Jihad Émilie Returns to France

Sixteen mujahidettes, all of them mothers, have been returned to France from Syria. One of the returning jihadistes is Émilie König, whose three Syrian-born children were sent home ahead of her.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

Repatriated from Syria, the jihadist Émilie König placed in pre-trial detention after being charged

July 4, 2022

Originally from Brittany, this 37-year-old woman is accused of recruiting for the Islamic State and calling for the commission of attacks in the West

Émilie König, one of the most well-known French jihadists, repatriated Tuesday, July 5 from Syria, has been placed in pre-trial custody after being charged by an anti-terrorist judge, AFP reported during a hearing before a liberty and detention judge (JLD).

This 37-year-old woman, accused of recruiting for the Islamic State group (EI) and calling for the commission of attacks in the West, was the subject of an arrest warrant and was charged upon her arrival in Paris with criminal terrorist association.

Regain a “woman’s life”

“I am very tired,” she whispered in the dock — this brunette with a grey complexion, dressed in a grey fleece top and black pants, after the liberty and detention judge announced the ruling. The magistrate, to whom Émilie König had said she wanted to regain “a woman’s life”, informed her that the investigations would continue to “retrace her activities.”

Originally from Lorient (Morbihan), she left for Syria in 2012. Appearing regularly in propaganda videos, she was placed by the UN on the blacklist of the most dangerous combatants. She is the mother of five children, three of whom were born in Syria, and who were repatriated to France in early 2021. In an interview with AFP in April 2021 at the Roj camp, she stated that she wanted to “return to France”. “She has the intention of fully cooperating with French justice,” stated her lawyer, Emmanuel Daoud.

“She has returned to explain herself and to try and see her children again as soon as possible, according to a period of time that she does not control,” added Attorney Daoud stressing that she was “fully conscious of causing a great deal of suffering to her family.”

Eight persons in custody

Twenty-five minors and sixteen mothers in the camp for jihadist prisoners in Syria since the fall of the Islamic State were repatriated Tuesday, in response to repeated requests from NGOs and families who say they are awaiting the end of the “inhumane case-by-case policy”. Eight mothers were placed in custody “in the execution of an investigative warrant,” and “eight others are the object of arrest warrants,” the national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office explained in a statement.

A 17-year-old minor and seven women were placed in custody by the General Directorate for Internal Security, stated a source close to the case. The eighth was placed in custody by the Anti-Terrorist Section (SAT) of the Paris police prefecture.

Among the mothers subject to the arrest warrants besides Émilie König, six other women appeared in court Tuesday for criminal terrorist association and certain others among them for moral or material abandonment of a minor by a guardian, a source close to the case indicated Tuesday evening. An eighth woman will appear Wednesday before an examining judge, only being presented with the arrest warrant at the end of the afternoon due to being in medical care, according to the same source. This woman has colon cancer.

It is the first such mass repatriation in France of children and mothers since the fall of the Islamic State “Caliphate” in 2019.

8 thoughts on “Jihad Émilie Returns to France

  1. Interesting that the UN placed her on a black list of terrorists when the UN is made up of Muslim dictators.

      • I once read a story about US women marrying muslims and helping them – knowingly or unknowingly – commit a terrorist attack.

        They were injected with something that grew inside their most female part, just like a baby.
        And it grew and grew and grew….
        But it didnt kill them.
        Painful, to say the least.

        The women had two choices:
        a) convice the survivors or relatives of the terrorist attack that they had learned their lesson and repented – they would be given an injection that made this substance melt, but the damage (enlarged stomach etc) would stay and they were forbidden to use any means to change it back to normal
        b) beg them to allow them to die by execution.

        As far as I remember the story in the end they couldnt convice anybody of choice a) but in the end they got choice b). But only after much pain and begging.

        Thank god it is only a story and that this substance does not exist. And that we civilized people of the west would never use such a punishment.

        And thats why we suffer terrorist attacks.

        • Perhaps.

          I think we suffer terrorist attacks because we are too weak to use cruel and unusual punishment on those who use our legal systems and morality as weapons against us. Some cultures and societies only understand force, cruelty, barbarism, and the strong devouring the weak.

          In ordinary circumstances it would be cruel to torture someone who shoplifted or committed manslaughter. A premeditated murder where they tortured their victims? I’d gladly support torturing such beasts to death. And against some criminals who plot evil against entire societies such as Klaus Schwab or Soros, well I’d volunteer to weld them shut in their gibbets and hoist them high for the crows to peck their eyes out as they painfully died from thirst and starvation.

          • I think if I look at the crimes of Schwab, Soros, Gates etc, I think killing them is not sufficient.
            Killing them once – that is.

            In the german Science Fiction serial PERRY RHODAN the Empire of Arkon has something called “The Infinite Death Penalty”.

            The perpetrator is killed, then revived, killed again, revived again ad infinitum.

            I think in one of the novels it was said that in the entire history of Arkon one culprit had the “honor” of being executed 40-times and being revived 39-times.
            The author wrote that it was about the second, when the willpower of the culprit died and he realised that they would continue until his body gave out.

            And, no they didnt use methods like bullet to the head, poison gas etc.
            They preferred other methods, like very slow strangulation. And they made sure that there was no brain damage from missing oxygen.

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