“You’re Machiavellian, You’re Manipulative and You’re a Liar”

In the following video an irate French citizen gives his two centimes’ worth to President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron in no uncertain terms. I’m amazed that an ordinary voter can get so close to the president — in this country nobody, and I mean NOBODY, gets that close to a president except in the context of a carefully scripted event in which all participants have been fully screened in advance. The only time an average Joe gets to see a president is when the latter waves to spectators from his armored vehicle while his motorcade takes him from the airfield to whatever fortified bunker he is domiciled in.

Vive la France!

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’ve never seen a president as bad as you in the Fifth Republic.
00:05   Oh, why, thank you! I have to thank you! Of course!
00:09   Thank you for bringing plenty of arguments to the table. —Yes.
00:13   I’m ready for a debate as you can see, but you don’t have much. —Why?
00:16   Am I not allowed to complain? —Macron for President! Macron for President!
00:19   You’re for retirement at 65 years. —Oh no.
00:22   I retired at 65, but that was my choice. It wasn’t an obligation.
00:25   I’m going to go. I’m going. I’m going, but I just have to say, in a democracy we can debate,
00:30   but if you have ready-made ideas and you do not want to debate, we cannot get there.
00:34   So what do you want to debate about? —About the hospitals, I sent them funds.
00:37   It’s documented everywhere. —To the hospitals? —The hospitals. We gave, we gave,
00:40   I gave 11 billion a year. —Of course. —11 billion.
00:43   Yes, yes. —11 billion for the salaries. —So that’s why the 5,700 hospital beds were removed
00:46   at the beginning of 2021. —No, the system. —No sir, it’s not true. —The system has come
00:49   a long way. Oh, OK, well. —That was afterwards. The doctors and the hospitals
00:52   had a minute of silence to protest not having enough funding even before you were elected.
00:59   Thank you for pointing out that happened before me. I respect you, even though
01:03   you are being very critical and aggressive. —I respect you as well,
01:06   but I will never vote for you. —I hear you, but you simply have no arguments.
01:09   Oh no? What about all the affairs that surround you, like Benalla? —Oh, the assaulter.
01:17   (MSC) Mediterranean Shipping Company, with Kohler, your little buddy. —That’s enough.
01:21   You, you mix up a lot in your head. —Sure, I have a lot arguments to bring up.
01:26   Those aren’t arguments, it a bunch of different ideas going in all directions.
01:30   Oh yeah, of course. —You see, I give everything for all my co-patriots.
01:33   I’m going to seek mental help now. —In my opinion… Don’t say that,
01:36   because there are people who actually mentally ill.
01:39   In any case, you’re mixing up a lot of things. I say this with utmost respect.
01:43   In a democratic debate, if everything is mixed up, it gets more complicated.
01:46   Let’s have this discussion together. You have something to say?
01:49   You’re Machiavellian, you’re manipulative and you’re a liar on top of that.
01:55   I’m not afraid to say what I think. I never voted for Marine Le Pen.
02:00   I gave you a reprieve in 2017, but I won’t a second time.
02:04   You need to have facts to say that. —Yes. —What are the facts?
02:09   We were taken for less than nothing. Lazy, Refractory Gauls.
02:13   I’m a Refractory Gaul? —Yes, yes, you’re a Refractory Gaul.
02:16   What are the issues…
02:19   The Health Passport and the hospitals, Mr. Macron! —What are the things you have
02:22   problems with? —You murdered in the hospitals. —Are you crazy or what? —Yes, I’m crazy.
02:25   Yes, I’m crazy. I’m going to the loony bin; it’s not far from here.
02:29   The health passport, Mr. Macron. —Just a moment, I’m coming.
02:33   Macron for President! Macron for President!
02:36   You’re a real chameleon, Mr. President. —I’ll answer you, show me the facts. —Oh yes.
02:41   Sir, let’s look at the facts. The hospitals, since I was elected,
02:47   each year we reduced the number of those hospitalized. —Yes, yes. —OK?
02:50   My doctor was fired. My dentist was fired. The medical workers from our villages, they were fired.
02:58   That’s not normal. —They weren’t fired by me. —Oh no?
03:01   Wasn’t it you who made the decision to require the vaccine?
03:04   Without the Vaccine Passport, they’re fired. That’s normal?
03:08   Now you’re looking for doctors and medical workers. —Of course, they resigned.
03:12   You forced them. Are you going to hire them back? Are you going to hire them back?
03:16   Sir, it was the order that made them resign. —Yes, of course,
03:19   it was the order. It’s you that gave the order to the doctors.
03:22   No, because… —That’s scandalous! —Hold on, madame… —No.

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  1. Awesome. Macron is clearly a narcissistic sociopath. Not that it was a question before, but this video leaves no room for doubt.

  2. The western world is governed by our enemies.

    The Gods of the Copybook Headings shall return.

  3. Macron has zombie-like eyes; he doesn’t even seem human. Good on that old geezer.

  4. Hate the whole lot of them. I would have said you`re islamising my country,too, you granny grinder.

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