Mass Surveillance and the Klepto-State

The German-language video below discusses the EU’s plan to remove privacy protections from much of social media and messaging services, all in the name of combating child pornography.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following article seems to fit in with the video somehow. If the state is going to monitor all your financial transactions and expropriate a percentage of your wealth, isn’t total surveillance of your digital activities a prerequisite?

In any case, it seems that the German and Austrian governments are aiming to get their sticky fingers into their citizens’ virtual pocketbooks.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian weekly Der Wochenblick:

Expropriation threatened just like in Cyprus in 2013

This is how the government gets your gold and your savings — “Crisis Security Act” planned

Government plans mass expropriation: freezing of savings, confiscation of gold coins, confiscation of apartments. The Great Reset is being implemented more and more openly. Soon we really won’t own anything if the plans of the turquoise-green government [coalition of the ÖVP (turquoise) and the Greens] have their way. A proposed “crisis security law” could give the government scary powers.

The problem here is the very definition of a “crisis”. Because for turquoise-green, this not only includes a “pandemic”, terrorism or “massive national and international human movements”, but also a danger to “the environment, public order and internal security, national security and economic well-being”.

So the alleged “climate crisis” is probably a suitable pretext for the total disenfranchisement of the population. As early as December 2020, Germany’s current Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, called for measures to combat climate change similar to those used to combat the pandemic.

On the national holiday, the Council of Ministers passed a so-called “Crisis Security Act”. “In a crisis, everyone has to stick together and work together — the new Crisis Security Act defines the rules for this,” said Interior Minister Karl Nehammer on October 26, 2021 after the Council of Ministers meeting. It is a milestone for an efficient “procedure in crisis situations, such as a pandemic, a blackout or hybrid threat scenarios,” Nehammer explained. A federal situation center is to be set up as a center for crisis management in the Ministry of the Interior.

More powers for the army

This federal situation center should be on standby around the clock and “continuously create situation reports on the current situation in the areas of energy, security and health”. The creation of so-called crisis camps under the leadership of the federal army “as a strategic reserve of the republic” is also planned, according to the website of the Ministry of the Interior . Apart from that, measures for crisis prevention and management should be transferred to the army in the event of a crisis.

Expropriation of savings as in Cyprus in 2013

With this law, the government is enormously expanding its power to intervene in fundamental rights and freedoms. In the course of a financial crisis like the one in 2008, it would be conceivable for the government to simply freeze savings or introduce compulsory levies in order to maintain “economic well-being”. The example of Cyprus shows that this is not just a theoretical possibility. In 2013, savings were frozen overnight there. At that time, savers had to give up almost 10 percent of their assets — by compulsion. Later, this rate was even increased to an unbelievable 47.5 percent. In order to avert the impending state bankruptcy, savers were simply fleeced. This would now also be possible in Austria in the future.

This “crisis security law” is, so to speak, a free pass for the government. Because if you are too incompetent to solve a problem, a crisis can now be declared and the problem passed on to the citizens. The confiscation of gold by the government is just as conceivable as the confiscation of vacant apartments in the event of a new migration crisis like in 2015. Expropriation instead of border protection, compulsory levies instead of orderly management. This law is a further step towards the total disenfranchisement and expropriation of the population.

Video transcript:

00:00   Mass surveillance has already become the societal norm in our daily lives.
00:04   Regardless of when or where, our data is being collected under the guise of “helping” us.
00:09   Very few are aware of what is actually being done.
00:16   39 international civil rights organizations are warning
00:20   against the planned removal of chat room encryption.
00:24   The EU is planning the de-encryption of messenger services like WhatsApp and will have
00:30   access to all of the content of our private communication.
00:34   That would make the EU a global leader of mass surveillance of the population.
00:39   By the end of March 2022, the EU commission plans
00:43   to propose a draft law for chat room surveillance.
00:47   Messengers services and email may be examined for “problematic content”,
00:50   and if deemed necessary, will be automatically registered by governmental agencies.
00:55   These are services that up until now promised to protect users’ privacy of communication.
01:02   Data security advocates are raising the alarm. The EU commission justifies
01:06   this proposed law with the claim of stopping child pornography.
01:12   According to the experts, this is an attempt to create mass surveillance through the back door.
01:16   A ubiquitous surveillance of every individual’s private sphere is progressing in leaps and bounds.

4 thoughts on “Mass Surveillance and the Klepto-State

  1. Was not a central theme of 1930’s fascism the idea of ‘all pulling together’ and sending dissenters to the concentration camps…..

    Are we now just too glued to our ‘phones to see what all this means, or are too many listening to the hype?

    We now expect our leaders to lie, to cheat and to steal from us, but at the same time to coccoon us in their fluffy, lovey snowflake society – unfortunately snowflakes melt when the temerature starts to rise…….

    In a banana republic one has to be prepared to defend oneself and one’s property bcause the gpverment is the biggest thief on the block.

  2. So what will be song for the new Reich since Deutschland uber Alles and the Horst Wessel Lied are outlawed?

  3. Today in the local newspaper in the comment section the boss of the newspaper remembered a german woman who in the 1940 hid an entire jewish family in her one room flat during the entire war.
    He wrote, that we should follow her example.

    Some years ago (it was 2015 during the asylum seeker crises and I was drunk) I joked to a friend that soon the german government would publish a paper that every german may only live on a certain amount of space and if his flat is bigger he has to take in one or more asylum seekers.
    I think I can look into the future. (But why does it not work with the numbers of the lottery???)

  4. All your data are belong to us …

    The European Union and United States made a breakthrough in their yearslong battle over the privacy of data that flows across the Atlantic with a preliminary agreement Friday that paves the way for Europeans’ personal information to be stored in the U.S.

    President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the deal during Biden’s stop in Brussels while on a European tour amid Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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