Electric Shock

The following report from a Swiss news outlet serves as a useful follow-up to my previous post about high electric bills in Naples.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Uncut News:

Shocked Europeans show off their astronomical energy bills

For the past week, shocked Europeans — particularly the British and Irish — have shared photos of astronomical energy bills that have circulated around the internet. It’s mainly about small business owners who get under the wheels and can’t keep their business open for much longer.

One of them is Geraldine Dolan, a coffee shop owner in the Irish town of Athlone. She had to pay nearly €10,000 for two months of energy use, a 250 percent increase in just 12 months. “How on earth is that possible?” Dolan tweeted.

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British pensioners are also in for a ‘terrible winter’. Your energy bills will be about 80 percent higher in October.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Twitter user “Crab Man” put up a post about similar cases. This does not look good.

Incidentally, the state-owned Russian gas company Gazprom made a record profit of €41.6 billion in the first half of the year.

Afterword from the translator:

This is utterly criminally insane what’s been done to us. Somehow this reminds me of the “Enclosures Acts” that were passed in the late 18th and early 19th century during the first Industrial Revolution to drive people off their land and into the cities to work under abysmal conditions so that the “elites” could prosper. These “elites” need to be taken a notch down or two, and I’m pretty sure that Madame Louisette would be up to the task, but this time people will have to make sure that the rabid radicals cannot take over the “barber shop” again.

7 thoughts on “Electric Shock

  1. Thank Boris Johnson as he stopped the peace talks back in March. It could have all been over, but for “Bloody” Boris Johnson, also responsible for the unnecessary deaths of about 190,000 Ukrainian soldiers YTD.
    Business opportunities; electric kettles, hot water bottles, solar panels, thermos flasks etc.
    Migration – leave cold countries and go lie on a beach somewhere and no bills. Plenty of jobs and hot weather in Darwin. The heat can be a bit hard during the wet season but you get used to it. My English born mother lived there for 20 years and I visited often. When they first arrived she hadn’t sold her house in Victoria so they lived in a two man tent in a caravan park!!

    You are not prisoners yet. Only your minds are controlled by them.

  2. There was a recent Clown World segment on The Duran where one of the hosts pointed out a coffee shop that had announced they were going out of business due to the astronomically high energy bills. The coffee shop happened to have a Ukrainian flag on the page where they posted that bit of info.

    Some people are just too dumb to put together cause and effect. Many people who did not necessarily agree with their government’s involvement in a war that was none of its business in the first place are about to get hosed. Many more who did such stupid actions in the name of virtue signaling are rightfully about to feast on the consequences of their stupidity. While it is terrible what is happening with the economic pain, its nothing in comparison to the actual pain and death that these stupid beyond words virtue signalers have caused to occur on forced Ukrainian conscripts by prolonging the war with their ignorant support and egging on of their governments to send more and more money and weapons into that conflict so that the evil American Empire can continue to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.

    • “Some people are just too dumb to put together cause and effect. Many people who did not necessarily agree with their government’s involvement in a war that was none of its business in the first place are about to get hosed. Many more who did such stupid actions in the name of virtue signaling are rightfully about to feast on the consequences of their stupidity.”

      Sad but true. I wrote a comment on Unz elaborating on this theme.

    • The Europeans had plenty of energy until the marxist greens got a hold of the governments and shut down power utilities nuke, coal, gas and decided to let unicorns and rainbows run the power grid into the ground. Let them suffer, they deserve the hard times that are a coming, then let the strongmen take over and right the ships of state once again.
      As for Ukraine, they are fighting because they remember the bloody Russians only to well for slaughtering them by the millions since the Russian Revolution. The Slavic people never ever forget and they never forgive.

  3. The real story about interrupted gas delivery to Germany is this.
    Early this year Gazprom removed five of their turbine compressors on the Northstream 1 system and send them to Rolls Royce Canada , the manufacturer that made them for maintenance and calibration for the upcoming winter season.
    Those Canadians dutiful did their jobs and those machines were packed and crated for shipment back to Russia to be installed before winter sets in into the NS1 system.
    But then a certain drama teacher in Ottawa intervened and refused to sign the needed export permits, “there is an embargo on these things you know” he must have said or something along these lines.
    The upshot being NS1 is now running on 20% capacity not nearly enough for even a mild winter.
    Time is beginning to run out before winter sets in so Germany and thus the rest of Europe is now going ape.
    For Russia this is a mild inconvenience they got plenty gas for themselves. But Gasprom already began to ramp up their production to fill up their reservoirs in Russia and Europe in anticipation for the winter, and now they have a huge amount of gas with nowhere to go so they are forced to flare it of to protect their equipment from over pressure.
    Reports from Finland are filtering in where at night they can actually see those huge flares over the Russian gasfields pumping huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.
    (Hey Greta where are you, wake up girl there is work to be done)

    What about Northstream 2 you say.
    It is brand new never been used but its in mothballs for now.
    Guess who put it there?
    …No can’t be!!! …Are you serious??
    Yep upon completion the Germans padlocked their end of the pipeline with the argument “there is an embargo on this stuff you know”
    Drama teaching seems to be a big thing in Germany as well.
    So the Germans and the rest of Europe shot themselves in the foot big time, more like both feet and if they had a third foot they would shoot that one as well.

    What drama teachers never seem to realize is that embargos work like double edged swords, they cut on both sides.

    So if you wonder where your high energy bills are coming from here’s your answer.

    “This is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into.”
    (Oliver Hardy famous last words)

    • Well look at it this way, when the starvation and frozen corpses are put to the curb for pickup, an empty belly is ready to be filled up with unadultered hate for these elites and their stupidity, they will all be put to the sword by the thousands and the strongmen will rule.

  4. Price shock awaits electric car owners this winter

    3 September 2022

    According to a new forecast from the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, it will be more expensive to charge an electric car than to fill up with petrol and diesel this winter.

    According to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, forward electricity prices for the winter suggest that variable electricity prices could be more than three times as expensive as last winter, meaning electricity bills of upwards of SEK 100,000 for the winter months for an average home.

    Electricity prices this winter will also come as a cost shock for those with electric cars.

    – We see a real cost shock ahead for those who drive electric cars. You will have to be extremely careful about when and how you charge to avoid the highest costs, says Carl Bergkvist, business policy expert at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, to Carup.

    READ MORE: 50% higher risk of an accident in an electric car

    According to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s calculations, which are based on current thematic prices, a kilowatt-hour will cost just over SEK 7 in January, both in electricity price areas three and four, which include Stockholm, central Sweden and southern Sweden. In December, prices look set to exceed SEK 6.50 per kWh.

    Charge at night or not at all
    According to Bergkvist, there is much to be gained from charging an electric car at night for those with an hourly contract.

    – I recommend everyone to make sure the car or charger is set to smart charging so you don’t start a charge when electricity is most expensive. It is not unlikely that we will have cost peaks where the price of electricity will be in the tens of crowns, especially during the coldest winter days when we usually import electricity from the continent. Charging your car then is a private economic experiment I wouldn’t recommend anyone to try. Some days you might not want to plug in the charger at all,” says Carl Bergkvist.

    In winter, most electric cars draw more than two kWh per mile, and even more power is needed to heat the car during shorter journeys. That means a cost of 15-20 SEK per mile to drive an electric car in winter. At today’s petrol prices, the average petrol car costs SEK 13 per mile in fuel costs.

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