“Germany is Now Communist”

Zsolt Bayer is a well-known popular Hungarian TV host, and a long-time associate of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. We’ve featured a number of his videos here in the past.

In the following video Mr. Bayer discusses the eviction of elderly people from their residences in Lörrach to accommodate asylum seekers. The translation was done by Hungarian TV; many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

See also Vlad’s take on the issue, and my earlier post on a similar incident in Berlin.

4 thoughts on ““Germany is Now Communist”

  1. Was I mistaken when I simply thought they were authoritarians?

    From a purely theoretical perspective, it would be in the best interest of the Germans if accidents happened. They can protest, revolt, etc… Their government is the same one that signed the Minsk agreement they never intended to honor? What would make them think they are so special that their government will deal with them in a different way? They would just get managed. So accidents would be in their best interest if this is the way it will go, unless they love the utopia.

  2. Reminds me of something that happened in East Germany.
    Shortly before both Germanies were re-united I visited some relatives on my mothers side in Magdeburg, East Germany. Two elderly women.
    They once lived in a big flat but then the state forced them into a tiny flat.
    Reason: Old people dont need big flats. They are at the end of their life. Young families need big flats so they are “forced” by the emptiness of the big flat to have more children.

    I remember an old joke:
    Honecker (Big boss of East Germany) and Kohl (chancellor of West Germany) are standing together.
    Kohl thinks: I will ruin his country and take it over.
    Honecker thinks: Fat chance. I will send an agent and take over his political party and then all of Germany.
    (It is implied that Mama Angela Merkel, who was in the FDJ – Free German Youth – was a STASI State Security Agent on special mission by Honecker.)

    I think the joke was right.
    We are in East Germany – but it looks like West Germany. At least for the time being.

    • Merkel was always a communist, she hid it very well and don’t you find it rather odd that no one could find her stasi files? Many Germans I know call her Honecker’s revenge. I can’t wait until they finally come for Merkel for her appointment with the hangman.

  3. I’ve been seeing it this way for a while already: The worst thing ever coming out of Germany was not A.H., but Karl Marx. This is because the latter one’s influence is far from gone. We’ll get to deal with it in yet more rounds of epic destruction and piling bodies. It must have some magic attraction as people follow it like lemmings and power-hungry opportunists love how they can shape it for their ends. It is demagogy on steroids.

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