Tenants in Lörrach Must Give Way to Culture-Enrichers

Lörrach is a district (and also a city) in southwestern Germany, in Baden-Württemberg. The pressure of migration into Germany is such that certain residents of Lörrach are being forced out of their digs and relocated so that “refugees” can be moved in to replace them.

The letter being sent to tenants specifically mentions refugees from Ukraine, but “other regions of the world” are also referred to.

Lörrach will soon be experiencing the vibrant pleasures of diversity.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Significant influx”

Lörrach: Tenants have to give way to refugees

Because their apartments are “particularly suitable” for refugees, a municipal housing association in Lörrach is terminating the rental contracts with numerous residents. The company assured Junge Freiheit that nobody would become homeless.


The Lörrach housing association has terminated the contracts of numerous tenants in order to accommodate Ukrainian refugees in their apartments. However, new accommodation would be made available to the residents, said an employee of the company to the Junge Freiheit. “No one ends up on the street.”

In a letter to the residents, the authenticity of which the construction company confirmed to Junge Freiheit, it says: “As you know, Germany has seen a significant influx of refugees from Ukraine and other regions of the world. The city of Lörrach and the district are also obliged to accommodate refugees.” The municipality is located directly on the Swiss border.

Apartments are “particularly suitable” for refugees

Because of the “particular suitability” of the apartments in several properties in the city, it was decided to make them available to the Ukrainians. For the tenants, this means that the housing association will soon “terminate the agreed tenancy”. The previous residents will be offered “suitable living space” and helped with the move.

“The first apartments will soon be available” that refugees can move into. “It is planned that around the end of the year the entire complex can be used as a refugee home.” [In other words, let’s create another “ghetto” in which no integration into the host society is possible, and create more and more crime and strife.] The residents were invited to one-on-one meetings with the administration.

Afterword from the translator:

“However, new accommodation would be made available to the residents,” said an employee of the company to Junge Freiheit. “No one ends up on the street.”

This raises questions: Why aren’t the “refugees” accommodated straight away in the accommodations that the old residents are being reassigned to? That would save you all the moving stuff.

Can anyone explain to me? But my guess, they’re more interested in ghettoization.

Anyway, when one looks at the election results from that area… they asked for it.

On the other hand, I think it’s great that everyone will now feel firsthand what it means NOT to have voted for the AfD. Whether Traffic Light* or GroKo or whatever… everyone with a shred of common sense and a working brain already knew in 2017 what would happen if the AfD did not get an absolute majority. The “point of no return” has been passed already, and now it’s up to each and every individual.

Also, we all have to become political, we don’t really have a choice in the matter any longer. There’s NO WAY that we can allow ourselves to stand on the side-lines any longer and do our own thing regardless. It’s has become another fight for the simple survival as free men and women, especially since our so-called (s)elected representatives have become our mortal ENEMIES.

*   “Traffic light” coalition government:
    Red:   Social Democratic Party
    Yellow:   Free Democratic Party
    Green:   Alliance90 / The Greens

10 thoughts on “Tenants in Lörrach Must Give Way to Culture-Enrichers

  1. “No way … to stand on the sidelines any longer…”

    Or you can do what my brother does- just don’t pay attention, mock those who do, then get angry at those who try to discuss reality.

  2. The Lörrach housing association directors have names, addresses, probably vehicles parked on the streets, and possibly loved ones. Likely this was about money, which the directors stand to make more of for fellating whichever government officials cooked up this scheme.

    Now, those who couldn’t do a simple thing, like vote for AfD when it could have saved them will be forced into a choice between doing illegal things should they choose to fight back, or metaphorically getting into the boxcars for the concentration camps like their ancestors once forced onto others.

    Because lord knows it will not stop until there’s an african rapist sharing every bed, and Old Germans are waiting hand and foot upon their new Ukrainian, Third World, and WEF masters.

    • I think the same as Moon here, the more these grifters feel pain, the less likely they will get stupid with siding with 3rd worlders over their own. How much you want to bet that if a few of these association folks swinging from a lamp post would send a message to the rest of them?

        • Baron, I believe that everyone is looking right and left of them to see who jumps first. Once the gun is fired there is no putting the bullet back in the gun again as so to speak. The times will get desperate where people will have no choice because they will have nothing to lose.

          • Yes, it’s the “nothing left to lose” moment that changes everything. But we haven’t reached that yet. As long as the World’s Reserve Currency holds up, and we keep printing money to pacify the lumpenproletariat, there will be no mass awakening.

  3. my observation from my corner of Baden-Württemberg is that active opposition to AfD has recently become far more muted. Perhaps the 5 minutes of hate are filled with Putin, but I think that also the everyday madness has become impossible to ignore at some level of consciousness. Too little too late and they will never admit that they were wrong. Never. The block of flats might be a flash-point but I think that the beast will rise from the villages where the regime is to massively increase land tax to increase density of living for the very people who have chosen the opposite.

  4. True another reason the NWO(the EU unelected leaders partners with the new world order)wants all of us to be renters with no property rights. You will own nothing and live in whatever pod we tell you to live in. Wait till you go totally cashless and the elite empty your bank account with the push of a button ,to pay fines when you break hate speech laws or and new taxes to pay for refugees deducted whenever they fill the need .

  5. A second look at this event reveals that those appartments are council houses from the early fifties and in bad shape ( I know them,paperthin walls, you hear your neighbour burp) that were deemed for demolition and inhabited by people on welfare.Those can only do better when lodged somewhere else which they will be. I have limited compassion for each of them, mostly they are people who did not pay their rent or get handouts cut because they refuse to take up any job.Nobody there is to live in the streets.

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