Fighting COVID Tyranny in Canada

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) has been exercising tyrannical control over doctors in Ontario, restricting their freedom to prescribe non-vax treatments for COVID-19 patients, and prosecuting them if they spread “misinformation” about the virus or the vax.

An important motion hearing was held today in a court in Ontario to decide whether the CPSO has overstepped the bounds of its authority. As of post time, I haven’t heard any word about how the hearing turned out.

In the video below, Michael Alexander, a lawyer for doctors who are being prosecuted, is interviewed by Dr. Sam Dubé in his “Fifth Doctor” podcast. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

For more details on the CPSO hearing, see this article at RAIR Foundation.

6 thoughts on “Fighting COVID Tyranny in Canada

  1. I will never forget how Canada treated their citizens during the Covid panic. They were quick to jump to authoritarianism, and do not appear regretful in any way. I won’t support, I won’t visit. They may not care, but I don’t support bullies.

    • Thank you. I do care very deeply. Your stance is important and many would appreciate the sentiment if they knew of it.

  2. As a Canadian I must inform you that this is not an act, we are as Dumb as we look. In my lifetime we have elected Trudeaus 7 times, it’s not an accident it really is the best we can do. That is why the WEF starts with us, the slow learner. We swallowed hard on the 2 most destructive ideologies, sexual revolution feminism and government education/healthcare. It is no coincidence that during Covid-19 our PM was an actor, the debut PM was a journalist, the Minister of Health was a Marketing major and the top Public Health figure was a Chinese plant.

    • Agree
      That is why I left Canada
      There is no hope for Canadians anymore
      Too many Muslim scam
      Too many black lazy loozers
      Too many chine3
      Too little white Europeans

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