A Nice Martyr

The following article reports on an incident in the French city of Nice, where a culture-enricher who wished to become a martyr had his “Allahu Akhbar” moment. The unfortunate youth failed in his quest, however, and survived his encounter with police.

Nice, as you may recall, was the scene of a truck jihad attack on Bastille Day of 2016, when Mohamed Salmene Lahouaiej Bouhlel succeeded in killing 86 infidels before attaining his own cherished martyrdom.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

Nice: A man who wanted “to die a martyr” and “kill in the name of Allah” arrested

by Nicolas Daguin

The National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office has been notified “and is following the progress of the preliminary investigations”.

The perpetrators of a violent knife attack in the streets of Nice, two individuals, 19 and 25 years of age, were arrested the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, March 15-16, by a BAC patrol, as we learned at the beginning of the morning from the prosecutor’s office, confirming information from RTL.[1]

The facts played out in the center of Nice around 1am. One of the two suspects stabbed the shoulder, arms, and hands of a 37-year-old man several times before fleeing in view of the police. A chase reportedly ensued, and it was then that the young 19-year-old man reportedly shouted, “Allahu Akhbar” numerous times, even calling on the police to shoot him. “Shoot me, I want to die a martyr, I want to go to Paradise,” he reportedly said, according to RTL[2], which was able to consult the police statement. Xavier Bonhomme, the National Prosecutor of Nice, calls for prudence, however: “Everything remains to be confirmed.”

1.   National Police Anti-Crime Brigade
2.   The RTL article (not translated) adds information that the stabber also made references to wanting to kill a homosexual in his statement to police. Police are investigating the case as both a possible hate crime and a possible act of terror.

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  1. .

    “We can have an African France”

    [-as we in Sweden will have a mohammadan country
    in mid-century ]

    Published 20 March 2022 in Fria Tider

    Just a few decades from now, the French could be in a minority in their own country. So says French politician Marion Maréchal, who warns of “an African France”.

    French presidential election
    Le Pen’s niece joins Zemmour
    Trump’s advice to Eric Zemmour
    Zemmour: €10,000 for every child born – in rural areas
    Zemmour convicted of ‘hatred of refugee children’
    “The French will not accept being replaced by another people”

    It is on the CNEWS television channel that Marion Maréchal (formerly Le Pen) makes her gloomy forecast and talks about a “demographic race against time”.
    – If the trend continues, by 2060, the historical French, the natives, will be a minority on French soil. We could have an African France,” she says.
    Marion Maréchal – who is the niece of presidential candidate Marine Le Pen – caused a stir earlier in March when she joined Eric Zemmour’s election campaign.
    Zemmour is challenging Marine Le Pen for the anti-immigration vote in April’s presidential election, and has vowed to put an end to “people-swapping” in France.
    “What I believe is that if we continue on this curve, in 2060, the historical people, the natives, will be a minority on French soil, we could have an African France,” says Marion Maréchal in


  2. Nice, used to be a nice quaint old city where you could walk anywhere at 0200 in the morning, now as soon as it is dark, the natives disappear into their homes and the tourists head to their hotels because of the 3rd world infestation makes it impossible to enjoy without a 3rd worlder robbing you or trying to molest the women. The cops are corrupt to the bone and let the Chechens deal drugs, and traffic women at their leisure and have turned a blind eye to any 3rd worlder who causes problems.

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