Heap Big Trouble for Those WAYCIST Germans

I find it interesting that the word “woke” and its derivatives have already been borrowed into German. The three appearances in the following report are in the original German, and are not just artifacts of translation.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Wokeness before the welfare of students

Because of “Indians”: No travel subsidy for poorer children


The city of Hannover has rejected the application for funding from the Parity Family Center “Auf der Papenburg” for a summer camp. The application included the word “Indian”. This meant that the disadvantaged children were no longer eligible for subsidies. Political correctness comes before child welfare.

The journey of children from poorer families who cannot afford a vacation was not funded with €3,000. This is reported by the Hannoversche Allgemeine. Accordingly, the integration advisory board in Hanover-Ricklingen refused the application for a subsidy. The press spokeswoman for the Lower Saxony state capital confirmed that the term “Indians” was the cause. Christina Merzbach said: “The focus should be on the historical and chronological classification of the topic when communicating it to children and participants, without focusing on an ethnic group and the reproduction of clichés.”

“Cultural appropriation” is considered to be right-wing extremist

Wokeness has finally reached the authorities. If children want to dress up as “Native Americans” at carnival in day care centers and schools, this is already considered “cultural appropriation”, and is thus right-wing extremist. Parental talks and exclusion from the celebration are the result.

According to the Woke movement, only members of the respective ethnic group are allowed to represent the culture. That’s why dreadlocks and afro looks are an absolute taboo for white people. Only black people are allowed to play reggae. If whites do it, concerts are now canceled. The reverse is not true. Black people are allowed to wear a suit and tie, drive a car and use smartphones. This is not considered “cultural appropriation”.

According to the Parity Family Center, leisure time is about teaching the children old Indian handicraft techniques and arousing interest in the culture. They had “nothing bad” in mind.

Even without the municipal subsidy, the poor children’s journey may take place. According to T-online, the family center paid for the trip from its own funds and donations. The children have been out since Monday.

Afterword from the translator:

Children used to be able to dress up innocently, absolutely no one saw anything inferior or clichéd in an “Indian” costume. But it is noteworthy that it is never the people really affected who rail against “evil” costumes, but always those white moralizers who seem to find a strange fulfillment in making hyper-correct regulations for their fellow citizens. It would be even nicer if (even poorer) children could just have fun.

And, as usual, this is just another example of how stupid people are now. Everything is forbidden, considered racist and the evil “Nazis” can be smelled everywhere by the Thought Gestapo. In such a world, life is no longer worth anything. We are surrounded by psychos who want to enforce their sick will and that is exactly what they do, without morality and empathy, but themselves make fun of others. It’s unbelievable how sick a society can become when ideological retards are allowed to run free instead of being consigned to an oubliette.

6 thoughts on “Heap Big Trouble for Those WAYCIST Germans

  1. In my humble opinion, this “cultural appropriation” agenda is far more sinister than meets the eye at first, because it is generally understood that imitating or copying behavior is a sign of sympathy and even love, it’s an obvious way of saying “hey I wanna be connected with you”, so when I look at this agenda through this logic, than the goal is straight up “division”.

    “Weaponized behavioral science” – is what they call it on UK Column News.

    Call something good evil, and evil good – to mess with the children’s minds.

  2. Perhaps there should be an event where everyone dresses up as Martin Luther ( for clarification, I’m not referring to Martin Luther King). He was the original Protestant and is worth being celebrated.

  3. »I find it interesting that the word “woke” and its derivatives have already been borrowed into German.«

    Yes. the word “woke” is well known in non-PC circles. Glad there to have a short, unique description for a special type of fools.

  4. Woke is merely Gleichschaltung.

    Been in Deutschland for a very long time. They invented it.

  5. Why are whites guilty of “cultural appropriation” when we want to have a little fair with an ethnic theme, but others are not guilty of it when they turn on electric lights, get vaccinated, or eat a hamburger?

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