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Unless German political leaders do an abrupt about-face and start to act in their country’s best interests, Germany is in for a dark, cold winter.

Below are four articles about the current German crisis, with a special focus on the natural gas shortage. All were translated by Hellequin GB, and the translator’s comments are in square brackets:

First, from Junge Freiheit:

Federal Network Agency urgently warns: Gas consumption is currently increasing too much


The Federal Network Agency has urgently appealed to the population to reduce their gas consumption. According to the dpa news agency, the president of the authority belonging to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Klaus Müller, warned that it is currently rising too much. The situation could become very serious.

According to the Federal Network Agency, the gas consumption by private households and smaller commercial customers from the end of September to the beginning of October was 618 gigawatt hours, almost ten percent higher than in the years 2018 to 2021. The consumption of industrial customers last week was almost two percent below the level of 1,370 gigawatt hours level of previous years.

Federal Network Agency: Germany is threatened with a gas emergency

If private households, trade and industry do not manage to save at least 20%, Germany will hardly be able to avoid a gas emergency. Private households and smaller commercial customers account for around 40% of consumption in this country. Large industrial customers are responsible for the remaining 60%. [ I wonder which “private households” are doing this? Those of the native stock that have actually work hard to pay for it, or the new stock that don’t need to work and don’t pay for it?]

Network agency boss Müller had already complained last week about excessive gas consumption and threatened the Germans with consequences if they did not reduce it. “I don’t see that with the consumption figures that we last saw. That’s why we will have to make adjustments in the private sector,” he said. From his point of view, this also includes pricing. In plain language: the head of the network agency wants to further increase gas prices for private households. He had appealed to Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) not to introduce a Gas price cap.

Afterword from the translator:

Of course there is a plan behind it: the destruction of the energy industry, agriculture and the middle class. This is part of the Great Reset and an essential prerequisite for enforcing it. This results in insecurity and fear among the people, which is also intended. Those who live in a constant state of fear and stress can no longer think clearly and will submit in the hope that everything will get better.

When do people wake up? You just read the book by this misanthrope Klaus Schwab, in which he explains in detail how and what is planned — and already implemented — to see what is in the pipeline for you, and it’s not cheap gas.

The second article is from eXXpress:

Qatar’s Energy Minister scoffs at the clueless EU and German Minister Habeck

Saad Al-Kaabi, Qatar’s energy minister, said what many Europeans fear at the moment: when it comes to Energy policy, the EU and Robert Habeck, German Green Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, are clueless. [That is a prerequisite for the post.]

In the opinion of Qatar Energy Minister Saad Al-Kaabi, the energy policy of the EU, and above all that of the German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (Greens) is taking place in the realm of illusion. According to Al-Kaabi, those responsible have no idea about the energy markets, and their unrealistic behavior makes the high gas prices their own fault.

The reason for the ridicule: Habeck does not identify an electricity problem, but a gas problem

Habeck and other responsible persons in the EU must expand the supply of energy by any means, says the Energy Minister. Instead, they are following an illusion and actually believe that Germany’s industry will no longer emit CO2 by 2045, Saad Al-Kaabi scoffs. But that would require a lot of electricity. A problem that the German minister does not see, because he recently said that there was no electricity problem, just a gas problem. Reason enough for the Energy Minister of the organizers of the soccer World Cup to make fun of such naïveté.

Afterword from the translator:

If it weren’t such a bitter certainty that German political clowns and those in the EU don’t have a clue, you could laugh about it, but in reality it brings tears to your eyes and sweat of dread to your forehead to contemplate those nincompoops that sit in the drivers’ seats of our respective countries today.

Also, with this opinion the Energy Minister of Qatar is not alone… anyone in their right mind cannot come to a different conclusion, one that has been recognized in non-European countries and in the Third World. But only there it seems.

From Report24:

Habeck doesn’t understand why US liquefied gas is so much more expensive than Russian pipeline gas

Thus far, Germany’s Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) has not shown himself to be particularly competent when it comes to his government post. Now he’s gone one better: he accuses the Americans of selling natural gas to Germany at far too high a price.

In fact, one would expect a Minister of Economics to have at least some basic knowledge of economics — or at least a basic understanding of how an economy works. And, if not, then it would be a good idea at least to do some research and engage with ministry officials on the issues before reporting it to the media. But Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck does not need this — and once again makes a fool of himself. [Well, they voted for him, didn’t they?]

The Greens leader is now publicly criticizing the United States for selling the liquefied natural gas that was shipped across the Atlantic to Germany at “astronomical prices”. Simple principles apply here: LPG is generally more expensive than pipeline gas because expensive liquefaction plants and the corresponding storage infrastructure have to be built for it. Then the liquefied gas has to be brought first across the Atlantic by ship, with the LNG tankers having then to return empty afterwards. In addition, the principle of supply and demand comes into play, whereby the former can hardly keep up with the latter.

In addition, these are private companies, such as EOG Resources, Chevron and Exxon, which of course act primarily in the interest of their own profits and those of the shareholders, and do not want to artificially lower prices “out of solidarity” with the Europeans. The US government won’t be able to do much there either, no matter how much Habeck would like it to. And not only that: the fact that no more Russian natural gas flows to Germany is also a result of the policy of the Greens, which party Habeck chairs, and who continue to vehemently support the sanctions and the financial and economic war against Russia.

Above all, however, the Americans are not really interested in significantly defusing the energy crisis in Europe. After all, they benefit from the relocation of energy-intensive companies across the Atlantic, which creates jobs and thus also brings in taxes and votes. At least if the energy costs in Europe remain so high in the long term that a move is really worthwhile for the company.

Afterword from the translator:

It boggles the mind the way someone like this Habeck character can become a high-ranking minister in ANY Western government. These types you’d expect to find in third-world countries in which nepotism, and not ability, is the normal prerequisite for a high-paid job in high places.

But, hey, isn’t that the road the whole of Europe is on? Especially with the mass-import of culture-enrichers? I guess the German government is simply adapting to the coming dark ages, and at a rapid pace.

Finally, from

Food, energy, housing: the true inflation is 56%

Prices are skyrocketing and we are all getting poorer — everyone feels the price shock, but in statistics it shows up as much smaller. Official inflation figures are around 10%. But many citizens notice in their everyday life: prices are rising — in the supermarket, at the gas station — much faster!

The true inflation is much higher: That’s why we now have the inflation radar at — you can find it updated daily on our homepage. We have calculated price developments in the areas that really matter: housing, energy and basic foodstuffs. With the latest figures, inflation there was a whopping 56.3% over the past year — and 11.6 percent over the past week alone. For the average net income of a German household (€3,600), this means a loss in value of €1,296. This is mainly driven by the rise in energy costs. The price of electricity has risen by an unbelievable 344% in the past year.

The official figures, on the other hand, are hardly meaningful: The figures from the Federal Statistical Office are significantly lower and not very meaningful for the reality of people’s lives for two reasons: on the one hand, it includes hundreds of products in its “shopping basket” that are not at all decisive for the everyday life of most people — such as the price development of home cinema systems, surfboards, services from domestic staff or a visit to the opera.

On the other hand, the price shock for electricity and gas only becomes visible in the Federal Statistical Office’s inflation calculator with a long delay — because instead of the market price, the current consumer price is used, which reflects even more favorable market prices from the past. The real market price only reaches the end consumer with a delay.

The loss of value of money is already there today: It will inevitably affect not only consumers, but also many companies, especially in the handicraft industry and medium-sized businesses. Bakeries such as that of world champion confectioner Siefert ( reported) are already being hit hard by these astronomical prices and are faced with the insoluble dilemma of passing the horrendous energy prices on to customers and thus alienating their customers — or, with the price pressure on their own shoulders, going broke. [I’m in the same boat with my little bakery, and I run it now all on my own.]

As we calculated: For our inflation radar, we look at the products that are really essential for people’s lives and survival: housing, energy and basic foodstuffs. And we are not referring to the consumer prices, whose conditions often come from the more favorable past — but the actual, daily updated market price, which the consumer inevitably has to face. We weight these as follows: gas at 12.5%, electricity at 12.5%, the most important staple foods at 40% and housing at 35%.

Afterword from the translator:

I assume that, statistically, the high cost of food and energy is offset by the lower cost of tanks and ammunition (the Greens need it for Ukraine to cut CO2 emissions — having fewer people alive will save the climate, after all), so living standards remain almost the same.

12 thoughts on “The Big Chill

  1. The flavor of idiocy that Herr Habeck regularly demonstrates is so far beyond the realm of garden variety idiocy that the only explanation for it is that he works very hard at being such a fool; whatever advanced education he must possess only serves to help him work even more efficiently at being a fool than the average fool with only a basic education.

    With all that is going on in Germany are they still planning on shutting down the remaining nuclear power plants? If they are then perhaps it’s for the best since such idiots have no business operating a nuclear reactor.

  2. I’ve already pointed out that Habeck’s 4 children were educated in Denmark. Now I wonder if he too hates Germany and is just in office to make sure it is dead before he departs for Denmark himself. He could only get a job at an NGO as they don’t care about results only about image.

  3. Also anyone with a brain and the option should have been working on their plan B 6 months ago. They should have bought a small apt in Hungary/Greece/Turkey/Asia/Russia where they can hibernate for the winter.

  4. How much of this is legitmate and how much just a wee bit of fear mongering. Per the NYT the newly opened Baltic pipeline (1 Oct) … “can carry up to 10 billion cubic meters per year, or enough to replace the amount of natural gas that Poland had received from Russia, is part of a wider effort by the European Union to diversify the energy infrastructure, especially in Central and Eastern Europe….The gas could then flow through overland pipelines to other European Union countries in the region..”
    So while I don’t doubt there is an energy issue I wonder if it is as dire as the dearly elected make it out to be?
    I honestly find myself questioning the validity of all the doom and gloom and can’t help but contemplate if it is part of a ‘let’s see how far we can scare people into blind compliance’. If the germans do close those nuclear plants they will have earned the consequences.
    I am reminded of what a German woman told me several years ago regarding universal health insurance: ‘America is a rich country, you can afford it’. So now I say: the Germans are a wealthy people, I am sure they can afford a bit of higher prices.

    • It is very legitimate, these WEF types really are true believers in what they are doing and truly think they are doing it for the betterment of the people. They are all in for a horrific shock when the first rock gets thrown at them by the irate average German. When the freezing and starvation begins, the breakdown of society begins, then the military coups.

  5. About the Qatar story I have an idea about what might be going on in the background: trading the Islamization of Germany for oil and gas. It has happened to Europe in 1973, so it would not come as a huge surprise for those who have paid attention.

    In my vision, which is purely speculative, Saad Al-Kaabi (secretly representing the Muslim Brotherhood) and Herr Habeck (secretly representing the Great Reset Cabal) are playing a compelling piece for us in the NWO Theater, in which they intend to make the audience demand the following: fossile fuels at any price (for the moment).

    – Relevant part in the script: “their unrealistic behavior makes the HIGH gas prices their own fault”.

    This is no problem for Mr. Habeck because he will transfer the fault and the guilt to the ordinary German, assisted by behavioral scientists, the police, the army, and AI sureveillance systems. “Those Kulaks overheated their houses and robbed all of us”, or something like that.

    While Al-Kaabi and Habeck will be swimming in the high gas prices by which they rob the Germans and enrich themselves.

    It is a clever scheme.

    They (the Qatari and the German consirators) must also pretend that they are not executing a strategy: therefore they must act as if cluelessness were a real factor in destroying Germany and Europe (with their own hands), in order to have plausible deniability later when the angry crowd would like to see Habeck hangin’ from a street lamp that is out of order.

    Actually nobody is clueless here but the average German.

    – Relevant part in the script: “make fun of such naïveté”.


    1) The Muslim Brotherhood gets Germany. Plain and simple.

    No investigation of Jihad activity of any kind, and special status for all Muslims (as per the Koran). Lots of new mosques for the new masses of Muslims who make the Hijra to Germoney. Muslims must get away with Rape Jihad and pillaging, must never lack heating and food. The mosques must especially have steady heating and no authority must investigate their involvement in the crime wave against the Kafirs, their incitement for Jihad at sermons and the large weapon cache in their basements.

    2) Germany must fall as a nation, especially as a Kafir nation.

    There must be chaos and desperation, gradually exchanged with a central totalitarian organization of the NWO. In which Sharia will get its own role both in the demolishing phase (pillaging and robbing infidels) and in the reorganization phase (Sharia as the vehicle of the long-desired “law and order”.) All the players agree, however, that the Jizya must be played all along the transformation, but should not be named till Islamic rule gets officially established in a district.

    3) Habeck and his WEF ilk gets filthy rich from the bribes he gets from Qatar.

    For a while he goes on playing the “clueless leader”, then perhaps the savior of the freezing and bankrupting populace, with Qatari fossile fuels.

    It is a question though whether puppet Habeck has a part in the next phase when fossile fuels are gradually exchanged by “sustainable” energy. What seems to be sure is that when he expires he will withdraw and disappear unpunished with an awful lot of unprogrammed CBDC he can spend all over the world while hiding. After he steps down, opinions in the Volk will differ on his role and some people will say that he did everything he could in such a bad crisis.

    4) The average German will have no clue about what’s happening till their daughters get kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam in droves and Sharia officially rules in many areas. Many of them converts to Islam, some of them escape to the USA and Eastern Europe, but a signficant number of them will fight and get organized like Germans usually do. The latter will be able to re-establish some of the old values of the 17th-century Germany in some second-class infidel no-go zones, where you will ocassionally hear J.S. Bach’s banned music from the distance when you walk along the high walls around their quarters as a tourist eating Kebab.

    5) The US deep state will flourish and keeps its grip on continental US, as they always did. In the next scene America gets Islamized.

    Curtain down.

    • The militaries of the European nations will NEVER EVER share power with the muslims. The politicians of Europe are signing their own death warrants with this insanity of the WEF, yet the WEF traitors are going full speed ahead with their nefarious plans, right to the gallows, the walls and ditches of Europe. As for the muslims? Nothing gets the European mans blood pumping better than when they are purging the 3rd worlders from their midst. The Serbs and Croats are about to see how professionals do it.

  6. Let the starving and freezing begin, nothing fills a mans belly when he is starving than a bellyful of hate, and he will then turn his hate on those who did this to him with a ruthless bloody minded vengeance, let the fun and games begin.

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