Too White to Reggae

Melanin-deficient artists are most definitely not permitted to adopt the customs of the Sons of Ham. Shame on those uppity honkies!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Cultural Appropriation”

White people play reggae: Concert canceled


The concert by the group “Lauwarm” in the Bernese brasserie “Lorraine” was canceled because the band played Reggae. Its members have white skin, but some wear dreadlocks and African clothing. If whites play this music and adorn themselves with these hairstyles, it is considered “cultural appropriation” in the left-wing scene and is strictly frowned upon.

During the appearance in the left-alternative scene, several visitors expressed “discomfort with the situation”; the brasserie justified the termination on Facebook. The organizers regretted that the performance “evoked bad feelings in people.” They apologized for the alleged “takeover of one culture by members of another culture.” Rasta pigtails and Reggae music are basically reserved for Jamaicans. The Neue Zürcher Zeitung reported on the incident.

Similar incidents in Germany

The band, which also belongs to the left scene, no longer understands the world: “We felt insulted because nobody from the audience approached us when we played that evening,” said the musician Dominik Plumettaz to the NZZ. He defended himself against the accusation of racism: his band’s performances are neither about provocation nor about cultural appropriation. “We get inspiration from other cultures and other genres of music, develop them further and make our music that way.”

That may be over now. After the cancellation of the concert, which made headlines, it may be difficult for “Lauwarm” to find venues. And the brasserie also said that the band had been invited to the performance only because of their own “lack of awareness”. The audience “should have been better protected”. On August 18, they want to offer an informational evening on the subject of cultural appropriation.

Similar cases have also occurred in Germany. Most recently, “Fridays for Future” cancelled the performance invitation for the musician Ronja Maltzahn because she wore rasta braids as a white. However, she was given another chance: “If you decide to cut off your dreadlocks by Friday, we would of course welcome you to the demo and let you play.”

Afterword from the translator:

Aha, the Left is now implementing Musical Apartheid. Why am I not surprised? Since this is now the case, then each and every black musician who plays an instrument in an orchestra that performs classical music needs to be fired for cultural appropriation. Also, black people shouldn’t be allowed to listen to “white” music in this case. Fair is fair.

Note: The title of this post is an hommage to the song “Too Sick to Reggae” by the immortal Root Boy Slim.

15 thoughts on “Too White to Reggae

  1. Why am I not surprised that this happened in what is basically an uber-elite Germany? As well as regular Germany?

    Germany is the California of Europe.

    Every bad idea, ideology, law, etc seems to originate from there. It’s as if the bad idea fairy after searching the planet for the most gullible people decided to set up shop there with a West Coast franchise for the second most gullible group of morons on the planet.

    • and my compassion for folks who wear dreadlocks is limited: there is a thing called ” semiotic”, that signs denote a conviction or just meaning. In this case, it means : I make myself up ugly and you can kiss my gluteus maximus. That simple. It is a widespread hairstyle among antifas and tree huggers.

    • California or Germany, originator of bad ideas? Germany is the country where one person placed a personal ad, either offering to be cannibalized or seeking someone who wanted to be cannibalized. That offer was made and accepted.

      • “Long Pork”

        Although there are quite a few public figures who are quite porcine aside from the imagined taste of their carcass. I bet Klaus Schwab (aka Blofeld) would probably cure into a pretty rich bacon that would give any pig a run for its money.

  2. Average White Band has a cover similar to the photo, or it could be thoughtcrime by now with a trigger warning sticker.
    John Brown’s Body from the East Coast of the U.S. features white members and some decent reggae songs.
    This Cultural Marxism exists to burn it all down better and the Long March true believers don’t care about the collateral damage.
    I can’t listen to band X because the members don’t fit my ism is way beyond backwards closed-mindedness and moving towards book/album burning territory.

  3. Re: “The concert by the group “Lauwarm” in the Bernese brasserie “Lorraine” was canceled because the band played Reggae. Its members have white skin, but some wear dreadlocks and African clothing. If whites play this music and adorn themselves with these hairstyles, it is considered “cultural appropriation” in the left-wing scene and is strictly frowned upon.”

    Forget trying to reason with these fanatics, let alone making them happy. There is literally nothing their “enemies” (ideological adversaries) can do to gain their acceptance or approval. Ditto for the perpetually-aggrieved black minority in the U.S. who are determined to be mad about something all the time.

    If others – non-blacks, whites, non-Marxists, whatever – ignore them and don’t adopt or appreciate their culture, they get accused of ignoring minorities and racism, on top of all of the other usual charges that get leveled. But, if Europeans (a.k.a. whites) integrate other cultures into their own, they are accused of “cultural appropriation” or some such rot. It’s a rigged “game” only approved minorities can win; others can’t win – so why play?

    The best course of action is to do as the old folk saying says: “Be yourself – everyone else is taken”…

    For the record, I love great art and music no matter who produces it, and I’ll watch, listen and appreciate what I darned well please. If the professional grievance mongers on the left don’t like it, then too bad for them.

  4. I wasn’t aware that this bullcrap happens in Switzerland too! Man, this is horrible. EVERY culture on Earth today exists because of ‘ Cultural Appropriation ‘. Art, Science, Philosophy, Religion, Food are for all. I am an Indian and my particular sub culture owes a lot to other sub cultures. Everyone borrows or takes inspiration from something.

    No culture is bound by something as superficial and innate as skin colour. And the funny thing is that this is only being applied to people with white skin. If we are to be consistent, people with black and brown skin should not enjoy or partake in culture made by white skinned people.

    Makes me purposely want to do stuff that offends woke people. I am an Indian, so I will now do all the ‘ black ‘ stuff and piss off these woke pieces of trash. And, I fear that these people are after 2 of these things. 1) They want to keep the population divided based on factors no one has any control over. 2) They want to destabilise the current culture and bring in their new, ‘ improved culture ‘. 3) They really hate white people and are planning to commit a long term, slow burn genocide by dehumanising them.

    I have seen it all. The same thing happened with Kashmiri Hindus. The same thing is currently happening with Uyghurs in China. What has happened with Tibetans and many other ethnicities in China. What happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany and many other parts of Europe and the Middle East.

  5. Could we ask black people to no longer use heating, air-conditioning, indoor plumbing, and cell phones?
    They are a white creation.

    • What do you mean ‘ask’? Why be polite. Do they ‘ ask’? NO, they demand. And I demand: no more blonde africans. Or red headed ‘blacks’. That ain’t part yo’ culture so quit appropriatin’! Stick with basic black…
      The more stories like this I read, the less tolerant I become.

        • Chocolate. Jeans. Aircraft. Electric generators. Various musical instruments. On and on and on.
          Maybe it’s why they and their “allies” claim “black people invented everything!”

    • Yes, I agree with you.
      All the non-white people who complain about “cultural appropriation” should be forced to not use things invented by white people.

      Wiould be interesting, seeing a black man in Detroit / Frankfurt, running around in the tribal wear of Africa (I once saw such tribal wear and I would describe it as tutu, some feathers, some lion fur and something that enlarged the most male part of a human male in a way that you cannot escape the view of it.

      Can you imagine PETA would allow the use of real fur?
      Of course if this would be real, then there would be no africal animals alive – except in European and American zoos.

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