Culture-Enriching Knife Rampage in Milan

An illegal immigrant from Morocco who had previously applied for asylum in Germany was arrested on Monday in Milan after a series of knife attacks that wounded six people.

Many thanks to HeHa for translating this video report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below are two articles about the attacks in Milan, translated by Gary Fouse.

The first piece is from ANSA:

Passersby stabbed in robbery at Milan, six wounded

Drunk man with a pocketknife arrested. The attacks in the vicinity of the station

Still more violence around the Central Station of Milan, for some time now constantly the center of incidents of criminality day and night, and where in the afternoon six passersby were wounded, one seriously, following four robberies committed by a drunk man armed with a pocketknife, described as a young North African, subsequently arrested.

And perhaps it is thanks to the short blade of the pocketknife, a multi-use type, that the worst was avoided.

At first, it seemed there were two attackers, but the National Police maintain that the arrested man acted alone, in different moments and places, causing fear and havoc in a central zone of the city and at a time when the sidewalks are full of people.

The final toll is six wounded people, one of whom was treated at the scene, while the other five were transported to the hospital, two of them in serious condition: A 57-year-old, whose condition is not serious, and a 68-year-old, none believed to be in life-threatening condition. The most serious, the 68-year-old, is reportedly a witness who intervened to defend a girl who was robbed while in the company of her boyfriend on Viale Brianza, at the exit gate of her home. According to what has been reconstructed by the Mobile Squad [police], at about 5:40pm the man reportedly robbed a 39-year-old Italian woman at the Mortirolo underpass, using a knife to rob her of her cell phone. After that, on Via Gluck he reportedly robbed a Salvadoran citizen, taking his cell phone and ATM card.

Shortly after that, the criminal reportedly committed another robbery on Via Sammartini against a 34-year-old Spanish citizen, robbed of 20 euros and a cell phone. Next — again according to the charges — the man reportedly committed the fourth robbery on Viale Brianza against a 24-year-old, from whom he reportedly stole credit cards. In this circumstance, three Italian citizens intervened in her defense, respectively a 24-year-old (the boyfriend who was with her), a 68-year-old, and a 57-year-old, who reported suffering various injuries.

The alleged robber then managed to flee on foot along Via Venini, where he attempted a final robbery against a 44-year-old, when he was arrested by police motorcycle patrol officers from the National Police. He offered no resistance, and after being treated himself at the scene, was taken to jail awaiting interrogation. On his person, aside from the bloody pocket knife, he had the personal effects of the woman who was robbed on Viale Brianza as well as three cell phones.

“Shocking news from my Milan, where the area of the Central Station is confirmed to be at grave risk. Only the heroic intervention of some citizens prevented the toll from being more dramatic,” was the comment from Vice Premier and Minister Matteo Salvini.

The second article is from Corriere della Sera:

Milan — The Viale Brianza robber had applied for asylum in Germany: “He could not be expelled from Italy”

by Cesare Giuzzi

Abrahman Rhasi, 23, Moroccan, arrested with his hands covered in blood. A month ago, he was accused of stealing a cell phone on line 90. Admitted to the hospital at San Donato, he then dropped out of sight.

The theft of a cell phone on line 90. Then the railway police arrested him on a train at the Rogoredo station. The discovery of the stolen property and the complaint. His name is Abrahman Rhasi, born May 7, 1999 in Morocco, asylum-seeker in Germany; the 23-year-old was arrested Monday evening by police for robbing and stabbing six people between the Central Station and Viale Brianza. These are the details in which he was identified a month ago after being arrested by police at Rogoredo. For that episode, he was charged with theft by snatch and grab. Then he dropped out of sight.

Recovery in hospital

He arrived in Italy from Germany where he had applied for political asylum. For that reason he could not be expelled. It is not yet clear how long he was in Milan prior to the dramatic afternoon with five consecutive robberies, all against women, armed with a small knife. Perhaps five or six months later the investigators are checking for other stops made by police. There is no record of him entering Italy at Lampedusa, and he was apparently first photographed abroad. In recent weeks he apparently slept in the streets, but not only in the area around the Central Station. “A roaming life, moving continuously in various quarters,” an investigator explains. When he was arrested, he still had a hospital wristband on his left wrist. According to what has been reconstructed by investigators, that wristband is reportedly related to a stay at the San Donato hospital a month ago, at the time of the stop by the Rogoredo railway police. He had a bruise laceration injury and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs; for this, he was taken to the hospital. Since then, that wristband has never been taken off. In the theft incident, which occurred on line 90, he was only charged because when he was arrested on the Lodi-Saronno regional train; some hours had already passed since the theft. The railway police officers intervened on the conveyance after a report of an “intoxicated” person who was creating a disturbance with the passengers: “He was behaving violently and aggressively”. When he was arrested Monday evening after the robberies, he was dressed in a black Nike tracksuit, a dark sweatshirt, and a grey t-shirt. He also had a neck warmer and a cap on his head. Crumpled clothes with signs of a life spent on the street. His hands were covered in the blood of the victims. The injured were all released from the hospital with prognoses from 5 to 21 days.

The investigations

Now the investigators of the General Prevention Office of the police headquarters and the Mobile Squad are trying to reconstruct how he lived these past weeks and whether he committed other robberies. Rhasi is still being treated at the Fatebenefratelli Hospital, and in the afternoon, will be taken to San Vittore jail on the orders of Prosecutor Maura Ripamonti.

Video transcript:

00:03   Seeing the ambulances, the police and so on, shocked us all a little bit.
00:07   He tried to mug a woman.
00:10   Did he have a knife? —Yes, a knife. —He stabbed six people
00:14   with a multipurpose pocket knife, to rob them. Five of them were taken to the hospital.
00:18   It deals with a 23-year-old homeless, illegal migrant from Morocco.
00:22   It happened in Milan in the late afternoon,
00:25   in the area between the central railway station and Piazzale Loreto.
00:28   It all started here, in Via Sammartini. At about 5:30 pm,
00:31   two women were stabbed. The first victim, a 34-year-old woman,
00:34   was robbed of some euros and her phone.
00:37   The other, a 58-year-old woman, was robbed of her phone and her public transport card.
00:42   He left them injured, rushing through the tunnel located under the railway.
00:48   The attacks continued in Viale Brianza, a few steps away from the place of the first attack.
00:53   More people were injured here. He attacked a 23-year-old woman, wounding her in the neck.
00:57   He took the wallet from her purse; it contained some credit cards.
01:00   Then he stabbed the woman’s boyfriend as well, in the hip, while he was trying to defend her.
01:04   The girl was entering the street door when this person attacked her from behind.
01:11   Hearing the woman’s cries for help, a guy sitting in a bar came to the rescue.
01:18   After being stabbed in the arm, the man returned to the bar, asking for help.
01:21   The bartender called the emergency number. In the meantime, a 68-year-old man
01:25   who had just gone out for a walk tried to stop the mugger as well,
01:28   but he was knocked out and stabbed in the shoulder.
01:31   Then he was taken to the Niguarda Hospital, in a code red.
01:34   After that, the attacker fled to a parallel street. When the police eventually stopped him,
01:38   he was trying to rob another woman for the fourth time.
01:41   The police found out there had been one more victim. He had already mugged
01:45   a 38-year-old woman, just before Via Sammartini, in one of the railway station underpasses.
01:49   A month earlier he had been reported for mugging.

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