Afghan Culture-Enricher Punches Out a Girl Soldier

The following report concerns an incident which occurred yesterday on the Austrian side of a border crossing between Hungary and Austria.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Female soldier in the hospital: Afghan hits her after illegally crossing the border

On Saturday morning, an illegal migrant from Afghanistan injured a female soldier of the Austrian army at the Deutschkreutz border crossing (district of Oberpullendorf/Burgenland). The Sergeant (32), with other assisting soldiers, had stopped a group of ten refugees. An Afghan punched the woman in the face, reports the Army.

The woman had to be taken to the hospital. The army spokesman did not want to give any information about the severity of the injury. The Afghan was reported. Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner (ÖVP) wishes the soldier a speedy recovery. The attack shows the brutality which is now being perpetrated [by the invading migrants].

Afterword from the translator:

The brutality can only unfold because the illegals know that they will not be threatened with any consequences — such as immediate expulsion and entry bans. But I’m almost sure that if this Afghan were to be deported, he’d be deported to Germany after the German government made the offer to take him in. After all, they need more culture-enrichers to keep the German people under lock and key.

9 thoughts on “Afghan Culture-Enricher Punches Out a Girl Soldier

  1. ==QUOTE== The Sergeant, with other assisting soldiers, (32) had stopped a group of ten refugees. ==UNQUOTE==

    What is the meaning of that parenthesized thirty-two? The punctuation in the original text seems to imply that it is the age of the lady soldier: “eine Soldatin (32)”, “Die Frau Wachtmeister (32)”.

    • Sorrry. I had to rearrange that sentence to overcome the weird German sentence structure, and I left the parenthetical in the wrong place. I’ll move it.

        • for some entertainement in that matter, go back to Mark Twain, A Tramp Abroad.
          Smart satire of german syntax.
          ( but honestly, I would not trade it in for sino-tibetan grammar: me go house friend day next me man)

  2. Well there is the problem right there! A female soldier. There was a time that soldiers used to shoot these savages, we need to get back to the old ways.

    • The females are going to say, “What kept you so long?” JC not even the Soviets left the housewives up the front line or in the air for very long. It’s not the size of the weapon. It’s the emotion. Watch the West fall?

  3. Either you have Afghans and no female soldiers or you have female soldiers and no Afghans. You cannot have both, they do not mix well.


    GIRL POWer!!!!

    Girls, you are the equal of any man!
    He stands no chance against Girl Power!
    (Or is it Grrl Powa? I dont know…)


    Reminds me of a video on youtube I once saw (since then deleted.)
    It showed a female police officer (think Hayden Panettiere = 1,52 m = 5 ft) and the prisoner was a mountain where Bam Bam Bigelow and Andre the Giant standing shoulder to shoulder could have hid behind. This guy must have been nearly 7 feet and about 250 kg minimum.
    The police officer was handcuffed to the prisoner and tried to bring him to the car. He had other ideas and just walked his way. I nearly fell out of my chair seeing the police officer dragged away and the criminal didnt even notice that she was trying to stop him. Just moving his arms (when you walk you move your arms) and she was thrown forward and backward.

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