Brave New Canada

The following article is translated from the German, but it concerns events in the Canadian dystopia.

Canada still requires visitors from abroad (except, one presumes, illegal immigrants) to show proof of having received the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. For that reason I won’t be able to visit Vlad and my other Canadian friends anymore.

But even if the vax pass were no obstacle, it now seems that Canada would make other demands of me that I consider unacceptable — unless, perhaps, I wanted to travel by land to get there.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Swiss portal Uncut News. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Digital ID + Facial Recognition Will be a MUST When Boarding an Airplane

[I guess that this will not apply to Islamic terrorists — since that would be Islamophobic and racist — only for the livestock]

The green COVID certificate was just the beginning: total digital control over our lives is to come.

The Canadian government has announced that it is working with the heads of major airlines on a project that would require all travelers to carry “digital identification documents” and go through a facial recognition system before boarding the plane.

A statement from Canada’s Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, published in Canada Gazette, said:

“In line with the 2021-2023 public security regulatory blueprint, the stakeholder consultation sessions also discussed the need to update travel security regulations to give travelers and the airline industry more opportunities to fulfill the innovative pre-boarding identity verification requirements.”

The document states that these “OPTIONS” include “digitized identity documents, digital identity documents and biometric travel documents.”

The Department of Public Safety defines “biometric travel documents” as “electronic identification documents that use biometric identifiers (such as facial recognition)”.

The Trudeau government says that four airlines, whose names were not given, intend to introduce “innovative identity management solutions (!)” as soon as possible.

Last year, Canada’s Border Control Agency said there was an “urgent” need to set up a biometrics and identity management office to verify the vaccination status of all Canadians and foreign tourists entering the country.

Canada is (along with the Netherlands) a “Pilot Partner” in a World Economic Forum project entitled “Digital Identity for Known Travellers”.

Afterword from the translator:

And BANG, another step towards Big Brother and total surveillance. 2030 is their agenda, and with the current stupidity of the people, that will definitely work out. Snip off a little piece of freedom here and there every day, and in a few years it’s gone entirely.

Nothing that happens will be to our advantage unless WE start to make it happen… and that, by the looks of it, is never going to happen.

David Hume said back in the 18th Century, “It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once. Slavery has so frightful an aspect to men accustomed to freedom, that it must steal upon them by degrees, and must disguise itself in a thousand shapes, in order to be received.” And an ideologically retarded school system and later a serious dose of academentia make it so much easier.

14 thoughts on “Brave New Canada

  1. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Baby Doc isn’t nearly as popular as he thinks he is. I expect he’ll have his Ceausescu once enough Canadians tire of being polite.

    • I would love to see Trudeau, his family, and his friends stood against a wall.
      But I can’t see the Canadians doing it, or the Federal Government of the US allowing it.
      It’s not like we’re the good guys any more…

      • You would be amazed at what a jackpine savage in Canada will do, they are not like the urban dwellers, for they are a whole different breed.

  2. Oh no, who could have expected that when you open your border wide open to uncontrolled immigration from the third world, you end up with the need to check everyone domestically, at the airports, at the railstations…? Such an inconceivable consequence of uncontrolled immigration, nobody could predict that!

  3. Canada is going down the tubes FAST, and probably irretrievably for a generation.

    I’m making plans to get out of here on short notice (i.e., days/weeks) if/when required.

    My wife’s situation keeps me from quitting the country pre-emptively, but I certainly want us to be in a place to do so at short notice, as a second best.

  4. I think we have had facial recognition at the airport for 3 years in Australia. Scans passport then you stand on the spot and look at a light? I think that’s facial recognition.

  5. This discriminates against those who prefer not to have a smartphone (ie, mostly older people), and seems entirely unnecessary. If it goes through, I may have to wait for my brother and his wife in Vancouver to visit me.

    My partner and I hope to visit Lisbon this year, and the Portuguese require only (yes, I know!) a recent Covid “vaccination” certificate, which can be a printed hard copy.

  6. Since I am a Pure Blood and refuse to wear a face diaper unless my life and/or health depend upon it, I have decided not to travel anywhere unless it’s in my own car.

    In the People’s Republic of Demo-Marxist New York, it is required to wear a face diaper in many circumstances like public transportation (trains and buses) also at the Met Museum of Art, also to get into a Broadway show.

    At a local retreat center where the Buddhists and other world religions have their events, they are worse than the government. They require “vax” proof, tests, masks, etc. etc. F**** them. I will never go back. Also true for a local theater I used to love. No more. I am done.

    By the way, in the NY City gulag, little kids and toddlers are being physically abused on a daily basis by the party animal / Mayor who cares more about his wardrobe than the little children whose lives he is destroying.

    We are not moving yet, we are staying to fight. But soon it may be impossible. There are still places to go in the USA to get away from the Demo-Marxists.

  7. My impression is that most Canadians love their prime minister and keep voting him in . The same for the ANC in South Africa despite the infrastructure having collapsed and the unemployment at 60 % , some areas 80 % . I cannot understand the idiocy and blindness of so many . By the way , 30 % of all child deaths in the SA hospitals are from malnutrition. I hope this situation doesnt reach Canada. The prison system being installed in Canada is going to make life fully institutionalised . That system is failing in SA because the people are so hardcore.

    • Want to know why the ANC will always be in power? The Bell Curve is real, so what do you expect low IQ savages to do?

  8. Baron, if you want to cross the border, just pay a mule or however they are called.
    Yes, you will be in the vicinity of a lot of illegals but look at the bright side: The Border Guards wont hassle your group as it would be racist. (That means if your fellow “travellers” dont kill you.)
    And after your visit just go to the Mounties and you get a free ride to the border.

  9. Canada has three main parties.

    Liberals – usually Left pragmatic now just Communist
    NDP – Ideological Leftists
    Progressive Conservatives – RINO’s most of the time hence “Progressive”

    Best Canadian Politican – Maxime Bernier who got 5% of the vote last time.

  10. I live close to canuck border and it is interesting to see all the canucks that come here to shop. The black market for cigs,booze, ammo and guns is booming on the border and drugs are flying in from Canada through the BWCA and the border patrol and other govt agencies cannot keep up, heck they even have the air farce running air patrols at night to see if they can spot the float planes that come in and drop their loads where boats pick them up. This is how bad the govt is here, the DHS had very expensive fast attack boats until someone lit them on fire where the govt stored them or had them docked, all 26 boats DHS/MN DNR had went up in smoke. lol

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