Toxic Feminism

The following essay was written by the Swedish author Katerina Janouch. When she was a child in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s she was called Kateřina Janouchová, but her name was shortened when her family moved to Scandinavia.

Ms. Janouch has lived in Sweden since the 1970s. In addition to being an immigration-critic, she writes and gives presentations on relationships, addiction, kinship, parenting, cohabitation, and writing. She is the founder of Katerina Magasin.

Many thanks to LN for translating this op-ed from Insikt24:

Toxic feminism is crushing love

Is toxic feminism making relationships impossible?

That’s the opinion of author and debater Katerina Janouch.

I talk to a male friend who tells me about his latest attempt at a love affair. They are both in their thirties, an age when many people choose to start a family, and my friend is longing to become a father. The woman he met through mutual friends initially seemed level-headed, sensible and honest and is on the same emotional wavelength. But very soon it turns out that my friend had gotten himself into a veritable inferno, where he is just supposed to keep quiet while the woman dictates all the terms, and if he protests, he is told that he is an evil man who should be ashamed of his lack of respect. I wonder now what our society will evolve into if women behave like spoiled brats based on some kind of confused radical feminist credo?

My dear friend is just one example of men testifying lately that it seems to be more the rule than the exception that women go completely off the rails, blaming their emotional breakdowns on the fact that it is obviously the men’s fault, while at the same time making impossible demands on how men should behave for a relationship to even be feasible. Being kind, understanding and able to talk about feelings doesn’t go very far. Even the man who conforms and does exactly as the woman says can have a hell of a time. Why?

Well, because suddenly he may have accidentally adapted too much, and doesn’t understand that the woman needs a little “chewing resistance”. In his desire to please, he becomes a servile doormat, and these galoshes don’t fit when she whimsically decides she wants an independent hunk. The woman becomes like a child in a sandbox, unable to choose between a red or a blue spade, and breaks down in a hysterical fit that results in her hitting the person who tries to comfort her. The emotionally disturbed radical feminists seriously believe that they have the right to behave as badly as they want and yet never have to encounter a patrol. They rule, demand, whine, are mean and impossible, moody and unpredictable. They are unstable and believe that even women’s violence against men is men’s fault. They are happy to vent their hatred against the entire male sex while screaming at the top of their lungs if they themselves receive the slightest criticism. It’s safe to say that avid social media use hardly does them any favours when the slightest outburst gains hundreds of ‘likes’ and unctuous cheers, even if the conflict may be based on some unreasonable behaviour she herself has engaged in, and then subsequently received a backlash for.

Not only that. A year later she may find out that the sex that took place actually happened without her willing consent, and that therefore the man can be charged with some kind of negligent rape. Later on in the trial, she alone is listened to, because she “felt” something, and as long as it is a woman who feels, the feelings are absolutely true. The man has no voice at all, and although he presents undeniable facts pointing to reciprocity, he is treated like a pariah, and the verdict is in the woman’s favour. I wonder what man would want to expose himself to such risks? Many don’t. They have stopped dating. They are resentful, disillusioned and resigned, and actually start to dislike women.

The behavior can be likened to the left’s strange psychotic break we see now after the [Swedish general] election. After the socialists have destroyed all of Sweden, they now demand that the succeeding government clean up the mess in a few short months. A feminine, emotion-based behavior, where they also got a bunch of bitches, who usually bring a penis substitute with them when traveling by train. All logic and common sense is gone; what remains is a red-hot, hysterical, frothing-at-the-mouth Left, with whom it is impossible to have a normal discussion. Everything is everyone else’s fault, they themselves are victims, and despite their behavior leading to a veritable societal collapse, they refuse to take responsibility. Responsibility, by the way — they can’t even spell it. They are like toddlers who lack all forms of logic and consistent thinking. It actually scares the hell out of you, when you think about it and realise that these are grown-up people behaving in this way. No wonder Sweden has gone off the rails, having these types of individuals in important decision-making positions and in positions of strategic authority.

As my old dad used to ask me: “Katerina, Sweden used to be a country governed by wise people? what happened?” Well, Dad, bitchy women and ‘batik witches’ and a completely derailed feminism came into being, I reply. A wave of emotion-soaking snowflakes installed themselves, and the traditional males checked out. Because the truth is, as long as real men ruled Sweden, most things worked. We had a good economy, a good (virtually fossil-free and environmentally friendly) energy supply, health care, schools and elder-care that worked, and a strong military defence.

Then the men were manoeuvred away by the mad furies of the Left, and everything went to hell.

Yes, a somewhat simplistic account of history, but broadly speaking this is exactly what happened. And women have become worse off in many ways. Rapes are at an all-time high, women hold down two jobs, and they’re not happy with the herring-milk men* who barely dare to touch them — for fear that the caresses won’t turn out to be consensual.

What we have now is severe polarisation and a full-scale war between women and men, with both sexes the losers. But perhaps the biggest losers are the women themselves. Because the world is still a pretty harsh and cruel place, and loneliness is hard, no matter who feels lonely. Traditionally masculine qualities are not learned overnight by women, just because our emotions tell us that this should be the case from a “non-normative” perspective. Life usually becomes more difficult, as it is filled with hatred and constant conflict.

I wonder who benefits from this pointless gender war? The women certainly don’t. Neither do the children, who are fed the message that dad is some sort of superfluous figure, who is really just mean and stupid. Not infrequently there is no father, only a sperm donor.

I think about what it might be like when the hysterical, radical feminists grow up and have children of their own. Some of them are so immature that they have never left that sandbox. They are self-absorbed, and will get a severe shock when they realise that the child must be put first. A man they can mess around with, sure, but a little baby won’t buy their nonsense. The baby screams, needs to be fed and will need to be nurtured to become an independent individual. The man they’ve thrown on the trash heap in the deluded belief that all of TINDER is teeming with better, hotter, and more insightful vegan dudes, who they can get together with instead. And when they realize that no one wants them, full-scale panic erupts. Toxic feminism sours, and what’s left? Pure gender hell, which nobody actually wants.

Is this really what feminists wanted? I find it hard to believe.

*   The phrase used is sillmjölkar till män, “herring’s milk as men”. Mjölke is the common name for fish sperm, in this case the herring’s (sillens). The sperm of the male herring is called sillmjölke — two thin oblong bladders of semen in the male herring.

Thus, not a real man, but an immature adolescent: he is just a sillmjölke!

29 thoughts on “Toxic Feminism

  1. Well adjusted survivors will not be raised by these benighted individuals. Lots of mental and social cripples will result from poor upbringing.

    We have lost so much as a society due to insanity of feelings, but those children raised to be resistant to that siren call will be doing well in the future.

  2. The problem is that there is a God-given hierarchy of creatures in this world, but the “left” tries to deny it, therefore they make every effort to show that that “hierarchy” does not exist – but it does!

    Just like I do not suffer my dogs to eat from the table, women are not meant to be the man’s superiors. But – try to explain that to a woman!

    Somehow – old “mothers” who have spent life in “subjection” under the “command” of their husbands, and have children and grandchildren – they seem to understand that the men make better “economic decisions”, because men have nobody to take care of them if they fail. But women and children always rely on the men to take care of them. It’s how this world has been set up: Mothers give to the Children whatever they take from their Man. And the Man is the one who has to ration his support, or else he runs out of resources.

    But – if the man does not give the woman “everything”, she complains. Which is just about always. If she’s not kept in check.

    1 Timothy 2:11

    Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

    • I noticed that our grannies brought up in traditional Christian environment are stronger and more intelligent than modern feminists who are so proud of their independence and sophistication but in reality are shiftless and silly.

  3. Unfortunately, we have the same physiologically-adult toddlers in Germany. The owner of the apartment below me has been renting it out to a series of modestly educated, under-30s. I would say about half were mentally a small fraction of that age, people, for example, who have not learned that “lies have short legs”.

  4. Kipling said it best, women’s suffrage will be the end of western civilization.

    When the economy tanks, gas is 50 or more a gallon, the green energy fiasco drives the west into energy poverty, people go hungry, money is worthless because of self induced inflation and the WEF and company think things are going according to plan, BAM! Revolution, Riots, Cities burn, Military Coups, feminaxi’s selling themselves for a loaf of bread and the implosion of society. It is true that weak men and feminaxi’s create bad times, but those bad times are going to create the strongest and most ruthless of men who know not to tolerate this feminaxi equal nonsense and beta males with delusions of greatness. LOL What exciting fun times lay ahead.

    • Yep. Ready for revolution. When nature asserts “her”self it will be forward to our natural roles. Males will find it really exciting and totally natural to be blood thirsty and dominant. Women are for baby production and men supporting. Anything else will simply be offed anywhere they are found on this planet. I imagine.

  5. They will eventually be replaced by those who aren’t quite so nasty and toxic, who will manage to find husbands and reproduce. But stupid rules regarding universal suffrage mean that those harpies will cause a lot of damage to society before they finally die alone, surrounded by empty boxes of wine and numerous cats which will procede to eat off their faces once their food has run out, and before the stench of rotting flesh brings the authorities to investigate.

    Marrying foreign women from societies that are still traditional and not infected by feminism is a stop-gap measure but eventually those imports will start acting like the homegrown harpies.

    I think the islamists actually have the right idea in this aspect, and they have been fairly successful at keeping their women from becoming too westernized by living in religious enclaves and slums, and using the power of snitches, informers, peer pressure, and jealousy to keep their women in line and on the reservation.

    Ultimately, what will put an end to this in my opinion is the widespread introduction of sex robots which will not be marketed as a replacement for women in the biblical sense, but will instead be marketed as domestic robots for household chores. Of course, the functionality to act as horizontal entertainment will be intrinsic, but software upgrades and the proper hardware bits to allow them to fulfill this role will quickly become available and sold as aftermarket add-ons by numerous companies less worried about respectability than their original makers.

    The disruption to male-female interactions and relationships will be as significant to society and humanity if not more so than the introduction of the contraceptive pill. While there undoubtedly will be robots with male dangly bits for morbidly obese sows or rabidly toxic feminists, this will never be as popular or widespread as robots made for male use. Most men don’t need and can function just fine without interaction with females, preferring solitude or their dog or the company of male friends. For women, the reverse isn’t true, and even a toxic feminist with little use for a male in the bedroom would be hard pressed to survive for long without the attention from a swarm of beta and gamma male orbiters. Only the sweetest and most feminine of women with solid domestic skills would be able to compete against domestic robots and secure long term relationships and children with actual men.

    • One could replace “Sweden” by “Canada” and it wouldn’t be very different.

      I think that you tangentially hit on a scary point: push this harpy-ization far enough, and Islamization appears to be a preferable alternative.

      I’ve already heard one (WASP) quip that sharia would be a better alternative from his point of view, after having been reamed out in the family courts.

      This kind of problem would normally evolve out, given enough time, but with the pressure of Islamization just around the corner, it’s actually likely to push things farther and faster in that direction.


      • Or Germany.

        And while I am against Islamization there is this little devil on my shoulder that wishes to see how those rabid feminists will look when Islam would take over.

        • I am of the opinion that Islam will take over, sooner or later – and this is one reason why:

          Islam is a system of governance made for corrupt, wicked and adulterous people.

          Europe lost it’s old morals over the last 70 years, and that which we think “advanced european civilisation” becomes unmanageable. That is the moment Islam will take over, because Islam is to manage corrupt people. That’s my humble opinion.

      • Islamization would be worth it for the sheer pleasure of seeing every female family court judge fired, or even better, fired and flogged.

        With or without islamization there will be an eventual removal of women from most of the public sphere because if there is a serious economic crisis most of the jobs that women tend to do are non-essential to basic survival. A general coarsening of society would also see women replaced by men, and weak men replaced by stronger and more aggressive ones.

  6. For well over a thousand years, the hard men of whom George Orwell spoke stood silent watch on the battlements of western civilization, guarding it with their very lives. That is no figure of speech, but a reality: Using Islam alone as an example, there have been several dozen large-scale attempted invasions of the West – what was once called Christendom – since the time of Mohammed, and too-numerous to count smaller raids, incursions, and and acts of piracy over that time. The Moors, the Arabs, the Ottoman Turks, the Persians and many others – western armies fought them all and more often than not, prevailed against them.

    But during the 20th century, as Cultural Marxism took hold in all of its malignant forms – feminism, multiculturalism, diversity, etc. – those hard men were taken down off the walls and sent away after being told they were no longer needed. In places like modern Sweden, we see the fruits of this disastrous dalliance with insanity.

    Female cops being overcome and killed by Islamic male prisoners, because they are not strong-enough to do the job as well as male police officers. Female “combat soldiers” being trained to take the place of men, despite the fact that many of them lack the strength and stamina to use their service rifles properly, or to complete a routine ruck march.

    Sweden has already been conquered by the soldiers of Allah, only some Swedes are blind to that fact. If a society cannot/will not defend its most-vulnerable citizens – its women, its elderly and its young – from predators within its midst, then how else are we to describe that society except to say that it has in fact been conquered?

    The evidence is everywhere to be found, if one only possesses the eyes to see. Swedish women being raped ; elderly pensioners being mugged, beaten and left for dead; grooming gangs kidnapping Swedish children and young women and after addicting them to narcotics, turning them into sex slaves and prostitutes; widespread acts of arson and random violence – including repeated grenade and small-arms fire attacks upon Swedish police stations.

    “Migrants” being allowed to go on the dole the moment they set foot on Swedish soil, and using that generosity as a weapon against the very society and people who made it possible… their imams have told the believers that it is “good jihad” to use the financial resources of the kaffirs whilst working to bring the infidel lands into Dar al-Islam.

    It staggers the mind, it really does. Do they – the Swedes – not know they are already living in a state of low-intensity war?

    • One thing to know about Sweden is that Sweden is one big forrest with few towns far in between. So when you say “low intensity war”, it may be true in Malmo or Gothenburg, places where gangs operate, but then there is the rest of the country, which is still a very large real estate where nothing really happens.

      I often think that all it would take for Sweden to get rid of immigrants is to turn off the power for one winter, as Swedes would know how to survive in their forrest, but the city dwelling Somalis certainly would not.

      But to answer your question: Do they – the Swedes – not know they are already living in a state of low-intensity war?

      I’d say majority of Swedes does not know that, because they don’t see it from their farms in the forrests.

      • @ Barn Swallow

        Re: “But to answer your question: Do they – the Swedes – not know they are already living in a state of low-intensity war?

        I’d say majority of Swedes does not know that, because they don’t see it from their farms in the forests.”

        Yes, your point is quite well made. Terrain matters and so does where you live. The problems mentioned are largely confined to large urban areas. For now, at least.

        But even if one lives a significant distance from Malmo or other such trouble-spots, it is best not to be complacent. The hajjis are famous for their fecundity and their territorial ambitions.

        Looking at the situation tactically, you have in a round-about way, made the point for me that Sweden is already locked into an asymmetric war. Rural Swedes may indeed control the countryside and the vast wilderness areas of the country, but that is scant consolation if the Muslims control the cities, one would think…since that is where so much of national life and the economic activity of the country take place.

        I’m a rural person myself, and am biased in that direction as I suspect you are. But it isn’t as easy to disengage from cities and urban areas as one might think. It isn’t that easy. Everything is interconnected and mutually-dependent in the modern world.

        Of course, my perspective on the problem is different than yours. My mother is a native of Denmark, which is now only a short drive or ferry ride from your country. One suspects that Denmark is next on the menu for the soldiers of Allah…

        • On another note…

          The real “mystery” I am trying to figure out is the “real History of Sweden”

          Because once you see the Viking Golden Treasures, and there is a lot of gold that the Vikings brought to “Sweden”, “Gotland”, “Severie” – which is the same word as “Siberia” in Slavic languages, and it means “The North Land”…

          Anyhow – there is such a great ammount of Arabian and Middle Eastern Gold in the Viking Treasures that there must have been a lot of contact between the two regions. A cultural heritage of the Viking is conquering and looting, just like the Mohamedans…

          I don’t know what to say except that I sense a mystery here. Some say that The Koran does not come from Arabia, but came from the North down south. In Stockholm there are places like “Gamla Stan” – “The Old Town”, just like “Turk Mani Stan”, “Aghani-Stan”, etc.

          There are places called “Salem”, etc…

          And Blue and Yellow are the colors of Babylon, and also the colors of Ukraine, which is in between Sweden and Babylon…

          So that’s the mystery I am trying to figure out, neverhteless – I myself being a believer, am confident – that the North can cleanse itself from all evil by a “year without summer” event, very easily, and that Sweden will remain the wilderness it is to this day, even though the ruling class would like to populate that wast area with newcomers from warmer climates.

          If there is WWIII, I myself would run North, and fish for some time untill the southerners figure their problems for themselves 🙂

          Isaiah 14:12How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north

          • Sorry mate, nobody is going to get out of this mess unscathed, so whether you like it or not, you will be forced to fight and keep what you kill.

          • The word “stan” in Swedish is just an abbreviation for “staden” which has kind of offialized itself through frequent usage. The word is “stad” for city or town, and the ending “-en” is the definite article, which is expressed in the form of this suffix (cf. available information on Swedish grammar). The “-stan” suffix common to many countries throughout the Islamic world means just that, country (of the nation identified by the preceding name).

  7. Same in Australia. That is why we have seen the rise of the boy gangs or INCELS, “involuntary celibates” because women are all either trying to be social influencers or lesbians, OR both which gets more hits on social media!. They are living their lives around “hits and likes”, they are not interested in a real world relationship. When the hits and likes stop they will look around and find they are alone, ugly and sterile. They will be even nastier then.
    It is destroying society. As nothing can be done about it as all the social engineering has been done by schools and social media I recommend men who want children should try and find someone in Russia etc or have a child using a surrogate.
    Single men can have children in US, Colombia, Czech republic and Ukraine. It is cheaper than a property settlement and less stressful!.
    Google “single male surrogacy”. Cost outside US is about US$50,000.
    Good luck

    • The Ukraine will be a booming marketplace for such surrogacy.

      Such a shame. You know a society is nearing the bottom when it’s women are forced to sell their bodies for sustenance.

  8. Any society, culture, and/or population which legalizes the murder of its innocent unborn citizens is headed for destruction. Amerika is in for a huge and far-reaching chastisement from which it will not recover. Ezekiel 25:17.

  9. Lesbos and all the rest of the feminist wahoo is way down on the list of my concerns, as when I run into one of them, I just give them the brush, and I make sure they know it. For every one of them there are, there are an equal number or more who are not indoctrinated into that bs. It’s all a lot of rubbish anyway. Watch what happens once the electric goes off, and doesn’t come back on, nor the water, nor the sewage systems……Feminism is based on the lie that women don’t need men, and without the modern conveniences, men and women will need each other more than they have in over a hundred years.

  10. While the insane women, typically white women, go off and get involved with moslems or some other violent minority and get murdered. But, “white man bad”, huh?

  11. I don’t find it hard to believe. I’ve been dealing with it for about five decades. Feminism has destroyed tens of millions of relationships and tens of millions of white children have not been born because of it. Enjoy your cats, ladies. Joseph Campbell tells a story from ancient times about a tribe or community that murdered all of the women over a certain age due to a similar insanity. You know, men, simply cannot spend their entire adult lives fighting with insane women about every [vulgar intensifier] detail of life and catering to their every little [vulgar intensifier] insanity. Something has to break.

  12. I see it as a self-correcting problem since such developments are simply not sustainable in the big picture of evolution. What bothers me is that this puts the formerly profoundly capable society native to this country at an even further disadvantage against the invited invaders who will not engage in such philosophical dead-ends and thus threaten to outbreed the natives even faster. It’s a race against time. Yours truly is left with sitting on the fence and wondering if he will be around to witness the tipping-point. A glimmer of hope is that especially the Swedes, out of all, have shown that they can turn around and act decisively, unexpected and as if collectively. An example of this is the way that they disposed of an entire job section called “vägledare” (“path-leaders”), i.e. public employees recruited out of recent immigrants to guide new arrivals and help them adjust, when they discovered large-scale corruption and embezzlement among the structures this group has built among itself. It was determined that the problem was not fixable and 30,000 jobs were eliminated practically overnight, irrespective of mainstream narratives. They can, if they want to. It just takes a lot of trouble to get them to move. There is no way to predict what will happen.

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