Knife Play at the Winter Ball

When the story of the gang attack in France appeared in the news feed several days ago, the article was very careful not to mention ethnicity. I wondered if it might be gypsies, since it occurred in a rural area, but no, it has since emerged that it was African and/or Arab “youths” — the usual suspects.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian portal Heimatkurier:

Attack on Winter Ball — Afro-Arab migrant gang kills 16-year-old Frenchman

Horror news from France: At the weekend there was a brutal multicultural murder during a winter ball in the town of Crépol. An Afro-Arab migrant gang stormed the event late in the evening and killed 16-year-old Thomas by stabbing him in the heart and neck. Two other victims are in hospital. Their condition is critical. In total there are said to be more than 15 injured.

Last weekend, the small community of Crépol organized a winter ball for the local young people. The aim was to experience an evening of dancing and fun. However, this plan turned into a bloodbath in multicultural France: First, three Arab youths entered the events and, according to witnesses, caused trouble and stress. When it was discovered that the migrants were armed with knives, they were expelled from the place.

The outbreak of violence was an act of revenge

A little later, the troublemakers returned in a larger group and took revenge for being thrown out of the event: The result so far? One dead, two seriously wounded and at least 15 slightly wounded. The descriptions from the crime scene are disturbing. The underage witnesses reported the bloody act: “Thomas got a knife in the heart.” One of his rugby colleagues reported: “It was a bloodbath!”

France always delivers horror news

2023 was a year of imported violence for France. In the summer, migrant uprisings shocked the entire country. The cause was the death of a minor serial offender in Paris. Police shot the boy because he tried to run over an officer with a car during a roadside check. Despite the police officer’s obviously correct actions, people expressed their solidarity with the perpetrator. The climax was the brutal rape of Méghane in Cherbourg. The perpetrator, a naturalized immigrant from Senegal, broke into the 27-year-old French woman’s apartment and raped the woman with a broomstick. The injuries are so bad that the hospital staff treating them requires psychological care.

France proves: multiculturalism has failed

Multicultural societies are not a place of peaceful coexistence and harmony as the rainbow and multicultural propaganda would have us believe. The realities in these societies are brutal violence and civil war-like conditions. The solution to this problem is simple: closed borders and remigration.

Afterword from the translator:

The people that have been advocates to this “Multicultural Society” should have to spend a week in a South African Township. Let’s see how fast their life-expectancy is going to drop, because our Townships are loaded with blacks from different tribes and cultural practices, and every weekend there are killings in which one group fights another. Crime has become so rampant there that the predominant tribe/culture is using vigilante justice to keep the “peace”. And then, blacks from other African countries are killed with “righteous” zeal when the locals go on a so called “xenophobic” rampage, when they believe that these people have done something. And it doesn’t really matter what. And Europe and the West have been importing these practices wholesale and it is no wonder that, since these people have no concept of right or wrong in our society, that they will use their practices to dominate any argument and they WILL set Europe aflame.

7 thoughts on “Knife Play at the Winter Ball

  1. Let’s hope that Geert Wilders manages to carry out some of his plans to expel the immigrants to the Netherlands.
    In a sane world, the governments in Western countries would be executing these killers, in public as a deterrent to others and as a demonstration to the indigenous people that they actually matter in what is allowed in their/our countries., and those we pay to look after our interests and safety, do their job.
    Unfortunately, I believe that in Western countries, the political and legal systems are so corrupted, they will never be reformed. They need to be destroyed and started again by true patriots; white, Christian patriotic men.

  2. I cannot wait until that galvanizing moment occurs where people go from looking at each other to act to acting at the spur of the moment and butchers these bloody savages where they stand, then the fear will be felt by all those bloody Untermensch, until none are left.

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