Knife Jihad in Illerkirchberg

One teenage girl was killed today and another seriously wounded during a knife attack in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

The following reports describe what happened, but do not mention the fact that the alleged perpetrator is an asylum seeker from Eritrea. However, numerous other reports (including this English-language one) do record that salient fact.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the attack from the Berliner Zeitung, also translated by MissPiggy:

In southern Germany

Brutal attack on way to school — Girl (14) dies in hospital

Inconceivable scenes must have taken place in the early hours of the morning in Illerkirchberg, south of Ulm. Bloody attack on innocent children at a school.

What happened: An unknown man attacked and seriously injured two schoolchildren on their way to school in the community of 4,700 inhabitants. Eyewitnesses immediately called the police and the emergency services. The latter treated the two girls, 13 and 14 years old according to previous findings, and took them to a hospital with serious wounds. According to the Ulm police, the children were probably on their way to catch a bus to a neighboring community to attend a secondary school there. The attack on two girls in Illerkirchberg (Alb-Donau district) did not affect a neighboring elementary school, as first thought, according to police. “Contrary to rumors, there was no amok alarm in a school,” a police spokesman said. The perpetrator fled to a residential building. It is not yet clear whether he lives there. Police surrounded the building, stormed it and arrested all residents. “We assume that among them is also the perpetrator,” said a police spokesman. The operation with the help of a special task force was completed, and there was no danger to the population. It is still unclear whether the perpetrator used a weapon and if so, what kind. There is no motive for the crime itself. It is also unclear whether the children and the perpetrator knew each other. The investigation is in full swing.

Video transcript:

00:00   A horrible crime occurred in Illerkirchberg in the German state of Baden-Württemberg today.
00:05   Two schoolgirls were attacked by a man on the street.
00:08   One of the girls, a 14-year-old, died from her wounds.
00:11   The other, a 13-year-old girl who accompanied her, was severely wounded during the attack.
00:17   Both adolescents were attacked in the early morning and found severely wounded on the street.
00:22   They were brought to the hospital, but the 14-year-old
00:26   died from her wounds shortly after her arrival.
00:29   An investigation has begun, and we discovered the suspect,
00:34   who allegedly fled into a neighboring building.
00:39   As the police entered the building, they found three men who were taken into custody.
00:47   We presume that the suspect is among this group of men.
00:53   Information about the type of attack or the possible weapon used
00:58   has not yet been released by the police, but we’re told the investigation is in full swing.

9 thoughts on “Knife Jihad in Illerkirchberg

  1. It’s just horrific!!, one “refugee „ from Eritrea, !!, bring them more ! It’s not enough this murders, I hope parents of this poor girls will sue this disgusting, out of control government!!, they will burn in hell !!, all of them – Grüne, SPD, FDP !, this country is lost completely, like Dr. Curio (AFD) said : Merkel put the seed ( 2015) and now ! well now is a big harvest.. RIP. Deutschland..

    • “Sue”?

      I’m afraid that will have no impact at all. The entire “justice” apparatus is also part of “them”.

      We need an Elser for true justice.

      A few of them in fact.

      They are out there. Really.

      PS. When the people are finally back in control, we must not forget to remind those who brought us to that future ghastly point that they begged for the justice they will have to receive.

      They will sob and plead and beg forgiveness. We will duly forgive them, then insist they walk up the steps to Madam.

      PPS. If the NSA etc etc etc whomsoever don’t pick up comments such as this, then I will be very disappointed.

      Truly I will. After all, what is a trillion-dollar+ budget actually for?

      • Why walk up the steps to Madam?
        Put them in Gibbets outside of parliament just like the members of the Münster rebellion were hung outside the church of Münster. (But without the torture and killing before putting them in the Gibbets.)

        And then let them enjoy the weather.
        Give them food and water that they can enjoy their stay for a very long time.

  2. Every single day there is an “incident” with these 3rd world vermin and everybody acts surprised, shocked and horrified. As of yet, there isn’t organized security committees hunting these orcs or if they are, have been extremely quiet about it or the authorities are covering it up. For if that were my child, those savages would be sent a message that would horrify the most hard core orc. When dealing with uncivilized savages, civilized means is a lose lose proposition.


    Happens every day, just not reported until they can’t ignore it any more. Like these two Muslims, that raped a 22 year old. They a) group raped her, b) filmed themselves raping her then c) [micturated] on her. Of course they denied everything. Even after the judge had seen the video evidence on their cell phone with his own eyes. They’ll probably get community service. In historical times, they’d have gotten the hangman’s noose.

    • Well, if they had an R Kelley amongst them they would get a music video out of it.

      I don’t blame the orcs for doing what orcs do. Plenty of blame to go around, but the biggest bang for the buck would be found in delivering rough justice upon the judges who protect these orcs.

  4. As Germany’s economy collapses without cheap Russian gas, social pressures will expand. A homogenous German population might have been able to endure these stresses, but with millions of low-IQ fanatical moslem invaders added to the mix, the result is going to be a social catastrophe. Moslem fanatics are not going to wait patiently in line for food rations behind elderly Germans, to say the least. They will burn furniture and anything else to keep warm in apartments, and there will be many avoidable fires. Feeling ripped-off, with their dreams of living the good life in Germany dashed, heir anger will build and they will take it out against average Germans. These kinds of attacks will increase until they provoke and vigilante response by civilians and “off-duty” police. However, many of the moslem gangs will be armed with black-market weapons meant for Ukraine. I predict we will not only see small arms and grenade attacks, but weapons like Javelins used against police stations and police cars attempting to make arrests in moslem areas. All of this was readily foreseeable.

    • You are right Mr Bracken. Poor germans who have to go to the socalled Tafel aka food bank have already suffered this.
      The young muslims shove the elderly germans aside and if they see that the food is not good enough they throw it at the people of the food bank.

      And to the weapons: There was once – but only for a short time – a report on the news that the german police intercepted a car loaded with more than 800 shotguns. Driver was muslim.
      And on a personal note: I was once a member of a martial arts club with 80% plus muslim members. I overheard some of them about which weapons they could get their hands on.
      With enough cash everything was on the table. Revolver, pistol, semi-automatic, fully automatic – just name it.

  5. The interior secretary of the state said that the killing had no political or religious reason! So, everything is fine, nothing to see here, move on.

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