschild faction or not I would not know.

        He is basically a salesman, selling us a political concept, the reality of that concept differs little from that of New Labour but the spin is different.

        Conservatives are meant to be Eurosceptic, and spin some Euro Septicaemia; sometimes, but never actually DO ANYTHING about it.

        You are right, this smacks of an agenda…..

      • I wish you could come up with the proof on that one and it could be made known generally. But it won’t of course, the British have no idea what is going on in the world although it is beginning not to make sense any more, which is a start. They will never know who Mr Cameron, or any of the other of our movers and shakers, is working for until they are on the verge of extinction as planned. The people who have provided the world with more inventions than any other. How does Cameron think Britain will do anything to contribute to the progress or welfare of mankind once he has achieved his genocidal plan?

        • It’s not Cameron’s ‘ genocidal plan ‘, that is an agenda of some of the top groups in the globalist camp. Cameron is just a placeman for them. His focus is single-mindedly on his £7 million? yearly pay from the Rothschild Cartel and he blots out anything else including honesty, decency and morality. He doesn’t care what his deception achieves, he only cares for what he gets out of it. That’s why he won’t be taking UK out of the EU, also why he supports UN Agenda 21: the Globalist position. Cameron is an irrelevance, the people that need to be exposed to daylight are those he serves, whose agenda could certainly be described as evil.

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  20. The left makes revolutions, the right conserves them, you know they are better managers but that is not the same as reverting the wrongdoings. In fact the only tradition they care for is keeping themselves in power, as it has always been. In today’s Britain Sir W. Churchill would be a dangerous extremist. Shame on you, Dave.

  21. Why are so many so-called “leaders of the free world” raging and insane liberals fully engaged in the destruction of the Western countries and Western C iv itself?? It’s like mass insanity spread by a virus out of control. But there is no such thing as a “mental” virus. Yet not only world leaders but those in important positions and professions seem to fall victim to this deranged thinking. And this has occurred within the last 20-30 years, especially the last decade. It’s almost like great numbers of selected people have been secretly indoctrinated, perhaps even with the use of implants(!!)in their brains, by some evil cabal with the money and means to do it. Napoleon said “nothing is impossible”.

    • Richard Dawkins was certainly on to something when he proposed the concept of the “meme”. And psychology reports such cognitive biases as groupthink and the bandwagon effect.

      It is also worth reading the late Stuart Sutherland’s excellent book, “Irrationality”, concerning the widespread tendency of committees to drive rather than inhibit extreme agendas.

  22. It doesn’t surprise me one bit. I lectured and studied in Academia for nigh on 15 years….
    These so called ‘liberals’ are anything but. They just kill their victims like a boa constricta- slowly and painfully. The more one protests the more it hurts as the coils tighten. Cameron is no Tory…Indeed I am not sure what ‘it’ is? Do you?

    I got out of Academia because it made me sick just to breathe the same air as these sanctimonious hypocrites and liars. They lie to themselves to and believe it. They go on and on about ”The Holocaust” and the terrible treatment meted out to the Jews, celebrate Holocaust Day in fron to the cameras, then behave like the very Nazis they claim to despise….Jews are now leaving Europe in droves….

    I hope an pray that one day these rogues will stand trial for their crimes against humanity…They are in short political terrorists and thugs!

    • So it begins, with the current Brit govt about to shut down the EDL, the only thing that these useful idiots of the left will succeed in doing is driving them underground and they will have a full fledged IRA style insurgency on steroids on their hands, the civil war in Britain is about to begin, it is now enevitable.The tighter the govt squeezes for power, the easier it will slip through their fingers.They could have avoided all of this but are blinded by their own arogance and stupidity.

  23. Dear Mr. Cameron.

    The feeling is mutual, but after the next election we will still be there. I wonder where you will be.

  24. It is no surprise that Cameron is urging the indigenous British to merge with the Asian way of life. This is because he has been to India and signed us up as an Indian colony, economic or otherwise, probably in line with the Rothschild Cartel’s one world plans. The way things are going we will be like Fiji with the Asians getting all the money and power and when we stage a coup the UN will put us down. The Indians will happily team up with the Pakistanis if it means England becoming Asian. In the end, however, once they predominate then the Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs will start murdering one another whilst we hide out in the hills.

    Cameron only cares about votes, now he is after Muslim/Asian votes. The other day when talking about the Bible he was after Anglican Tory votes. He pushed for gay marriage because he wanted the gay vote off Labour. He wants more ethnic minority mps because he wants the ethnic vote off Labour. He thinks he has seen off UKIP with his promises on immigration but he has not. UKIP wants an end to all immigration and so do the majority here. The county has more than twice the number of people it should have. Once it is stopped then it will have to be reversed if the infrastructure, the health and eduction service etc are not going to collapse. Now we are told that if the cold continues we may run out of gas. It will be last in first out with the indigenous Brits finally left in peace we hope. However, there is one ethnic or religious grouping that 75% of the indigenous British want to see gone first. And yet the barmy do-gooding political elite are holding a parliamentary committee on how to tackle islamphobia. As John Goodhart said, these are liberal academics and the like who live far away from cultural enrichment and have been little affected by mass immigration. Culturally enriched working class East Oxford is a separate homeland from university dominated North Oxford. The British working classes should boot them off their top tables and give them a pasting.

  25. Right-wing extremists could pose an al-Qaeda-style threat in Britain, the security minister warned today. James Brokenshire said the “ugly face” of the far Right was a “real” danger to public safety and had the same aim as Islamist extremists of wanting to reshape society… He warned of the risk of attacks by Right-wing “lone wolves” [a.k.a. Breivik — PW].

    He also said the activities of the English Defence League could ‘stoke radicalisation’ and push people towards terrorism. Such groups “can provide ‘gateway ideologies’ through which individuals may migrate to more extreme organisations… where these lines blur, from a counter-terrorism perspective, is where the real risk lies.’

    To translate: The sheep might wake up, turn off the TV and realize that their communities, their jobs and their way of life have been taken from them…

    • “He also said the activities of the English Defence League could ‘stoke radicalisation’ and push people towards terrorism.”

      he is actually trying to pin the blame for some radicalisation on the EDL, not the mullahs and imams.

  26. When is David Cameron going to tackle Unite Against Fascism and their street thuggery and violence and terrorism?

    One wonders.

    • The traitor Cameron is a FOUNDING MEMBER of the collection of creeps called UAF [ Unite Against Freedom ha ha], so he will never take any action against them. Cameron really should have taken acting lessons before he became PM, he’s incapable of delivering a
      false statement without being really obvious, as a total fraud.

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  35. Modern Islamic radicalism traces back direct to the Muslim Brotherhood (a front for Marxist-Leninist agitprop amongst Arab university students), which was set up in the 1920s after Stalin identified Islam as a force that could be harnessed and directed to serve Soviet regional aspirations.

    The Communists later recognised that Islam could be mobilised into a dialectical conflict with Western culture and values on a far broader stage. If your goal is a one-world Socialist state, you can march a long way beside those whose goal is a one-world global theocracy before you must part company.

  36. Sadly Cameron is like every other Western Politician in the Western World , it is always so much easier to shoot the messenger , rather then deal with the message . They do their Countries & it’s People no good by ignoring the fact that Islam & Sharia & Democracies cannot co exist regardless of how much they say/think it can .

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