Another Somali Success Story in Germany

A Somali culture-enricher got down to some serious stabbing yesterday in the German city of Mainz. The big question: jihad or not jihad? Based on what the police say, it was probably just an ordinary culturally enriched knife fight, and not jihad.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

Knife attack in Mainz

Police officer shoots 32-year-old

March 22, 2022

A 32-year-old man attacked and injured several people with a knife in front of a Mainz driving school. Investigators currently believe it was a personal dispute.

In downtown Mainz, a 32-year-old man attacked and injured several people with a knife in front of a driving school. A 48-year-old was critically injured Tuesday afternoon. At least two other men aged 28 and 48 suffered light injuries, according to the prosecutor and police.

A police officer handling a traffic accident nearby immediately rushed to the scene. “He was able to stop the attack only by the use of his firearm and fired several shots,” the investigators’ report says. A 32-year-old Somali was wounded. By how many shots and how seriously was initially not clear. He is being guarded in the hospital.

The background of the attack is believed to be a personal dispute. There is no evidence of a rampage or a terrorist background. The police are investigating it as an attempted homicide.

The incident occurred on Tuesday around 3:10pm at Alice Square. There is no connection with a fatal traffic accident a few hours earlier in the vicinity. A 3-year-old child was fatally injured, struck by a car while crossing at a traffic light.

5 thoughts on “Another Somali Success Story in Germany

  1. (Even) the lamestream German media is more informative by now:

    “Personal dispute” my derriere, it is as I suspected. The local police say that the testicular Horn of Africa Enrichment (my phrase, not theirs) had failed his practical driving test several times, the 48-year old victim and the other two victims were all driving instructors.

    • They can’t ( this low IQ ) savages can’t take any failures !!, how this people can teach Him anything!!, why this is happening again and again!!, Merkel&CO you will burn in hell , for what you are done to Germany..

    • That’s what I thought immediately. Seems the sights on police firearms are defective.

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