Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

The German Greens — functionally indistinguishable from Communists — used to be staunch defenders of citizens’ rights to digital privacy and personal data protection. Now that they’re part of the ruling “traffic light* coalition, however, they’re gung-ho for government surveillance of citizens using all the means available to the modern technocratic state.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Pleiteticker.de. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Habeck raves about iris scans and facial recognition: The green desire for the surveillance state?

At the federal government’s little-noticed “digital summit”, Robert Habeck [Vice-Chancellor and Minister of the Economy and Climate] raved about Orwellian technologies such as iris scans for paying and face recognition in supermarkets. The Greens always pretend to be a civil rights party — how does that fit together?

“Data — creating digital [amoral] values together” was the motto of the digital summit of the federal government. An apt title on the subject: data is one of the most valuable commodities of the 21st century, traded in a market that has long been worth $200 billion. A topic that the digital party FDP is of course happy to take on.

But: Technically, the FDP is also a data protection party. Technically. Because the Free Democrat Volker Wissing, Digital Minister, suddenly struck an unfamiliar tone at the digital summit: “We want significantly more data to be made available and also used,” emphasized the minister. [Used? For what? Absolute control!] This requires “courage and openness”. There was no question of protecting privacy — the FDP, of all people, which presented itself as a data protection party for years, suddenly seems to be completely indifferent to the right to one’s own data in the digital age. [And I’m pretty sure that their own data will be protected or even collected. After all, “quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”]

Wissing’s cabinet colleague Robert Habeck (Greens) was also a guest at the summit — and raved about Orwellian technologies. In a refugee camp he visited in Jordan, he discovered a payment concept that impressed him: “People pay with an iris scan.” By reading the highly sensitive biometric feature, “what they took” is simply debited. Habeck was really enthusiastic — also about tests in supermarkets in Western countries, where “a face ID scan” takes place when you go in. The customer then takes products from the shelves, with everything being recorded digitally. The computer calculates the total and then reorders immediately. “It’s not crazy Spökenkiekerei [a clairvoyant who can only foresee misery],” said the minister, in North German, so enthusiastically. The Green politician then emphasized that many current social problems and crises, including climate change and pandemics, could and must be answered digitally. “Data protection is not an end in itself,” said the Green politician Janosch Dahmen, known for his uncompromising commitment to mandatory Corona vaccination. [Are they really that ideologically retarded, or are they just simply EVIL? Personally, I’d say they’re BOTH.]

It is completely contrary to the official line that the Greens claim to represent: “We Greens in the Bundestag work for the rights to privacy and data protection. Data protection is not an accessory but a fundamental right and an anchor of trust,” says the website of the Green parliamentary group. And further: “The widespread use — of video surveillance and facial recognition — is a threat to privacy in the public space.” The supposed Civil Rights Party — or at least one of its leading representatives — seems to forget everything it once meant and said on the subject. [Come on, does anyone with a functioning brain take anything they say or have said at face-value? They wanted to make pedophilia LEGAL when they first started out. They’re in this for power over others and a luxury carriage on the gravy train.]

Afterword from the translator:

Looking at Habeck confirms my belief that those who lack sycophancy are deemed unelectable by those that pull the strings by robbing the public purse. He’s one of those that have bartered their lives for an authority that as men or women they never have owned.

And those who are so enthusiastic about all these proposed digital slave shackles as something good — only for those on the controls — keep arguing that they don’t care about privacy because they have nothing to hide is no different than saying that they don’t care about free speech because they have nothing to say.

Someone told me some time ago that all this digital will eventually eradicate crime. I had to disagree: it will eradicate freedom and crime will soar, and the brunt will be borne by those who cannot defend themselves any longer because they have nowhere to turn to. Slaves are after all insignificant to their masters and live a life of shame, of obeisance, always in fear of the unknown, at the whim of others.

Not my cup of tea.

*   “Traffic light” coalition government:
    Red:   Social Democratic Party
    Yellow:   Free Democratic Party
    Green:   Alliance90 / The Greens

8 thoughts on “Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

  1. Now at Whole Foods, you get to “Hand” it to Amazon. They have employed a “Palm Reader” who will tell you your Miss Fortune. We aren’t all that far behind the Europee-ans

  2. According to the Bible, I guess, they will succeed to implement their total control “cellphone dictatorship” with iris scans and biometric location data – for about 3.5 years. And then it will all go to hell.

    My main proffession is in the telecomunications business, and that is why I store my wealth in gold and silver. These people don’t realise how vulnerable “The Internet” is. If they transfer all “information exchange” – i.e. money – over to the “internets”, they will trap the whole civilisation into an abyss from which there will be no escape, and once the network gets destroyed by a solar flare, or war, or the Luddites, it won’t be back to the 19th century: It will be right back into the stone age.

    Elon Musk Starlink is made to deal with all this, but then again: Any space worthy power can bring the Starlink down by shooting a lot of debree up into the orbit.

    Relying on “The Internet” for life is simply The Highway to Hell. Hell in its original meaning – “the grave”. There will be only one way it’s all gonna go crashing down.

    • A short time ago I read somewhere that the time of the Internet may be over.

      The reason:
      Anti-crime (OFFICIALLY)
      They want digital IDs so that when someone posts something offensive or enters the darknetto do something illegal you can be traced and prosecuted.
      Yes, you can log on only with your digital ID (maybe a chip implanted in your body / eyescan and the scanner on your PC reads this ID data and only then are you allowed to surf the internet. And even using TOR or something like it will not help. Your ID will be open even if using TOR.

      • Yes well that’s the plan, a star-trek like Universal Computer Network which knows everything and listens to your every word, and everyone will have to be registered, of course. They want to go from “personal PC’s” and “Private Cellphones” into something like a world of remote computer terminals.

        Windows 11 is said to will be able to search through your personal photos and videos and delete what it doesn’t like. It’s not gonna be your personal computer with windows 11.

        The problem is that the “technocrat bankers” who plan all of this don’t expect the whole network to go down, which I do expect, and then – barbarians who still use gold for money will conquer this whole high tech paradise.

  3. I find it interesting that this digital prison will actually result in three classes, elites who presumably will be exempt from much of the tracking and the burdens imposed, serfs who must follow every dictate and have zero financial freedom or privacy of any kind in return for their feedbag, and the criminal class, of which Europastan is already infested with.

    Third world orcs of the muslim and non muslim flavor along with various homegrown white collar professional criminals provide the spice in the rotten WEF stew. They will be exempt as well from the surveillance since their talents or just general unruliness are useful to the WEF mandarins. And they will also be exempt because their unruliness is the only real threat to the elites since the natives are so passive and thoroughly cowed.

  4. Waiting to see what happens when the first muslim woman in full niqab is scanned. Will she be denied access to services?

  5. Computer vision dazzle also known as CV dazzle, dazzle makeup, or anti-surveillance makeup, is a type of camouflage used to hamper facial recognition software, inspired by dazzle camouflage used by vehicles such as ships and planes.
    Another recently developed system is a shirt with a photo derived print pattern featuring low resolution people shapes in a room setting. It forces the optical systems ‘lock’ to wander so the system doesn’t lock long enough to recognize the target. Analogous to to range gate spoofing in radar systems.
    That eliminates almost 100% of the states surveillance system.
    Just for esses and gees, I do stuff like run new driving license’s, gov’t issue ID’s through a mag flux machine, or a few jolts in the microwave, to scramble any RFID strips and chips, or mechanically remove the strip or chip.
    No Bank account, card or charge card. It’s a bit of a pain in the after body, but not the end of everything scenario used by daddy G to keep you chuffing the bankers dingus.
    Obstinately use cash. It won’t be going anywhere. Refuse direct deposit.
    It’s really time for the citizen to develop alternative fiscal, power and security structures well out side of the state zone of control.
    There was a lot of that in Northern Ireland during that murderous, decades long communist tantrum.
    The last counter measure is the toughest, because all of the above will only slow them down. You must find in your self the resolve and the will to act, the will to do the hard things; and then do it, all the way.
    In the parlance of my tribe, you must deny ground to the enemy, interdict his movements, locate and destroy his command and control, reconnaissance and screening units, blind his sensors, and ultimately, you must close with and destroy the enemy. I am a big believer in decapitation strikes. First, last and always, go after the HQ group and their comms, the TOC, the jimmie with the most crap on his epaulets, or the vehicle with the most antenna’s .
    Depressing, but when you cannot vote your way out, it always ends up in that corner.

    • Kono, You bloody well know as well as I that it will come down to force at some point, the weak will be weeded out with the chaff, the strongest and most ruthless will survive, thrive and then rule, even with Murphy thrown into the mix.

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