The Greening of the Bundeswehr

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Crazy climate plans: Bundeswehr should go “green”!

The Bundeswehr recognizes that war damages the climate and the environment. [They only notice this NOW? What an insight!] But now she is planning the “transformation of the armed forces into a sustainable army.” This should have extinguished the last spark of hope for the military capability of the Bundeswehr.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht stumbles from one embarrassing appearance to the next. Now they want finally make a laughingstock out of the Bundeswehr. [Is that still possible after Shotgun Uschi and AKK?] Whether with photovoltaics on barracks roofs, synthetic fuel or “green” stickers for new acquisitions: the Bundeswehr should transform itself. Transform ecologically. “Green” was once only camouflage for the troops — now it should be for the whole troupe. The Bundeswehr should become climate-neutral. [Wouldn’t the outright disbanding of the Bundeswehr be so much simpler? That’s what this boils down to in end, doesn’t it?]

The Bundeswehr would like to use photovoltaic systems to increase its independence from external electricity providers. A look at the current electricity mix is enough to show that photovoltaic systems have hardly generated any energy in the last few days. Only an average of three gigawatt hours were generated at lunchtime, just under two percent of the total. That’s not how you run an army. [Certainly, that’s the way to run an army, especially when your aim is to run the army into the ground.]

Things are looking rosier for synthetic fuel, if you trust government experts. The Bundeswehr’s group of experts agree “that the majority of vehicles can be operated with synthetic fuels in the future.” In fact, synthetic fuels are a thing of the future — and de facto not an option for many means of transport such as cars due to their energy inefficiency.

While the Ministry of Defense is planning the transformation of the Bundeswehr, the huge supply gap continues to widen. However, little has happened since the start of the Russian war in Ukraine and the decided-upon special fund. The Bundeswehr is now even in a worse situation than before. The reason for this is the donations in kind to the Ukrainian army. However, Ms. Lambrecht insists that Germany is defensible. With deficiencies in everything from munitions to personnel and heavy equipment, our soldiers may not be able to defend our country. While Lambrecht blabbers about “green transformation”, the troops haven’t even had ammunition for years. In the Bendlerblock [Ministry of Defense], people apparently no longer know what’s going on in the Bundeswehr.

Christine Lambrecht would drive the Bundeswehr completely against the wall if there were still something mobile. If the transformation of the Bundeswehr is as successful as the energy transition, then in the future only bicycles will actually be used. At least the Bundeswehr itself recognizes the limits of ideological climate policy. What will be done with this knowledge, however, is another question.

Afterword from the translator:

There is no more consistent or better way to lead a country into the abyss. It is amazing that the politicians who are currently de-industrializing and breaking up Germany are still getting high poll numbers. As if the voters were all masochistically inclined.

I guess I’ll have to use Hillel, the Elder (110 BC-10 AD) again: “He who refuses to learn deserves extinction.”

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  1. I am not from the government but I am here to help them accomplish their objective. I am going to go old school on this. Most readers from the US that are 50 years or so old will be familiar with this. When I was 5,6,7 or so we used to play war on a piece of paper. We would draw our army and take turns drawing a line from our guy to the enemy, killing them or taking out the tank or plane. So instead of using clean white paper, they could recycle paper shopping bags or a white board. A really green military would have engage in combat on a Buddha board. You draw in water on a board and it eventually evaporates leaving no real trace of the atrocities committed. Wealthier countries may even get a set of army men made from recycled motor oil.

    Didn’t Germany use synthetic fuels and oils from coal in WW2 because of the lack of availability of oil?

    • When we were that age, we played war with BB guns and shot each other with them. More than a few of us used pocket knives to dig out those very same BB’s before the parents ever found out.

      • We had high powered air rifles, so for personal combat we had to make out with home made crossbows and “shooters” of all kinds, slingshots, etc.

        In the end, our “weapon of choice” was a rubber balloon tied to a pipe. It could shoot any 1cm object, stones, peas, etc. Surprisingly powerful, it would make big red spot on your sking when you got hit 🙂

        • We made ourselves “breech-loaders” out of old Copper-pipes mounted on a wooden stock.
          The ammunition were fire-crackers rolled into a papertube with candlewax balls and those did fit snugly into the barrel.
          A firelighter attached to the stock was the “trigger”.
          To contain most of the force and to close the “breech” we used a hinge with a washer attached.
          When they hit you, it did really hurt and it made the right noise.
          Was fun.

  2. There is a reason why the Generals and Admirals of the German military ignore this less than useless Defense minister, she makes bricks look useful and why those same senior military officers ignore her staff meetings and have their own where their discussions actually produce results and go around the politicians and go right to the military industrial complex to get the essentials. The military has stockpiled about 6 months of munitions(offbooks) despite the Defense Ministers best intentions to leave the German military with nothing but broomsticks to fight with, much to her chagrin. As with the former female useless Defense Minister, they don’t use military personnel for their PPD’s because she is very afraid of them, and she should be. The last time she tried firing a General for raising his voice at her, her armored Mecedes started on fire, severely burning the PPD driver an A driver, thus the message was sent, That same General showed up for work the next day and is still there. Whenever a General is summoned to her office or meetings, the Generals send a junior Lieutenant. This is the state of the Bundeswehr today, the Navy is worse off.

  3. I have come to the conclusion that the “global plan” is to strip Europe of all energy imports, which will leave us with no oil, and just a bit of coal and Nuclear. The EU has been building bicycle routes like crazy in the last 20 years, because I guess our “leaders” know that’s the plan long time in advance.

    The problem with the Ivory Tower dwellers is, however, that they always “build” by “paying for it with money” – and therefore have no concept of what it takes to actually build something with hands, and brain. Like this battery powered stuff. Yea – battery powered chainsaw is nice, and I like it – when I need to cut a tree trunk in half, once. But for a day worth of work in the woods, the battery powered chainsaw is literally useless, unless you can continuously charge and use 100 batteries at once.

    The same goes for the solar panels on the roof. It’s a nice thing to have. But in case of war – useless against any gas powered enemy.

  4. Germany has more to fear from it’s own government than Putin. They are destroying themselves quicker than he could and they are doing it willingly. Railing against Putin is finding someone to blame for what they are themselves doing. They call it “projection”, blaming someone else for your own crime.
    Green energy on the battlefield is a joke. Only low flammable liquid fuels are viable as they are easy to store and transport.In Ukraine there is no recharging of EV batteries because there is no electricity. No one has invented the battery which does not need recharging.
    It is fantasy la la land. “They must be on drugs” we used to say before they all WERE on drugs. LOL

  5. That’s what comes of having female defense ministers. Though, nowadays quite a few Western biological males are just as bad.

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