The German People Must Suffer for the Sake of Ukraine

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of the Epoch Times. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Steinmeier: “Yes, there are tougher days ahead in Germany, too”

Federal President [Vice-regent for the WEF] Frank-Walter Steinmeier prepared people in Germany for economic losses as a result of the war in Ukraine.

According to Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the severe sanctions against Russia will inevitably also bring uncertainty and losses for Germans. This was announced by the Federal President, who was suffering from Corona, on Sunday in a video message that was broadcast before the concert “For Freedom and Peace” by the Berlin Philharmonic in Bellevue Palace.

“Yes, there are also tougher days ahead in Germany,” said Steinmeier. However, Germans would have to bear the uncertainties and losses if solidarity with Ukraine is to be taken seriously.

“And the whole truth is: there are still many hardships ahead of us,” said the Federal President. “Our solidarity and our support, our steadfastness, also our willingness to make restrictions will be required for a long time to come.”

Steinmeier appeals for reliance on the strength of freedom and democracy

At the same time, Steinmeier appealed for people not to rely on fear, but on the strength of freedom and democracy. After his re-election on February 13, he told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he should not underestimate the strength of democracy. Today it is clear that Putin underestimated it. “He underestimated the strength, the courage, the love of freedom of the Ukrainians — as well as the unity and determination of our alliances, the European Union and NATO.”

At the solidarity concert with Ukraine, the musicians involved — from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Germany — played pieces by Ukrainian, Russian and Polish composers together.

Afterword from the translator:

The “war” is a war between Ukraine and Russia. If this comedian had implemented the Minsk Agreement in the service of the USA so that the attacks on Donetsk and Luhansk and the oppression of the local population would cease, then the Russian invasion would probably not have come. And the losses and uncertainties are the responsibility of the federal government and the EU policy driven by Washington, which the citizens now have to bear, but Steinmeier & Co. certainly not.

6 thoughts on “The German People Must Suffer for the Sake of Ukraine

  1. Yes, impoverish the working-class of every western country in order to further impoverish working-class russians who also had nothing to do with the war.

  2. If it wasn’t the war it would have been something else. This is their plan, the war is just a pretext.
    For me, it’s absolutely madness, I gave up on explanations.
    What I still can not understand is how is it that there is no real opposition for this things. I don’t mean like people here and there being against it (like this blog, or like me and some other persons I know), but real strong entities, as happen in other historical occasion. And it looks that there is not going to be.
    I am also surprised that at this point there is no violent opposition.
    Even in my pessimistic expectations, this is nothing like what I was expecting.
    I am not young, and most of my life i lived in a “normal” world. The young are doomed, and they seem the less alarmed.

    • nati: Indeed. The “war” is just the next manufacturered crisis; a regional conflict, rapidly blown up as a global, hair-on-fire, all-hands-on-deck emergency.

      That said, I don’t thing the young are doomed. This is the world they were born into, in which they have been raised, in which they have been conditioned to expect; even to desire.

    • Its funny.
      Count Stauffenberg is considered the greatest german hero by all – even the AfD.
      He came within handshaking distance of Hitler and tried to dislodge him.

      The members of the AfD are in the german parliament and come within handshaking distance of the warmongers – just sayin…

    • >most of my life i lived in a “normal” world
      that was long time ago I suppose…
      I have heard so many times during the plandemic that things will get back to normal… I mean, like if before the 2020 covid narrative outbreak, there was anything near normalcy… for example I remember the influx of migrants (which really never stopped, despite many economic migrants at least went away, driven by evident and real economic recession (no official fake statistics)) from all over the world in many western countries during the last 10 years and all of a sudden, this would be our safest and wonderful period we should somehow miss… now it is like they doubled down the narrative. The inflation is the direct result of the plandemic, the great reset, the 6uild 6ack 6etter of the iron curtain, but they can justify it by a local war that has been lasted for 8 years, considering also that ukraine was not that big economic power able to destabilize the entire economy. I also continue to hear public speaking like “we are in a war now, so expect everything, we will rule for your protection”, despite the fact that a part from ukraine and maybe russia (cause they call it military operation), there are no other belligerant countries… this is a big excuse for domestic failures and keeping the people afraid and submitted after the exhaustion of the covid narrative. So we evolve from a crisis to another one, what do we have to expect after this (real or fake whatever it is ) current thing is over ? there will be another one, they can push a new virus, or the green economy or whatever they want, to justify anything they please…

  3. From LiveJournal
    Women are lucky

    Many acquaintances have fled in all directions. Oda is already in Ireland kicks. All countries suddenly became open, choose any, come, live, enjoy. Of course, they will never return home.
    How many have already left Ukraine? Five million women, more? Who will stay there? What will happen to the country in such a situation? That is, it’s so easy, and just quickly blow away the entire country. For 30 years they reduced, halved the population, and now they put an end to it literally in months.

    And the guys can’t escape, they’re essentially living targets. The driver of one billionaire is now standing at a checkpoint with a Kalash near Kiev like a fool. He managed to hide his son, take his wife out, but he himself could not. Afraid to [defecate], cunning, stupid little servant. The owner has been in Belgium for a long time, he is starting a new business. Jewish, of course. The Jew prospers in Belgium, the Slav perishes in the Ukraine. Classic.
    The young guy did not even serve in the army, stupid, fat, beggar, standing at the checkpoint next to him, the same live target, the same fear. People don’t want to fight. They want to live. My former fool, alone with her idiot hubby from Azov, wanted to die as soon as possible, although they have a small child, nothing stops the [messed] up, fanatics. Dreamed of Monaco then [messed] up. Moreover, the leadership is still sitting at a safe distance from the Battles, commanding, directing. Everything as usual. Fanatics, fools, cunning, idiots, innocent victims, slaves.

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