Beware of Criminal Migrants!

‘Beware of criminal migrants — Enter at your own risk’

Political leaders in Germany (and all other Western nations, for that matter) never acknowledge or refer to the fact that culture-enrichers are driving a massive increase in violent crime wherever they are present in significant numbers. To compensate, in the German city of Cottbus, young activists have taken matters into their own hands and put up warning signs about migrant violence.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Action: Cottbus — Violence Capital of Brandenburg

In no other Brandenburg city were there more violent crimes in 2021 than in Cottbus. Various police and press reports indicate that the crimes are often committed by what the police call “youth groups”: Crimes include threats, physical harm, robbery and even murder. The pedestrian zones in the city center of Cottbus and the parks have become hotspots for crime.

A contribution from “EinPercent”

Residents report that anyone who walks through Cottbus with open eyes knows that one important fact is being kept secret: the “gangs of young people” are largely migrants. However, local politicians and the police do not want to go into detail about the origin of the imported perpetrators. New protests are feared too much.

July, Cottbus, Goethe Park: A dispute escalates, a “youth” pulls out a knife and injures an opponent. In this case, too, only the research of the local AfD district association revealed that the perpetrator was a young Lebanese. In their public relations work, the police refrain from naming the origin of the perpetrators. This also heats up the atmosphere in the city. Since security authorities and local politics are failing, local activists want to set an example.

“Enter at your own risk”

Young Cottbus activists have intervened and put up warning signs for the citizens of Cottbus at the entrances to the Cottbus Goethe Park, the site of the knife attack by the young Lebanese.

If the police fail to educate citizens about the dangers posed by foreign violent criminals, the young people of Cottbus must take over. The aim is to increase the pressure and to show the responsible politicians that this policy of silence does not work in southern Brandenburg. An example that could set a precedent.

Afterword from the translator:

If I were a bookie, I’d take bets on how quickly these warning signs are taken down by the authorities. We can’t have that, now can we? That would make out of the whole narrative of a “peaceful kumbaya society” another monstrous LIE. Censorship MUST be applied to keep the majority in fetters and the authorities in POWER. Just as it was drummed into me as a child by my Grandfather; “The truth doesn’t need the censorship of the lie, but the lie on the other hand needs the censorship of the truth to survive.”

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  1. That certainly took some balls.

    For a German, that kind of act is like the equivalent of having a real life pair of those obnoxious truck nuts.

  2. EU failed states. Gutted with female folly and plunged into Islamic muck. Rise and shine fellas.

  3. $tab vests don’t seem to have neck protection – odd given that the Koran specifies the neck as the preferred target. Regard every approaching Slim as a potential attacker, cross the road if you can. If they cross also you need to take some sort of evasive action. Either cross back or get ready with your walking stick, oven cleaner spray or unarmed @ombat skills – you learnt those didn’t you …….?

    • Well that is why you carry a Glock(Austrian), Sig or Walther, good Teutonic engineering at its finest, and use it, then calmly walk away like nothing happened.

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