We’ve Got to Beat the Meat

Cem Özdemir, the Turkish-German minister of agriculture, has warned German citizens that they must end their long love affair with meat. To save the planet, the herds must go!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from MMnews. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Özdemir demands that citizens give up meat

Because of drought and forest fires in Germany, Federal Minister of Agriculture Cem Özdemir (Greens) calls on citizens to do more to combat climate change. “There is no climate protection, no biodiversity without being aware of it,” said Özdemir RTL / ntv. Climate change is man-made, so people can also ensure that things don’t just continue like this. [Does that mean that during the entire history of this planet the climate never changed and it only began when humans started the “Industrial Revolution”? How stupid does this moron thinks people really are?]

“For example, by eating less meat.” Özdemir said that although animal husbandry will still be needed in Germany in the future — for example, to produce animal products as a substitute for mineral fertilizers —pushing back factory farming is a contribution to climate protection. [And that meat will only be for the neo-feudal “Elites”.] “We need fewer animals; we need them better distributed over the area.” But farmers would have to be well-financed so that the farm succession works. In order to prevent serious forest fires in the future, Özdemir is also in favor of converting the forests away from monocultures. “They need to become more climate-resilient.” The federal government spends €900 million on this. [Maybe if they stop chopping down whole forests for their wind farms, there might not be a drought.]

Afterword from the translator:

You can already see when you look at Karl Lauterbach where a massive reduction or waiver of meat consumption can lead. Also, if we want to protect the environment we need to feed these puppeticians and their puppet masters to the pigs. Another thing to note is that climate change is not an invention of the Khmer Vert/Rouge. It has taken place several thousand times in world history without these alarmists being around.

12 thoughts on “We’ve Got to Beat the Meat

  1. Russia is dying out and the area in which I live is being restored. There are a lot of bears, wild boars, elks here. They fart too. What will the world government do?

    • Exactly, I had that argument with someone some time.
      He said that most of the domestic animals have to go to let the big herds of wild animals roam again.
      When I asked WHY, the answer was so predictable.
      Domestic Animals fart, [defecate] and [micturate] and are resposnible for “Global Warming”.
      I asked, all innocently; Do you mean to tell me that millions upon millions of Wild Animals do not do that?
      I never got an answer in reply.
      Wonder why?

      • Dinosaurs still do roam the earth.

        Have you seen the Washington DC Politburo lately?

  2. Psychopaths pure psychopaths, I can’t just believe it what German people got in to this stupidest government in German history!!!, unreal ..

    • It’s not only Germany. The stupidest generation of politicians ever is now in charge of the entire western world. I have never before seen such inbesils and bandits in our parliaments.

      • I disagree. While acknowledging the ever in force rule of 10% I reject the excuse of being intellectually challenged. The people in charge, and especially the tools they place in legislatures world wide, may be grifters, may be thieves, or may be prostitutes, but they should not be characterized as, nor allowed the excuse of being, imbeciles. They are laboring towards a purpose, know it, and must not be spared should an accounting ever take place.

    • Those ahem people may be stupid, but those behind them, like Klaus Schwab, Soros etc are definitely NOT.

  3. See same picture!


    Up to 800 litres of oil consumption
    Life-threatening oil swallower
    Accident in Sweden reveals wind turbines’ huge oil consumption and environmental damage.

    Last weekend, a wind turbine collapsed in northern Sweden. So far, so mundane, you might think – especially since no one was hurt. However, the site of the accident presented a worrying picture: plastic debris lay in the middle of a large oil pool, raising some startling questions from parts of the press and public. The authorities closed the entire site, to carry out further “investigations”. In fact, the damage in the picture is more likely to be repaired. The case has once again put the spotlight on the fraud of green energy.

    The collapsed wind turbine was part of the Nysäter project, which will have a central role in the expansion of renewable energy production in Sweden and which was launched with great media attention just last month. It is one of the largest wind farms in Europe – and one of the most modern. The green public in Thunberg’s home country is therefore even more annoyed by the event.

    Up to 800 litres of oil consumed
    In fact, the collapse is likely to make more people in Sweden aware than green energy lobbyists would like that wind power is not at all the long-awaited “clean” source of electricity generation that it is always portrayed as politically and in the media. There is a reason for the oil leak at the accident site: according to various studies published in articles on MDPI, a wind turbine needs between 200 and 800 litres of oil per year.

    Life-threatening oil spill
    An expert from Pitsel & Associates Ltd. estimates that an average wind turbine consists of 150 wind turbines, each of which requires 80 gallons of oil (about 364 litres) as lubricant. In total, a wind turbine needs about 45,000 litres of oil to operate at all. The oil has to be changed once a year. To fully supply a city the size of New York with wind power, more than a million gallons of refined oil would be needed.

    In addition, the number of turbines installed is increasing while the number of wind turbine accidents is rising.

    The collapse in Sweden was not the first. In Germany too, a wind turbine collapsed last September in North Rhine-Westphalia. The fact that there were no victims here, in a disproportionately densely populated area, was sheer luck; according to the manufacturer Nordex, the damage amounted to “a mid-single-digit million sum”. With the minimum distance between new wind turbines and residential areas determined by stupid politicians, it is only a matter of time before, in addition to myriads of birds, bats and insects, humans become victims of this cult-like glorified technology.
    TOO MUCH WIND! 10 Wind Turbine Fails

  4. Germans vote for this idiocy?
    Let the planet die. I am not eating one steak less.

    • “California on the Rhine”

      Kind of appropriate that the actual California at one point elected an Austrian to rule over them. Austrians seem to be well suited as leaders for totalitarian societies.

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