The Perils of Multicultural Pedagogy

It seems that remedial German classes — what we Americans might call “German as a second language” courses — have become problematic in Vienna, due to the behavior of the culture-enriching pupils who attend them.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Well-known Viennese teacher raises the alarm: Sexual assaults in German language classes

German language courses for young migrants are becoming more and more of a nightmare for teachers. The hours were characterized by hatred of Austrians and sexual assaults. A teacher writes about the terrible conditions in a letter.

Vienna’s City Councilor for Education Christoph Wiederkehr (NEOS) is planning compulsory summer German language courses for children with language deficiencies. In an explosive letter to the former school director and daily newspaper columnist Niki Glattauer, a teacher is now raising the alarm. Educators would prefer to abolish language courses. Sexual assaults occur too often and ethnic conflicts occur too often among immigrants.

Muslim women do not take part in excursions

The young refugees are not grateful for the opportunity to learn German for free. “The absence rate is beyond anything seen before,” reports a teacher from Lower Austria in the free newspaper Heute. Strictly veiled girls with headscarves are generally absent from every course; others simply go home — there are no consequences.

Teachers teach with the door open [And with an automatic weapon handy? Most likely NOT.]

But the many truants are the least of the problems: “Ethnic conflicts are simmering in these courses,” writes the teacher. And further: “The Syrian doesn’t work with the North African because he sees him and his language as a ‘defilement of pure Koran Arabic’, the European doesn’t practice dialogues with the Muslim because he thinks he’s better, and the Ukrainian… After a year of German language course he still doesn’t speak a word of German, is constantly missing and makes it known that he doesn’t like the country or the Austrians.” There are also sexually suggestive comments — against students and teachers. The teacher writes about bearded, supposedly 15-year-old Arabs. “Once, when I bent down to pick up a piece of chalk that had fallen to the ground, the two Syrians laughed suggestively and made intense comments. I felt uncomfortable. Once, in a similar situation, I managed to record snippets of speech on my cell phone. I’ll spare you the translation.”

There is fear among educators. There are now even instructions to only teach such students in the hallway or with the door open. This should at least give the teachers some security. “This is all a catastrophe and far from the job you trained for as a teacher,” the teacher raises the alarm.

Afterword from the translator:

These are the harbingers of the NWO and Agenda 2030. The globalists are turning Europe into a slaughterhouse with the help of their political actors.

I heard from a friend in Germany — in the medical profession — that they are now offered courses in self-defense because of the violence brought into hospitals by these invaders. How much evidence does it take that this slaughterhouse scenario will soon become a reality nationwide? For many, especially in the cities, it already is a daily occurrence. When will word get out that the trip isn’t going to a lush green meadow with willing maidens and money growing on the trees, as promised by the globalist traffickers, but directly to the slaughterhouse? But I guess it won’t matter to them, since their role in this “play” of genocide is that of the butcher.

I’m curious to see whether Germany will be able to apply its emergency brakes if its leaders should become willing to do so.

24 thoughts on “The Perils of Multicultural Pedagogy

  1. Segregation by gender and race is the solution. Apartheid.
    Clearly they have no intention of working so don’t need to speak the language. Why does Austria want generations of welfare bludgers? Who is going to provide services? 80 year old Austrians? Maybe you will have to work till 100?

    • Segregation to what end? A permanent underclass of troglodyte Morlocks who occasionally eat an Eloi or two?

      Morbark is the solution. Lots and lots of woodchippers for orcs and orc apologists alike. The time for half-measures is long past.

      Clearly the orcs have zero business in Europe, and therefore they must be compelled to leave or be eliminated if they choose to be defiant. As for their supporters and dupes who functioned as a fifth column for the invasion, they can be given the same choice; remove themselves to Africa or feed Morbark.

  2. “I’m curious to see whether Germany will be able to apply its emergency brakes if its leaders should become willing to do so.”

    If the leaders are unwilling to do so then they will be replaced by those who will. For what it’s worth, I don’t think it will be the AfD who eventually ride in on a white horse and fix this mess. They’ll probably be co-opted and subverted as the price for real political power, and allowed to play the role of controlled opposition to quell the worst of what anger there is in Germany over being the prize fools of Europe.

    When that fails to pacify, and the rot and dysfunction have progressed to a point that even the more oblivious normies are noticing, there will be a space within German and EU politics for a dictator to ride in on a white horse looking to kick anus and chew bubblegum amidst a shortage of bubblegum.

    • breaking news is that an AfD politician was tricked into having his photo taken together with people who injected him with a substance that now has him at deaths door in hospital
      Details will come, but what you know in advance is that the public media who are paid by taxes will report in such a way as the majority can ignore it with clear conscience.
      Naom Chomski in his book and film Manufacturing Consent physically demonstrated that the rulers of the universe will even run newspapers at a loss for the purpose of controlling how the masses think. The masters employ an editor with the correct opinions and the editor employs reporters with the same opinion such that the opinion is reported and no censorship is required. Back then the supposed purpose was to protect capitalist interests, but that is benign in comparison with the purpose being revealed now. The formula is valid but the sign for the variables are reversed (pluses are now minuses for our upside-down times). The masters have employed ostensibly communist editors. The purpose is to collapse society. The people united can never be defeated chant the useful idiots who by definition classify those not united behind their utopia as not the people (ie enemies) and thereby ensure disunity and defeat.
      Also in Manufacturing Consent there are worthy and unworthy victims. For example, before the Orwelian inversion the Palestinians were breed and bleed unworthies. Amnesty International abandoned their (imperialistic) impartiality for a modern perspective that only the oppressed can legitimately represent the cause, so now the Palestinians are worthies on the human rights world stage. And you are daily reminded that you are an unworthy and no good person is to care about what happens to you.
      All of this could change overnight were the masters to replace the international editors with westerners who wished to remain so

        • There is always legitimate criticism of proposed or operating systems, but so very few have proven operational at large scale.
          For example, compared with Thomas Hobbes our current Adam Smith system is highly progressive (in newspeak language) but there are many criticisms of Smith, mostly demanding more progress.
          Naom Chomsky has volumes of legitimate criticism of the system in his book Understanding Power, but then the question is what is to be done. He addresses this as almost a throw away line – that people thrown into a vacuum quickly determine a system that meets their collective needs and so there is no point in working out a structure in advance. A big book and the imbalance between criticism and construction is what stays with me for obvious reasons. Later I discovered that without revealing his source he has obviously taken this reasoning from Saul Alinsky in his vile Rules for Radicals.
          The burn it down and rebuild better only makes sense for small scale structures, and everybody who thinks rather than fantasizes knows that a large structure will crush a small one. He lost me at that point with his irresponsibility at best and more likely dishonesty.
          Likewise, as I wrote previously he developed a legitimate formula in Manufacturing Consent but is now silent about placing current variables into the equation

  3. Old saying in certain street-smart circles:

    “If you look like food, you’ll be eaten”

    It is a shame that so many Germans and other Europeans are having to learn this harsh truth all over again, but as they say, reality doesn’t care about our feelings, does it?

    Down through the centuries, the Muslims have proven to be superbly adaptable, opportunistic and keenly-sensitive to weakness in their would-be enemies and targets. If a potential target lets down its guard, they strike. It is as simple as that.

    But because of the spectacular success of the West over the last two to three hundred years, including the prowess and skill of European arms – this once-bedrock truth has been lost in the dusty pages of history.

    And if modern Europeans will not learn the lesson the easy way, by benefiting from the hard-won wisdom of their ancestors – they will then learn it in that most-harsh of schoolhouses – the school of reality, otherwise known as the school of hard knocks.

    The famous quote attributed to George Orwell comes to mind….

    “People Sleep Peacefully in Their Beds at Night Only Because Rough Men Stand Ready to Do Violence on Their Behalf…”

    For over a thousand years, European civilization has been protected by those “rough men” of whom Orwell spoke, the hard men who kept watch by night over the battlements of Old Europe, protecting it from their ancient enemies in Dar al-Islam.

    But once peace and prosperity seemed permanent features of the modern world, those men were told that they were no longer necessary and that they had become obsolete. They were then shunned or forgotten as brutal throwbacks of an unenlightened age.

    As it turns out, those tough men of old knew an eternal truth that post-modern Europeans seem to have forgotten ~ namely, that the world is a dangerous place and if civilization is not vigilantly defended every waking hour, it can be lost in a remarkably brief interval of time.

    Skeptics might say that there are plenty of soldiers and police in modern Europe, and that they protect society. But the skeptics are wrong: The mere existence of such forces accomplishes nothing if they are prevented from protecting their birthright by those in power who issue their orders.

    And Europeans ought to ask themselves why the authorities have stayed the strong arms which might save them from the marauders – why would any leader worthy of the name do such a heartless and vile thing?

    • The west has not somehow let it’s guard down, the bosses are deliberately bringing in these savages to help control the population and exchange love for hate. This has been going on in England since the end of WW2. I remember aged 11 having an Indian ‘friend’ at school. She invited me to her home one afternoon but her mother refused to let me cross past the front door. That was in the 1960s.

    • Because they think that hard rough men will be easily to control, little do they realize those hard ruthless men will soon eliminate those who think they can control them. Then they will then be turned lose on the orcs and useful idiots of the left with a bloody vengeance. It is going to be bloody epic when it starts.

    • Opinion of the well educated man !
      Then why West dismantle in Yalta 1944 best protective military Wall from Islam , Europe have had by centuries , Poland ?
      Why West embolden once again in Potsdam 1945 , deadly for Europe peace and prosperity Prussian-Russian aliance ? ..Regards..

    • ..” police in modern Europe, and that they protect society. But the skeptics are wrong “..
      Right observation !
      Pretorians ( police ) in Rome Republic served Cesar not a Citizens and Law as they should ..

  4. We told them what would happen but the doctrinaire leftists would not listen. They never will. Mad Merkel and her cronies have a lot to answer for.

    • They were told what to do by the WEF and the rest of the parasitic class. They don’t quite realize that the hard ruthless men are in the shadows watching them ruin western civilization. When they come out to play, it will be far to late for anyone to do anything about it, they will rule with an iron fist for a long time.

        • Sorry Max but, the WEF types will be put t the sword and we will probably see the rise of Kings again as a result, or a take over by the Generals.

  5. “the European doesn’t practice dialogues with the Muslim because he thinks he’s better”

    (such snide loxism, and misandry, used to leave me speechless)

    The “European” no longer mentally identifies “white” women, with white men….

    When ever we see a “white” woman, we expect to see her beloved coloured following shortly behind….

    Never once have “white” women stood in solidarity with white men.
    Ever..And I checked several thousand years of history….
    Always choosing to take the side of every enemy, and openly support every grievance group against us too.

    I am genuinely surprised, there is even a pretence, that your part of the white race any more..
    You have done, and still continue to do, everything you can to harm the white race.

    You destroyed our nations with your lust.
    You destroyed our children with your greed.
    And you still try to destroy us, with your jealousy.

    The white males you so hate, gave you the freedom you take for granted.

    The Muslims won’t.
    The Africans won’t
    And neither will anybody else for that matter.
    And just saying, perhaps that is for the best?
    So many white men have committed suicide to escape your betrayal.
    Their blood is very much on your hands, if you like it, or not.

    You have shown your own fathers, and sons, nothing hut contempt for so many generations now, they do not even identify with you anymore.

    Reap what you have sown.
    You deserve no less.

    • Genetical consequence of White woman betrayal is new inferior , inebriates Hybrid species , with poor intelect and minds..
      Europe populated with this new human Hybrid , will collapse in 2 generations..

  6. Parkland can order all their illegals out of their country, but we cannot? Why not?
    And to rub our government creatures noses in it, the illegals must leave at their own cost and under their own efforts. Which is something I have advocated for some time.

    • You are going to have to take out the sword and do very nasty things to these 3rd worlders, for they understand only one thing, the mailed fist. All 3rd worlders must go, end of story.

      • Wrong strategy ( we try that in Ukraine last 2 years )..Rome in Punic Wars as well with no major success..
        The only solution is to attack them in theirs own land..( pre-emptive strikes )
        Constant , small military raids on theirs territory are most effective..
        Poland used successfully this strategy against Islam last 500 years ..
        New War in Europe brewing..Germany, Dutch, Belgian against Central , South ( Balkans ) and East Europe..( no russo-ukraine)
        Regards from Catholic Polish soldier..

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