The Burning of the Bills

Angry citizens gathered in front of the post office in the Italian city of Naples to burn their electricity bills as an expression of outrage over the high cost of power.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   As they did in Glasgow, dozens of electricity bills were set on fire in Naples as well,
00:05   in order to protest against the rising cost of power.
00:09   It is the long-term unemployed of Naples who decided to imitate the Scottish workers.
00:17   They have organized a demonstration in front of the post office, in Piazza Matteotti.
00:22   “We will not pay for the crisis,” says one of the signs held by the protesters.
00:27   In the middle of the stairway they put an iron bucket to set the bills on fire in.
00:31   It is a tragedy, because I have five children, so we use the washing machine very often.
00:36   The amount of my power bill has risen to €370.
00:41   I have five children; I wonder how I can pay for that.
00:44   How much was the usual amount of your power bills? —€60-€70.
00:48   Look, now it’s €160. —What do you think about it?
00:52   We can’t go on like this, that’s what I say.
00:56   I wonder how it will turn out; I can’t pay €160 bills.
01:01   After setting the bills on fire, the protesters marched towards the City Council building,
01:06   Where the spokespersons for the protest, Eddy Sorge and Omero Benfenati,
01:11   met with the mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, in private.
01:15   We have gathered here this morning to bring up real issues amidst this pointless electoral campaign.
01:19   The power bills received by millions of workers and unemployed people, have skyrocketed.
01:23   The cost of living issue is escalating: the prices of goods and gasoline are on the rise.
01:28   They even cut the universal basic income, but spend billions of euros on the military budget.
01:33   The unemployed from the “Seventh of November Movement” and the “167 Scampia Movement”
01:36   have gathered here today. They have set their own bills on fire,
01:39   as they did in Glasgow and in many other European countries.
01:42   We are protesting with rage, marching to the City Council building.
01:46   We are here to demand secured salaries, and safe, permanent employment.
01:51   There is the money to do that: they can take it from the military budget
01:55   and from the billion-euro profits made by those who are cashing in on this crisis, and on the war.
01:59   The situation is getting out of hand. —We expect a heated autumn,
02:04   unless concrete help is provided to these households,
02:11   because they even cut the universal basic income.
02:14   So either they truly aid the unemployed, or this will get out of control,
02:22   and Naples will become unmanageable.

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  1. Survival means using nothing that they supply. Means tank water and washing clothes by hand like the “good old days”. With all our droughts in Australia many people have water tanks and bore water. Handwashing clothes is difficult. Move to warmer climate where clothes are largely optional like Darwin. Aborigines sometimes live in the parks as there is a toilet, BBQ and water tap. Brave New World.

  2. At least they have money to keep importing orcs from the Third World. Pretty sure none of those rapists and drug dealers have to pay for heat and electricity.

    • As far as I know it’s the Tax-payer that’s forced to pay for the Governments Pet-orc Colonies upkeep in ALL regards.
      From “sexual favours” to the gas for heating.
      The Orcs only requirement is being ardent in Cultural Enrichments, those special cultural gifts of those special cultural givers.

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