Lampedusa Says: Basta!

My previous post described the tsunami of culture-enrichers that is currently overwhelming the Italian island of Lampedusa. In the following video, the mayor of Lampedusa vociferously declares that his island has reached the limit of what it can handle.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The citizens are tired!
00:04   They are tired!
00:05   Enough!
00:07   From today on: enough!
00:10   Enough!
00:16   There is nothing more to say!
00:19   Why is it enough?
00:21   Because we are tired of receiving people!
00:23   We are tired!
00:24   That’s not what reception is!
00:25   This is false reception!
00:28   You can’t have 200,000 immigrants coming to Lampedusa, an island!
00:32   They have to resign!
00:34   They haven’t even been able to take two ships!
00:37   The mayor has been saying that for nine months!
00:39   For nine months!
00:47   Another death has happened!
00:48   For 30 years people have died!
00:50   30 years!
00:52   And we, citizens of Lampedusa, have always said it!
00:55   Smugglers have always had this matter in their hands!
00:59   It’s them who make people die at sea.
01:02   It is them!
01:04   They must help these people in their own countries.

6 thoughts on “Lampedusa Says: Basta!

  1. If the people of Lampedusa were really fed up, they’d sail out, intercept the boats at the coast of North Africa, and sink them.

  2. i dont think that is really possible (and would get them arrested soon) but anyway it is the wrong target, people funding them are more probably in newyork washington dc london and telaviv… also good for them that none of the migrants want to stay in lampedusa.

    it is all organized by the same people smuggling human flesh to sustain their “viable” economic systems or to destabilize euro countries depending on the current opportunity.

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