“A Measure That Legitimizes Law-Breaking”

Ignacio Garriga is a Catalonian politician who serves as the Secretary General of the anti-immigration party Vox. In the following speech from the floor of the Catalonian legislature, Mr. Garriga discusses the correlation between Third World immigration and increased crime. The speaker interrupts Mr. Garriga to remind him that what he is saying is “hate speech”. She offers him the opportunity to amend his error and recant, but he declines.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   And on top of that, something that sounds like a joke:
00:04   despite the fact that there are 340,000 unemployed citizens in Catalonia,
00:08   last week you announced you are going to allocate €19 million
00:13   to hire 630 illegal migrants residing in Catalonia.
00:17   An aberration from a juridical, economic and social point of view.
00:21   Such a measure legitimizes law-breaking; it triggers the pull factor of immigration,
00:25   and mismanages Catalan taxpayers’ money.
00:30   Mr. Deputy, You are correlating immigration with delinquency once again,
00:36   and we have already said this many times: hate speech
00:39   doesn’t belong in the Parliament of Catalonia.
00:42   I give you the chance to take back what you have just said.
00:47   You haven’t understood what I have just said.
00:51   Because I haven’t made any correlation. If you let me, I will carry on.
00:59   Do carry on. But you did make it, so I give you the chance to take it back.
01:07   You are going to allocate €19 million to hire 630 illegal migrants.
01:12   That’s really insane: juridically, economically and socially.
01:15   A measure that legitimizes law-breaking, I am reaffirming that.
01:19   It triggers the pull factor of immigration, and…
01:22   Mr. Deputy, you have said it again, so…
01:29   Do carry on. You will not take it back, that’s clear.
01:35   An aberration from a juridical, economic and social point of view.
01:39   A measure that legitimizes law-breaking, Mr. Aragonès.
01:42   It triggers the pull factor, and mismanages all Catalan taxpayers’ money.
01:46   I am not asking you to rectify it because I know that at this point it’s absolutely impossible.
01:51   But be conscious and stop talking about public services, and everyone’s services.

4 thoughts on ““A Measure That Legitimizes Law-Breaking”

  1. How ironic the events that played out in Algeciras shortly after this session in the legislature. Madame Speaker might want to retract her own comments.

  2. The above exchange in the Catalonian legislature took place Wednesday the 25th. I am assuming the Algeciras attack came a few hours later in the early evening. At any case, it is ironic.

  3. But what is bizarre is that he DIDN’T equate illegal immigrants with any crime except that of illegally entering a country. I did not hear him refer to these gate-crashers as criminals in any sense other than being illegally in the country.

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