To Go on the Dole, You Must Give Up Your Wheels

Ukrainian refugees who fled the war in their homeland for various cities in Central Europe are notorious for driving luxury cars. The culture-enriching rides are easily identifiable, because they still bear Ukrainian number plates.

The canton of Aargau in Switzerland has now broken ranks with the Gutmenschen: it has changed its welfare rules for refugees so that recipients must give up their vehicles if they want to receive social benefits.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Switzerland: Luxury sled or social assistance — Ukrainian refugees now have to decide

The noticeably high number of luxury cars with Ukrainian license plates in German, Austrian and Swiss cities since the beginning of the Ukraine war did not go unnoticed by the citizens and often raised considerable doubts about the neediness of the so-called refugees. A s***storm broke out among left-wing Greens about Friedrich Merz [CDU] in Germany after his “social tourism” comment — but the canton of Aargau in Switzerland is now actually tightening the rules for social assistance for Ukraine refugees. If you have a car, you must sell it if you want government money.

So far — since October 2022 — in Aargau, “actually available funds and valuables” have been included in the assets of Ukrainian refugees, but cars have been exempt from this because the government decided that they were necessary for a return to Ukraine. From March 10, however, the corresponding ordinance will be adjusted: Vehicles belonging to so-called vulnerable people twelve months after entering Switzerland must be counted in the needs test — with the consequence that the people have to sell their car in order to receive social assistance. Before they get money from the state, they first have to make a living from the proceeds from the sale. In the case of many a luxury car, the money could last for quite a while.

Incidentally, from the outbreak of the Ukraine war until October 2022, no cash or valuables were taken into account in the needs check in Aargau, either: a free ticket to the Swiss social benefits system. Politicians seemed to care little that this would significantly damage the culture of welcome on the part of those who finance this system with their tax money.

It should be the poor people from the Ukraine seeking protection! You see this kind of luxury cars and SUVs with us more and more often!

— Werner H. (@WernerFKHerzog) January 10, 2023

In the end, the question still remains concerning the extent to which incorrect information or tricks can be checked and recognized as part of the needs assessment. Nevertheless, the canton of Aargau is setting an example with the adjustment.

Afterword from the translator:

Switzerland is definitely not Germany. If someone were to propose this in Germany, that person most likely would be forced to flee to South America as a condemned NAZI — with a price on their head. I think it’s only in guilt-ridden Western societies, for something someone from there once did decades or even centuries ago, that are paying for their own demise.

When I fled Rwanda in 1994 into the Congo, nobody gave me any money for my own survival; not even the German Embassy in Kinshasa helped me when I arrived there. The only “help” they offered was a phone call to my parents to tell them that I was OK and would need some money. The only problem was, my parents lived in Spain and I was only allowed to call Germany. Not that I hadn’t called them already to let them know that I was alive, but how were they supposed to help me? Send cash in an envelope to the Congo? Yeah, right. And you can’t just walk into a bank and open an account as a foreigner, either, to receive money.

I just worked my way slowly through the continent and started to rebuild my life. Why can’t they do that? Ah yes, because they get paid not to have to do that, with money from people who are worrying how to keep a roof over their own heads because of taxation. The Western world is even a basket-case in an open-air lunatic asylum for the criminally insane.

3 thoughts on “To Go on the Dole, You Must Give Up Your Wheels

  1. I had already postet this weeks ago, but i will again: on a cigarette length walk around my block in a german city, I counted three luxury cars with ukrainian plates: one BMW X5, around 110000 €, a VW Touareg, same category, one Land Rover Evoque, modest 65000 € ride. Never seen them again. On their way to St.Tropez or St. Moritz???

    • Same as it ever was.

      The rich start the wars and the poor die in them.

      Sounds like a target rich environment for some carbecues. I am actually amazed that Antifa or Red Army Faction or any of the other militant socialist terrorists that infest Germany haven’t already started doing so.

      • Those mainly target compatriots. Being caught in the act by those owners would not do them well, other than with a native lawyer or doctor.People from Ukraine- if they really are- having that money can not be of the shy kind.

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