A Call for the Blue Mosque to Become Gay-Friendly

There has always been a tension within the progressive alliance between gays and lesbians on the one hand, and Muslims on the other. As long as either group was relatively marginal, they could maintain an uneasy truce within the larger leftist coalition. But now that the gay lobby is seemingly ascendant, the dynamic has changed. Muslims are, in effect, being asked to submit.

The following article concerns the offense taken by a mosque in Amsterdam at a request from the (communist) mayoress that they sign a pledge to condemn violence against sexual deviants. The leadership of the mosque considers this an insult to their honor and an affront to the dignity of Muslims, etc.

In the long run, my money’s on the Muslims. In every political conflict they can always back up their position with the implicit threat of mob violence, which should provide them with a trump card. But we’ll see.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from De Telegraaf:

Mosque denounces call against LGBTQ violence from the municipality of Amsterdam

Amsterdam — The leadership of the Blue Mosque in Amsterdam is angry about a letter from the municipality. In it, Mayor Femke Halsema asks the leadership of the mosque to sign a statement of support containing a call to condemn violence against LGBTQ people.

The Blue Mosque calls it, “absurd, discriminating, and accusatory.” “That only the mosques are asked to explicitly condemn violence is a direct accusation against the Islamic community,” according to the mosque in a statement.

Halsema invited the mosque leaders to a meeting next Monday regarding the protection of the LGBTQ community, “and the contributions the mosques can give to strengthen the security of this group.” In the invitation letter, it states the mayor will present a statement to the mosque leadership in which violence against LGBTQ persons is condemned, and in which support is expressed “for those who are victimized by this form of discrimination and violence.”

The mayor would like the mosque leadership, to the greatest extent possible, to sign this statement to show that the mosques are a positive force in Amsterdam society. According to the Blue Mosque, “With this the Islamic community for the umpteenth time has been found guilty by the government of a lack of trustworthiness, until they themselves prove otherwise.”

Also asked of Jewish and Christian organizations

A spokesperson for Halsema announced that Jewish and Christian organizations are also being asked to sign a similar type of statement. According to the municipality, religious organizations play an important role in fighting against discrimination and violence against LGBTQ people due to direct contact with believers whom they represent. “We are not asking too much of them,” says the spokesperson.

The Blue Mosque says that it is possible that the call was made to other religions as well, “but what we know is only what is in the letter,” says a spokesperson. The organization is not coming to the meeting on Monday.

The Blue Mosque is one of the larger mosques in the country. The organization often speaks out on Muslim positions and other societal topics. How many people the mosque represents, the spokesperson cannot say precisely, but according to him, about a thousand people come to Friday sermons.

9 thoughts on “A Call for the Blue Mosque to Become Gay-Friendly

  1. I haven’t seen the letter, not that I could read it, but if your asking for a penny, ask for a pound. They couldn’t request condemnation for relationships with minors?

  2. I think we’re going to need a bigger popcorn tin.
    The coalition of YT haters has nothing else in common and that foundation is built in sand.
    The Schadenfreude will be delicious as lefty learns that the crocodile is ravenous.

  3. The West has gone barking mad. At this stage, it appears, nothing will save the Western civilisation.

    Which is a pity.

  4. I wouldn`t be surprised if the statement will sound like:

    We are against discrimation as the Quoran orders it.

    Just like the Cairo Dexclaration of Human Rights said in every sentence that only Allah`s wards count.

  5. Oh boy, let’s sit back with some good Bourbon and smile as the alphabet people run smack into islamic jihad, the look of the alphabet peoples faces is going to be bloody priceless! Let it rain, then we can get down to business.

    • On the german site of Mr Tichy there was an article about the greens that glue themselves to the streets, destroy tires etc and it said that while the greens strike and damage SUVs they dont do so in a certain area of Frankfurt.
      That is the area where our “Enrichers” = muslims live.
      Those dont write letters or call the police, they get their knives out.

      Hm, what does that tell us?
      (I remember a caricature that showed on the one side a soyboy and on the other side a muslim. And the caption read: When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse. attributed to Osama Bin Laden)

      • When Germany finally gets a strong leader, the people will naturally flock to him. It is human nature.

  6. Demographically Muslims are on the ascendant and Europe is descending into irrelevancy due to the same factor. The alphabet liberals in the Netherlands and Amsterdam are living on borrowed time due to their allowing of third world savages into their country. All the Muslims have to do is wait, bide their time and watch as the Dutch kill each other over the Green New Deal aka fascist socialism great reset or as the Dutch die off due to no children.

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