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Once upon the time the ability to make discriminations was considered to be a useful trait. In order to survive, a person needed to be able to discriminate between dangerous poisons and nutritious food. In order to maintain a functioning polity, society needed to be able to discriminate between people whose behavior was problematic and those who were useful, productive citizens. It was normal to discriminate between criminals and law-abiding people — once members of the former group had been distinguished, they could be locked away where they could do no immediate harm to everyone else.

But all that was before the ascendancy of cultural enrichment. If you identify problematic persons, and those problematic folks happen to be from a non-white ethnic group, then that’s racist, and you’re a bad person. Making discriminations is no longer considered a useful trait, but is instead universally deprecated.

The following report concerns the attempts by leftists in Berlin to prevent female students from reporting the criminal sexual behavior of a man “with a migration background” to the police. That would be discrimination, you see!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Leftist student committee demands

Sex offenders with a migration background: Students should not call the police

A man has been harassing young women near the Freie Universität Berlin for weeks. However, the leftist student committee does not want to involve the police. Reason: The sex offender has a migration background.

A sex offender has been harassing women at Freie Universität Berlin for weeks. But the victims should not alert the police. The university’s General Student Committee (AStA), which is dominated by the Left, advises this in an e-mail sent to all student council initiatives and university groups, as reported by the Morgenpost. However, the AStA’s concern seems to be less about the well-being of the women and more about that of the perpetrator. Because, according to the bulletin, he has a migration background.

“However, we would like to point out that police operations for people affected by racism are generally associated with an increased risk of experiencing police violence,” the Morgenpost quoted from the AStA letter. Because most officials are “not sufficiently trained in dealing with exceptional psychological situations.” And further: “Therefore, such operations would often be ‘escalated by the unnecessary use of force’.” The paper comes to the following conclusion: “Obviously, their concern lies less with the potential victim than with the perpetrator.”

Harasser is defiant

For several weeks now, the man in Dahlem, near Freie Universität, has been sexually harassing, threatening and stalking women. In such a case, the victims should alert the university’s security service, advises the AStA. Or the social psychiatric service. However, this can only be done in agreement with the person concerned. In the current case, an unhelpful suggestion. Because the sex offender seems scarcely receptive to arguments. Apparently there was at least one conversation between students and the alleged sex offender. So far he has not shown any insight into changing his behavior. “Sometimes it’s hardly possible to talk to him,” the newspaper quoted from the bulletin.

In a first reaction to the article, the Berlin police tweeted: “Anyone who is in danger or affected by a crime or becomes aware of an emergency situation of others should not let anything or anyone stop them from taking action. Call us — dial the emergency number 110! We are here for you.”

Anyone who is in danger or affected by a criminal offense or becomes aware of an emergency situation of others should not let anything or anyone stop them from taking action.

Call us — dial the #emergency call 110! We are here for you.

— Police Berlin (@polizeiberlin) February 3, 2023

Afterword from the translator:

Of course, the menstruating students shouldn’t make it public that the Mohammedans behave just as badly at the university as they do everywhere else. Where would they be if it were otherwise? Want to make a bet that if this guy had been a native German, just whistling appreciatively after a pretty student, the selfsame committee would have cried HAVOC and had the miscreant tied to the stake and burned as a white supremacist and misogynist?

But when it comes to their pet(s)… protect! Nothing they do can be considered wrong, as long as it helps to destroy their own communities and country for the creation of a dystopian hellhole.

5 thoughts on “Some Animals

  1. It is deeply problematic verging on Nazi-ness to call the “young women” in the text “menstruating students”.

    To be inclusive and non-TERF, you must include those who while not being chest-feeding cervix owners identify as women.

    Because the text does not say whether the stalker was in fact harrassing former men who now identify as women. If this was in fact the case, the Transgender concerned should certainly welcome interethnic attention from a so-called harrasser, as failure to do so is utter xenophobia and amounts to Othering.

    In fact, such behaviour by a “harrasser” is nothing but a Cry for Help (Claudia Roth, Greens) and needs a line item in the next Berlin budget for ca. 100 social workers incl. costs for their worldwide fact-finding trip to Detroit, Portland, Oregon and London to study how local authorities achieve social justice in such matters.

    Various ironies: OFF

  2. This woke/politically correct doctrine ceased to be funny a long time ago. It is time to expel these leftist students from education establishments.

  3. In a real society the attacking person would be found one morning having committed suicide – with 400 knifeholes in the back.

    • Wrong, it was the worst case of suicide I have ever seen, he shot himself 19 times, and you ask why 19 times? I answer, because the Glock 17 ran out of bullets and managed to walk away after the fact. Or the 3rd worlder simply hung himself because he was tired of leftist defending him.

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