Breakout From Gaza

Mujahideen from Hamas broke out of the Gaza strip into Israel today, using explosives to breach the border fence, paragliders to go over it, and amphibious vehicles to go around it and land on beaches to the north. Thousands of rockets were fired into Israel, some landing as far north as Tel Aviv. Hamas commandos have been slaughtering civilians on the streets of Ashkelon, Sderot, and other Israeli towns. An unknown number of Israeli hostages have been carried back to captivity in Gaza.

The number of reported Israeli casualties keeps rising, but has definitely reached three figures. The IDF has launched a series of massive attacks on Hamas’ infrastructure in Gaza.

The MSM is packed with biased reports on what’s happening, with lots of photos and videos of the puir wee Palestinian bairns being killed in Gaza. This AP article is as good as any. It describes the Hamas invaders as “militants”, needless to say.

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends the following report from Sderot.

Breakout From Gaza

by MC

This time it is really bad.

I woke up at about 6am this morning; we spent yesterday evening (last day of Sukkot) at a family BBQ in the woods north of Sderot. My second son and his 6-year-old daughter stayed overnight.

At about 6:20 the missiles started coming in. Luckily my granddaughter slept through it.

After about 45 minutes we started to hear small arms fire, which got very close in, and at which point my son decided to cut short his stay and evacuate back to Kibbutz Revivim, where they live.

They only made it a few klicks up the road, and had to drive through the aftermath of Hamas ‘heroes’ shooting up unarmed civilians.

Luckily he was able to distract my granddaughter, who has no idea that she is in a war zone.

They are safe, having been taken in by a kibbutz further north, but my son is suffering from the trauma. It is still Shabbat, so news is scarce.

Muslims like shooting unarmed women and children. It is part of their creed.

Many of the farming settlements along the border are under Hamas occupation. Civilians and soldiers have been taken hostage and bodies are being paraded in the streets of Gaza.

We are under lockdown at the moment, but we may well join my son at Revivim if we get the opportunity. This may be a long and bloody war.

Please be aware that the MSM is spinning this brutal act of terrorism using words like ‘militants’ instead of violent invaders, and always remember that it could be you next.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

34 thoughts on “Breakout From Gaza

  1. Language is used as a weapon.

    In the case of Israel the invaders are referred to as “militants”. In Europe the invaders are called “migrants”. In the FUSA they are “undocumented workers”.

  2. Mujahideen was funded by Jimmy Carters administration because he is a rampant Jew hating, Muslim loving false Christian.

  3. Wow. Each territory has its own original scenario.
    But still, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is less unexpected than when the Russians and Ukrainians were forced to shoot at each other.

    • I wouldn’t put it past the globalists to encourage and supply the terrorists with weapons for the purpose of distracting the attention of the West from the disaster that Project Ukraine is turning into.

    • Israelites are God’s Chosen People. They are the good people.

      It is the Muslim terrorists who are children of satan. Furtherore, Muslims don’t believe in God. They have a fake god named Allah and they have a false prophet named Issa they claim is Jesus. However, they say that Jesus had no father. So that makes Issa the anti-Christ.

      Your comment is untrue.

      • Those aren’t the Israelites of the Old Testament.

        Aside from that, what we now call Israel or Palestine are now Holy Christian Lands.

        Time for another Crusade.

        • These ARE the True Israelites. Israel belongs to them in perpeturity. Palestine is inhabited by illegal squatters from South Jordan. They are not holy people at all. They have no right to live in Israel.

          Furthermore, we do NOT need a Roman Catholic Crusade because they were violent aganinst land owners. The Crusader were just as evil as that pagan institutions Inquisition.

        • Well no, but while Islam originated in the Arabian peninsula, most Muslims are not arabs either..

    • Side with the bloody muzzy’s at your peril. Israel is part of the west, therefore allies of the US, the effing bloody muzzy’s ain’t and there is no middle ground here.

  4. Thanks, MC. Today’s “reporting” on English-language Israeli news sites (JPost, Times of Israel, Arutz 7; forget Israel Hayom; it’s garbage) is chaotic. No one seems to have a grasp of what’s going on. It seems there are not real journalists. Only people posting videos on Twitter, or X, or whatever that lousy, perverted thing is called, now.

    Without reliable information, we are lost.

    I am not ready to believe anything, outside of personal reports from reliable sources.

  5. I am glad MC is OK, I had been concerned about him. I also hope that if he does not already have a gun, he gets one fast. It is imperative. The number of unarmed Israelis is ridiculous.

  6. West announced they had run out of weapons.
    Weapons have been stolen from the US Ukraine supply and sold on the black market around the world.
    Palestinians have access to drones from Iran. They have learnt from Ukraine as well about drone warfare, avoiding full frontal assaults with guns.
    How will the US reinforce Israel when they have sent all their stock to Ukraine?

    Is this a surprise?

  7. “Please be aware that the MSM is spinning this brutal act of terrorism using words like ‘militants’ instead of violent invaders, and always remember that it could be you next.”


    At the risk of sounding heartless, this is sauce for the gander. The sauce for the goose was when European Ashkenazim invaded Palestine after WW2. This is only going to end with one of the two sides being genocided. Nobody wins here.

    • The Israeli’s should have pushed those GD savages into the sea at Gaza and out of the west bank a long time ago.

    • [I disagree with your assertion], if you knew your history you would not make such crass statements, look up un resolution 181 and the 1922 mandate for Palestine as rolled up into article 80 of the UN mandate.

      • Looking to the UN for legitimacy is like looking for virgins in a whorehouse.

    • I am heartless enough to say that I wouldn’t be much disturbed by one of the two sides being genocided. The statute of limitations for holocaust pity ran out generations ago. I don’t like either side, although the Israelis have done far more to improve the land they took than the arabs did with it during the time they held it.

      As to the question of who has rightful claim to the land, it has been occupied by one side or the other far back into antiquity; thus the only way to settle who’s it is is for them to fight it out and the strongest will keep it.

      If one were to remove the religious angle of the combatants, it would boil down to another proxy war between the US and countries with resources the US wants.

      The Palestinian side makes a strategic PR error by deliberately killing noncombatants. Were they to instead start targeting ultra wealthy and powerful reptilians in the West who coincidentally happen to be joos they would find far more support amongst common Americans than the revulsion they receive now for indiscriminately lobbing rockets at Israeli villages.

      • There are no non-combatants in Islamic understanding. Neither on its own side nor with the enemy. This is one of several key points about Islam which the West persistently fails/refuses to comprehend.

        • Even if that’s correct it plays badly to world opinion and the other arab states such as the Saudis and the Iranians would be wise to put pressure on Hamas to tone it down. It makes all muslims look bad and makes Israelis look like victims of terrorism.

          • That is correct. I’m not prepared with an easy link at the moment, it’s one of these things you come across while reading and forget to note down. And there is much more canonical literature making up the core teachings of Islam than the Koran, as we know. Robert Spencer and Dr. Bill Warner are authorities on it and well worth studying.

            But not every human being is capable of strategic thinking, depending on the surrounding culture it can be a tiny minority. In this kind of belief system, a majority are brutes, their thoughts and actions triggered by emotions without any filter. They can surprise you in your sleep, as we have just seen again. But they have no chance to win a major campaign against a prepared and well-organized force. From time to time a great leader emerged among them, and they did achieve large-scale conquests not only against unsuspecting victims. But it all fell apart again sooner or later. In today’s world, their greatest strength is our own weakness, our delusions and denials of reality. Our real enemy is we ourselves.

  8. The lack of small arms in Israel amazes me, with savages of islam on all sides, I sure as hell would be armed, finding an AK should be easy and damn the so called law, this is a matter of survival and you can see by the amount of hostages the savages took so easily that they should have been armed. Just like the Europeans should be armed by now for war is coming. The armed man is the Wolf, the unarmed man is the sheep for the slaughter.

    I do hope your family is armed and safe MC.

  9. Baron..You censor me , by posting links about mass christians prosecution by Jew in Israel and Jerusalem….What team you playing with ? Why truth about Jews haters of christian in Israel has to be hush ?
    Where are your moral standards ?
    Please answer my question without prejudice SVP….

    • I delete your comments when they are insulting, or off-topic, or go too far. That last reason is entirely up to me to decide. And yes, I am the censor.

      •’s your platform..but doesn’t make you smarter or being Ex Cathedra in your opinion..
        Recent prosecution of Christian in Israel by Jews is well known..and your attempts to hush such a crimes will not succeed.. ..
        Thru the years i find that your historical knowledge is an ” american type “..
        You are shaped intellectually by one side ,anglo mason-jewish historical narration..far away from objective History..
        ps. When Dymphna were around you where not as much arrogant as you become recent years..

  10. I am hearing from sources within Israel, the IDF was moved away from the Gaza border to Judea and Samaria. But who was watching the Gaza border? People of all stripes say it may allegedly be some sort of inside job: intel and army run by leftists who have been battling the new government…

    • It benefits Netanyahu immensely, since a declaration of war and war powers that come with it mean an end to his troubles with opposition to judiciary reform.

      Also, it so happens to perfectly align with the FUSA political elites with regards to the need to quietly extract themselves from the Ukrainian tarbaby.

      The most relevant observation is that there is no way that the Israeli intelligence apparatus could have missed this. Occams Razor would imply that this was allowed to occur.

      • Yes, I agree with that last part. Mark Steyn talked about it at length yesterday and today. It’s not credible that Israel could have been utterly unaware of what was coming, nor that it was so unprepared to deal with it.

        Something hinky is going on here, but I don’t know what it is.

        • I’m also beginning to smell a rat over the coherence with which the media are emphasizing the surprise aspect of this attack. It is simply not plausible. But the same Occam’s Razor tells me that an inside job comes way behind simple political opportunism. Every ruler likes to be a king undisturbed by having to respond to his constituents for every petty decision. And a war is the surest way to achieve that. Political powder kegs are abundant, you just seize on the next one that goes off.

  11. Just my luck.
    Was wondering on friday how MC in Sderot is doing and what is the rocket situation this year. (Wikipedia had info only to 2021.)

    I better stop thinking & wondering totally.

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