Forget About Testing the Vax — Just Trust the Science!

When the new waves of Corona — or Monkeypox, or whatever the next pandemic will be — arrive, Big Pharma executives want to dispense with all those annoying human trials and go straight from the mRNA manufactories to the needles for people’s arms.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

BioNTech boss Ugur Sahin calls for further “vaccines” to refrain from clinical studies

The multi-billionaire Ugur Sahin, who resides with his company at the address in Mainz , “An der Goldgrube 12” (12 at the Goldmine [yes, you read it correctly and don’t need new reading glasses]), announced in a newspaper interview that future changes to his “vaccines” should refrain from human studies.

The article “BioNTech boss in alarm mode” appeared in the Wiesbadener Kurier — the online version can be found here, but like many publicly relevant topics it is once again well hidden behind the paywall. We have the print version:

“Sahin is demanding nothing less for the approval of vaccine adaptations than the waiver of additional clinical studies on humans, which are actually common…”

However, Sahin does not speak to the Wiesbaden courier about side effects. He speaks of the danger of new variants that can be expected starting this autumn. On the other hand, one would have to “vaccinate” as soon as possible. The multi-billionaire sharply criticizes the fact that the approval authorities expect PROOF of the effectiveness and harmlessness of the vaccines used. [“This is an outrage” — imagine the voice of Hitler.] He calls for “rapid approval of adapted vaccines.” According to Sahin, new clinical studies would be unnecessary, since only a few components of the “vaccination” would be changed in any case. Before the Corona crisis, vaccine approval in less than ten years was completely unthinkable. [It still is, at least for anyone who isn’t suicidal.]

Incidentally, according to research by Report24, not a single ampoule, let alone a batch of the BioNTech “vaccine” in Austria, has been tested for composition and purity. They rely on Germany. [Haven’t they learned anything from history?] A recent letter from the PEI raises doubts that much more than a “visual inspection” was carried out there. Because just a few days ago , the PEI asked BioNTech which criteria could be used to check the quality of the “vaccines”:

“Please let us know how and with which control methods the quality of the mRNA is assessed, i.e. how the identity of the mRNA species, the amount of truncated or faulty mRNA compared to the full mRNA is determined.”

This means — and we only came to this conclusion after several months of research — that at least the entire German-speaking area blindly relies on BioNTech’s assurances that the ampoules contain what is claimed. And on this basis one wants to carry out compulsory vaccinations of the population! [I’d be auditing these puppeticians all the way back to when they went for their first day in kindergarten, and then hang the guilty.]

Afterword from the translator:

Of course, why pay for clinical studies on the few changes? The side effects and long-term consequences can still be reported and registered after the “vaccination”. It worked with the first experiment and there are many anxious fear-porn junkies that can’t wait for their next fix.

This is exactly what Sucharit Bhakdi predicted in his latest videos.

In the future, all protective vaccinations are to be converted to RNA technology without a cost-intensive and lengthy approval process. Corona was just the test run. Big Pharma’s profits will skyrocket if this goes through and the undertakers will need heavy earth moving equipment to cope with all those Darwin Award winners.

Sometimes I think that the billionaire elders like Soros, Buffet, Munger, Gates, etc. would still like to enjoy their wealth, but their time is running out. So they dream of a vaccine or cell therapy against aging and death. But as the old saying goes — “If you fear Death, he’ll turn on you,” and I hope he’ll turn on these monsters pretty soon.

5 thoughts on “Forget About Testing the Vax — Just Trust the Science!

  1. I got an idea.
    Make it voluntary – if people want to be guinea pigs for untested notavaxes they can, after full disclosure, volunteer.
    You know, like it says in the Nuremberg Code?

    As for the rest us, we can just say “No.”

  2. Best advice: with caution read “Davos Man”. It is an education on what is happening to us and the role the public treasury rapists play in this massive transference of wealth.

  3. I support the demand, that the new vax is tested by Mr Sahin himself – forty times, just to be sure.
    Ah Schuks, make that 2.000 times.

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